Do a good job in health management during the Spring Festival

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Festival dinner, eat well and pay attention to it.

■ Pei Suping Special correspondent of Liberation Army Daily Wang Junbo

The nutrition experts at Beidaihe Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center put forward the following suggestions on how to make officers and men eat nutritionally and healthily during the holiday dinner.

Make recipes scientifically. Some units have more meat dishes at dinner, while vegetables, fruits and bean products account for less. This kind of diet with more meat and less vegetables will interfere with the normal metabolism of human body, increase the demand for water in the body, increase the burden on the liver and kidney, and increase the acid metabolites and serum uric acid, which will lead to physical fatigue and symptoms of "getting angry". It is suggested that all units should pay attention to the thickness of staple food, the combination of dry and thin food and the combination of meat and variety of non-staple food according to the principle of scientific catering, which can include animal foods such as livestock, poultry, seafood, eggs and milk, and also plant foods such as leafy vegetables, roots, melons, fresh beans, fungi and algae, so as to achieve the purpose of food diversification, balanced diet and comprehensive nutrition. On the dining table, you can also prepare some seasonings such as shredded ginger or vinegar soaked ginger slices, garlic cloves, hot sauce, pickles and vinegar to adjust different tastes. In addition to paying attention to the collocation of dishes, it is also necessary to avoid concentrating the dinner dishes in one meal. It is suggested to disperse them in three meals according to the energy ratio of 3: 4: 3, and follow the principle of "eat well at breakfast, have a full lunch and have a light and early dinner". Dinner dishes mainly focus on improving quality, not increasing quantity. If conditions permit, it is suggested that the large pot dishes be made into small pot dishes in several times to obtain a better taste and retain more nutrition in some dishes. In addition, winter meals are easy to cool. Cooking squad should do a good job of food insulation, provide hot food and hot drinks, so as not to affect appetite and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

The choice of dishes is complementary. Dinner dishes can choose foods that are not often eaten at ordinary times, which are both fresh and can supplement nutrients that are easily lacking in daily life. If the intake of aquatic products is not much at ordinary times, it is suggested to increase fish, shrimp and shellfish rich in high-quality protein and minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and selenium at dinner; Animal viscera can also be properly added to the dishes to supplement nutrients such as vitamin A and iron. In the staple food supply, in addition to the common rice and steamed bread, jiaozi, pancakes, fried cakes, fried noodles and steamed buns can be added, and coarse grains such as corn, sweet potato, yam and miscellaneous beans can be served on the table to supplement B vitamins. Conditional units can make crucian carp bean curd soup, ribs seaweed soup, black-bone chicken soup, eight-treasure porridge, glutinous rice balls, lily tremella lotus seed soup and other soup for officers and men to choose from, which is delicious and nourishing. The canteen can also provide hawthorn tea, sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea and other drinks to relieve boredom, clear fire and help digestion.

Eat well to protect the stomach. At the festival dinner, the dishes are rich and delicious, and many comrades face a full table of delicious food, so it is easy to eat more and eat more if they are not careful. Overeating, excessive intake of greasy, fat or cold food can easily cause indigestion symptoms such as abdominal distension and constipation, and may even lead to acute gastroenteritis. Officers and men should eat and drink moderately when having a meal, bearing in mind the principle of "balanced diet, 70% to 80% full, chewing slowly, eating less and getting cold". The canteen can provide foods such as radish, hawthorn, lemon, orange, tangerine, etc., as well as dishes such as kelp silk, fungus and onion. If conditions permit, you can also purchase some wild vegetables, which are both nutritious and greasy. If a comrade-in-arms suffers from bloating and stomachache, you can try to massage or moxibustion Zusanli, navel and Zhongwan points, which can relieve the pain. Those with severe symptoms should seek medical attention in time.

Eating the right snacks does not "get angry". Dried fruits and sweets are high-fat and high-calorie foods. If officers and men eat too much after dinner, they will easily get fat, and may also have symptoms such as oral ulcer and sore throat. It is suggested that officers and men should control the intake of snacks during festivals, or replace traditional dried fruits such as peanuts and melon seeds with yogurt, pears, pomelos, sugar cane and persimmons that are beneficial to the intestines. In addition, comrades-in-arms can drink tea with dietotherapy effects such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lotus plumule and dandelion to relieve discomfort such as sore throat and oral ulcer.

To celebrate the Spring Festival, protection is indispensable.

■ Dai Xin Liberation Army Daily reporter Sun Xingwei

Under the condition of normalized epidemic prevention and control, how can the officers and men of the army celebrate the Spring Festival scientifically, safely and orderly? Wang Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases Medicine of the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital, reminded his comrades that during the festival, there should be no shortage of prevention and control measures.

Remember to protect yourself. Personal protective measures such as wearing masks, keeping social distance and washing hands frequently are still the simplest and most effective personal protective measures to prevent infection. Officers and men should do their own protection at ordinary times and wear masks regularly. When wearing a mask, the mouth, nose and jaw should be completely wrapped, the elastic band of the mask should be tightened, and the aluminum sheets on both sides of the nose should be pressed tightly to reduce the air leakage around. Develop good hygiene habits at ordinary times. Wash your hands before and after meals and before touching your eyes, mouth and nose. When washing your hands, rub every part of your hands with hand sanitizer or soap, especially between your fingers and skin wrinkles. It is best to wash your hands for about 60 seconds each time. It is recommended to refer to the "seven-step washing method". Pay attention to cough etiquette. When coughing or sneezing, cover it with elbow or paper towel, wrap the mouth and nose secretions with paper towel and dispose of them in the garbage bin. If the mask is wet due to coughing or sneezing, it should be replaced in time.

There are rules for holiday meals. Companies should not buy food from unknown sources when purchasing goods and buying new year’s goods. Cooking squad should keep the environment clean and tidy, and disinfect tableware with boiling water and disinfection cabinet as required to kill bacteria and viruses; Chopping boards and knives for handling raw and cooked foods should be separated; Wash your hands between handling raw food and cooked food. When organizing a meal, the temperature of the staff should be measured, and those with fever should be arranged to eat alone, and relevant medical treatment and necessary protection should be done. Officers and soldiers should wash their hands correctly, queue up in order and keep a safe distance before eating; When eating, it is suggested to take the form of buffet, using public chopsticks and spoons.

Pay attention to recreational activities. During the festival, when arranging cultural and sports activities, we should control the scale and formulate epidemic prevention measures. The activity venue should be arranged in an open and ventilated outdoor as far as possible. When it is really necessary to organize indoors, different projects can be divided into decentralized organizations. Participants should try their best to enter in batches by class and platoon, so as to reduce the gathering of people. After the activity, you should open the window and ventilate for 30 minutes, clean the activity venue and wash away the sports equipment.

Strict protection during going out. During the Spring Festival, we should reduce unnecessary trips, avoid getting together or gathering, and minimize risks. Officers and soldiers should strengthen self-prevention when going out to perform tasks, especially when entering key places and closed places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, bazaars, hospitals, elevators, and taking public transportation such as subways and buses, they should wear masks all the time. Keep a "one-meter-long" distance when taking a bus or waiting for a bus, try to stay at the ventilation window, and avoid touching the carriage, handlebars, etc. You can carry hand-free disinfectant with you when you go out, and wash your hands in time if necessary. When going out, you should actively cooperate with the staff in relevant places to do a good job in temperature detection, scanning and showing "health code", and leave as soon as possible after completing the task. If you need to go out for medical treatment, you should choose the nearest hospital, understand the medical treatment process in advance, and reduce the stay time in the hospital; Wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks during medical treatment; Try to avoid touching the surface of objects such as door handles and public signature pens directly during medical treatment, and wash your hands in time or rub your hands with quick-drying hand disinfectant after touching them; Keep a safe distance from others when waiting and queuing.

Public areas are often disinfected. Preventive disinfection can be carried out in public areas during holidays, and the principle of "cleaning first, disinfection second" should be followed. The company meeting rooms, network classrooms and other places frequently used by officers and men should be ventilated to maintain indoor air circulation. Dormitories should be ventilated with windows open every day for at least 30 minutes, twice a day. Clothes, bedding and other fabrics should be frequently changed and aired. When airing, they should be evenly spread out and exposed to the sun for more than 4 hours. Door handles, window handles, tables and chairs, handrails, faucets, thermometers, computer keyboards, etc. that officers and men often contact should be disinfected frequently. When it is suspected that the surface of the object is contaminated, it can be wiped or sprayed with 250-500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant or disinfectant paper towel for disinfection, and the residue can be removed with clear water immediately after the specified time.

Stick to exercise and don’t close during the holidays.

■ Hao Donghong

"After a Spring Festival, I gained two pounds" and "the 3 km long-distance race was one minute slower". After the Spring Festival holiday in previous years, some comrades will have "post-holiday syndrome" such as "gaining three pounds every holiday" and "declining training results", which often takes a certain amount of time and intensity of adaptive training to recover. Yuan Wei, an orthopedic surgeon at the 901st Hospital of the Joint Logistics Support Force, reminded his comrades-in-arms to strengthen sports management and maintain a good physical and mental state during the Spring Festival holiday.

Organizational activities are relaxed and moderate. During the Spring Festival, units should make scientific overall plans when organizing activities to prevent unreasonable arrangements from adversely affecting the physical and mental health of officers and men. Activities should be arranged moderately. If there are too many sports competitions, it will easily lead to physical fatigue and physical overdraft, which may also cause physical injury and increase the physical and mental burden of officers and men. If the amount of exercise is too small, coupled with too much diet during the holiday season, the intake of calories can not be consumed, which is easy to cause fat accumulation and indigestion. When organizing activities, units should reasonably grasp the proportion of sports to prevent excessive and insufficient sports. Activities should be combined with static and dynamic activities, so as to achieve organic adjustment of mental and physical strength and avoid a certain activity for a long time. Officers and men can participate in street dance, mechanical dance, aerobics and other projects while carrying out intellectual competitions such as chess and cards, so as to eliminate fatigue and release stress during exercise. The venue can be both internal and external. Indoor activities are too long, which may affect your health because of noisy people and poor air circulation; Staying outdoors for a long time, excessive physical exertion is easy to make people tired, and the cold weather may cause colds. It is suggested that indoor activities and outdoor activities be interspersed. Conditional units can also organize dragon and lion dances, majestic gongs and drums and interesting yangko performances with national characteristics to make officers and men move and have fun. This kind of exercise can improve the coordination of the body and promote the functions of cardiovascular system, respiratory system and sports system.

Physical training is skillfully interspersed. Studies have shown that after people stop exercising for 72 hours, protein in muscles begins to lose, and the strength of the body drops obviously. Comrades usually have a high intensity of training and a fast pace of work, and it is good for their bodies and minds to take advantage of leisure and entertainment during holidays. However, if they indulge in recreational activities, they will have less physical exercise, and their flexibility and flexibility will decline, which is not conducive to starting training after holidays. During the festival, the company can carry out military fun games, such as rolling tires and fun obstacle races, so that officers and men can strengthen their exercise through training and fun. It should be noted that protection should be done during the sports meeting, and warm-up and stretching should be fully done before and after the exercise to prevent training injuries. In addition, comrades-in-arms can use their free time to exercise properly, such as jogging 3000 meters every afternoon to exercise their bones and muscles; Practice equipment with comrades-in-arms to consolidate "muscle memory". In the last two days of the holiday, officers and men can carry out targeted aerobic training such as brisk walking and jogging to improve heart and lung function, recover their physical fitness as soon as possible, and start training in a good state after the year.

Micro-motion sees the needle in the seam. "Micro-movement" can consume calories in a relatively gentle way and improve the flexibility and balance of the body. During the Spring Festival, officers and men can use a little time to exercise. After dinner, you can take a walk with your comrades in the camp and play some small games to promote digestion. It should be noted that strenuous exercise should not be carried out within half an hour after meals, so as to avoid hypoxia of digestive system caused by uneven blood distribution, abdominal pain, vomiting, and even gastroptosis, gastric ulcer and other diseases. When it is inconvenient to do outdoor activities in rainy and cold weather, you can carry out indoor exercises such as straight leg lifting, supine cycling, flat support, one-leg push-ups and land swimming to exercise your core muscles; Leg press, sit-ups and push-ups can be exercised before going to bed to promote metabolism and improve sleep quality.

Scientific adjustment, happy New Year.

■ Tang Yurui, special correspondent of the People’s Liberation Army Daily, Hong Qing Ren

In a few days, the new soldiers of Xialian will welcome their first Spring Festival in the military camp. Think twice about your relatives during the festive season. Stimulated by the festive atmosphere, new comrades may feel depressed and depressed because they miss their families. This is a normal psychological phenomenon, but if you don’t adjust in time and immerse yourself in homesickness for a long time, you may have adverse reactions such as nervousness, irritability, insomnia and irritability, which will affect your physical and mental health. Psychologists from the 907th Hospital of Wuxi Joint Logistics Support Center have compiled a "Happy Secret" for new comrades, helping them to stay away from "emotional smog" and have a happy New Year.

Secret 1: change cognition and get rid of dependence. Psychology calls the process of young people getting rid of their dependence on home and growing up to be independent "the second weaning" in life. Excessive homesickness is a manifestation of psychological lack of "weaning". To get rid of over-dependence psychology, new comrades should consciously change their self-cognition and redefine their roles. You can tell yourself "I have grown up" and "I am a man in a military camp" through positive psychological hints, strengthen your sense of being a soldier, and turn homesickness into the responsibility and mission of guarding the border and standing guard for the country. Under the hint of this lofty sense of mission, new comrades can feel the happiness of growth and the value of life. In addition, new comrades-in-arms can also use some small methods to help them divert their attention and reasonably vent their bad emotions. For example, writing a diary to record the first Spring Festival of military career; Write a letter from home and pour out your thoughts about your parents; Have fun, listen to a cheerful piece of music, read a good book, arouse positive emotions and make you feel better.

Secret 2: Integrate into the group and feel the warmth of "home". Emotion has strong communication and appeal. Being in the collective, new comrades can be positively emotional contagion by the collective or others, thus stimulating the "happiness factor". This kind of positive emotional contagion can also make comrades feel the warmth of the collective, and alleviate the loneliness and loss caused by homesickness. New comrades should pay attention to unity, cooperation, enthusiasm and sincerity when they integrate into the collective. When you are homesick, you can take the initiative to chat with your comrades around you, pour out your own feelings, and gain the trust and support among your comrades in exchange and interaction; Play ball games, run, and do some aerobic exercise with comrades-in-arms to relieve negative emotions and get a sense of pleasure; During the festival, new comrades-in-arms can also actively participate in various activities organized by the company, actively show their own specialties, feel the warmth of the military camp family and gain a sense of belonging in the interaction with their comrades-in-arms.

Tip 3: Set goals and accumulate "heart" strength. The goal is a psychological attraction of the organization to the individual. Setting reasonable goals can stimulate people’s enthusiasm. As soon as the Spring Festival is over, the work for the new year will follow. New comrades-in-arms can make plans and goals for the new year by using their leisure time during holidays, which can not only enrich their holiday life, but also gain psychological excitement through goal guidance. The new year’s goals should be "listed" first, with both short-term phased goals and long-term overall goals. Comrades can set some practical goals for themselves in combination with the training tasks of the troops after the Spring Festival, such as striving to be "training pacesetters" and "learning pacesetters" in the company and overcoming a specific training problem. Secondly, it is necessary to "actually go on" and the content should be specific and clear. Setting the goal too high is difficult to achieve, and it is easy to lose confidence; Not challenging and not inspiring. Therefore, when making goals, we should combine them with reality to make them operational and inspiring. Do it again. After setting the goal, you should take concrete actions. For example, you can take the initiative to consult your comrades around you in your spare time for problems that you can’t keep up with in training. In the process of achieving the goal, new comrades can feel the joy of struggle and the passion of youth, thus maintaining a positive and sunny attitude.

Focus on artificial intelligence development planning: the establishment of the first batch of four national innovation platforms

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 23rd: Fifteen ministries and commissions joined forces to establish the first batch of four national innovation platforms — — Focus on the development planning of China’s new generation of artificial intelligence

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters Chen Fang and Liu Hongyu

  A few days ago, China announced that the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan has been fully implemented, and it will take 13 years to make China a major artificial intelligence innovation center in the world.

  How is the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence laid out? Who will lead? How to break through? Xinhua Viewpoint reporter interviewed the authoritative department and presented the development plan exclusively.

  15 ministries and commissions work together to build a national expert database.

  In 2016, the global technology giant’s investment in artificial intelligence has reached 30 billion US dollars, and attaching importance to artificial intelligence has become a global consensus. Compared with the world’s leading countries, China’s artificial intelligence has achieved important breakthroughs in core technologies in some fields, but it still lacks major original achievements, and there is a big gap in basic theories, core algorithms, key equipment and high-end chips.

  How is the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence laid out? Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, said: "The development of a new generation of artificial intelligence is a strategic collaboration at the national level."

  — — 15 ministries and commissions formed a joint force. A new generation of artificial intelligence development planning promotion office, consisting of 15 departments, including Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering, Science and Technology Committee of Military Commission, and China Association for Science and Technology, came into being, focusing on promoting the overall layout of projects, bases and talents.

  At the same time, build a national expert database. A new generation of artificial intelligence strategic advisory committee headed by Academician Pan Yunhe, including 27 top experts including Academician Chen Chun, Academician Li Wei and Academician Gao Wen, was also announced.

  "Gather collective wisdom from a forward-looking perspective, conduct substantive and potential research on some major issues of artificial intelligence, and provide further consultation and evaluation for major decisions of artificial intelligence at the national level." Pan Yunhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and head of the strategic advisory committee, said.

  — — The two attributes are highly integrated. "Grasp the characteristics of high integration of artificial intelligence technology attributes and social attributes, and give full play to the important role of the government in planning guidance and policy support." Wan Gang told a story, "Many foreigners asked me curiously, how did you get the fourth generation of mobile communication? They feel very confused. I said it’s very simple. We have been doing pilot projects since the World Expo, and then we have experimental areas in Hangzhou and Guangzhou. When the experience matures, we will engage in dozens of cities. Finally, the experimental area covers almost all areas. Isn’t this solved? "

  — — Open up six "runways" The development plan of a new generation of artificial intelligence has defined six tasks: building an open and collaborative artificial intelligence scientific and technological innovation system, building a safe and convenient intelligent society, building a safe and efficient intelligent infrastructure system, strengthening the integration of defense and civilian technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, cultivating a high-end and efficient intelligent economy, and prospectively laying out major scientific and technological projects of a new generation of artificial intelligence.

  Pan Yunhe said that in the past, there was only one runway at the technical level, and the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan added five runways to the original runway, which expanded the development space of artificial intelligence.

  Telly, director of the High-tech Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the major scientific and technological projects of the new generation of artificial intelligence choose five main directions: big data intelligence, cross-media intelligence, swarm intelligence, hybrid enhanced intelligence and autonomous intelligence system, and carry out systematic and forward-looking task layout from four levels: basic theory, supporting system, key technology and innovative application.

  Determine the first batch of four national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platforms.

  After full investigation and demonstration, the first batch of national new-generation artificial intelligence open innovation platforms were determined: relying on Baidu, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent and Iflytek respectively, four national new-generation artificial intelligence open innovation platforms were built, including autonomous driving, urban brain, medical imaging and intelligent voice.

  "In these four areas, China has been at the forefront of the world." Wang Zhigang, Party Secretary and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that we should speed up the implementation of major scientific and technological projects of the new generation of artificial intelligence and make breakthroughs in basic frontier fields as soon as possible. The open innovation platform will play a greater role in gathering innovative resources and promoting the sharing of innovation.

  Six years ago, Iflytek launched the world’s first voice cloud open platform. At present, the daily processing times of the platform reach 4 billion times. "China is already an international leader in speech synthesis." Hu Yu, vice president of Iflytek, said.

  In recent years, Iflytek has also carried out innovative cooperation with the public security system. Tests conducted in Anhui in 2016 showed that the accuracy of artificial intelligence in judging fraudulent calls was extremely high; Artificial intelligence also acts as a court clerk. After testing, intelligent speech recognition participated in the trial and achieved practical results, and the trial duration was shortened by 30%.

  "Let innovation have a real impact and create real value." Hua Xiansheng, vice president of Alibaba, said that the goal of the urban brain is to build a sharing platform that mainly opens the application layer of computing data based on the comprehensive technologies of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and build an open future ecosystem for intelligent applications in urban administration, public services and other industries.

  Tommy, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, said that the implementation period of major scientific and technological projects of the new generation of artificial intelligence will be 2030, and this announcement is only the first batch, and it will continue to be expanded according to the needs of planning and project implementation in the future.

  "The new focus of international competition is new competition in deep learning, cross-border integration, man-machine collaboration and group intelligence." Wan Gang said.

  Sharing achievements and realizing innovation in collision

  A breakthrough in the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence requires a new development concept. Experts believe that the opening of swarm intelligence will become a new feature of the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence.

  In July this year, Baidu officially opened the "Apollo" autopilot platform, with more than 70 partners from all over the world. "Apollo Project" aims to provide an open, complete and safe open innovation platform for partners in the automotive industry and autonomous driving field, and gather the strength of many participants to jointly promote the development of autonomous driving technology.

  "It is an open source system and the largest autonomous driving ecosystem in the world." Wu Xuebin, vice president of Baidu, said that Baidu will invest 10 billion yuan to support 100 start-ups in the future, making it an open innovation platform for national-level autopilot systems with world-class level.

  The reporter learned that when Tencent Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was established last year, it combined comprehensive basic research with rapid technology application, and gathered more than 70 first-class scientists at home and abroad and more than 300 experienced engineers.

  "Tencent’s AI medical products ‘ Tencent seeks the shadow ’ The accuracy of finding early esophageal cancer has been greatly improved. " Liu Yongsheng, general manager of Tencent’s artificial intelligence laboratory, said that enterprises sharing research and application results will rapidly promote technological iteration and enable traditional industries such as medical care to generate new kinetic energy.

  "Strengthen open source and policy guidance, and build an open and collaborative artificial intelligence technology innovation body." Wan Gang said, "In the past, we often said that experiments were based on meditation and inspiration. Now it is different. It is necessary to turn meditation into brainstorming and stimulate innovative inspiration in the collision of academic exchanges."

Weekly quality report: nearly 40% of induction cookers failed to pass the sampling inspection, and some induction cookers were unable to withstand slight bumps.

  CCTV News:Induction cooker, also known as electromagnetic cooker, has the characteristics of small size, fast heating and no open flame, and has become one of the daily appliances used by thousands of households. However, the national supervision and spot check on the product quality of this product shows that it is such a household appliance with a very high penetration rate that four out of every ten products are unqualified.

  Nearly 40% of electromagnetic stoves are unqualified.

  The reporter learned from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine that this year’s national supervision and spot check on the quality of electromagnetic stoves has ended, and the test results show that the quality problems of electromagnetic stoves produced in China are not optimistic at present.

  Miao Yuchen, Director of Product Quality Supervision Department of AQSIQ:We organized a total of 48 batches of electromagnetic stoves produced by 48 enterprises in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to carry out national supervision and spot checks. After inspection, 19 batches of products were unqualified.

  According to the statistics of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, in the first half of this year, the state supervised and spot-checked 41 kinds of products, mainly involving 2,674 batches of products in seven categories closely related to consumers, such as electronic appliances, daily use and textiles, building materials and light industry, of which 250 batches were unqualified, with an overall unqualified rate of 9.3%. However, 19 of the 48 batches of electromagnetic stove products in this spot check were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was as high as 39.6%, which was more than four times that of the products in the first half of the year supervised by the state. According to the reporter’s understanding, the electromagnetic stove has therefore become the product with the lowest qualified rate among the 41 products supervised and randomly selected by the state in the first half of this year.

  Miao Yuchen, Director of Product Quality Supervision Department of AQSIQ:The problems found in spot checks involve abnormal work, energy efficiency grade, mechanical strength, electromagnetic compatibility and other items, among which the unqualified electromagnetic compatibility index is more prominent.

  The National General Electronic Components and Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, located in China Saibao Laboratory, is one of the testing institutions that undertake the national pumping task of electromagnetic stoves. The reporter learned here that according to the relevant national standards and norms, the inspection items of electromagnetic stoves can be divided into three parts.

  Chen Jun, Director of Home Appliances Room of Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:The first part is the electrical safety requirements of products, which are consistent with the testing standards of compulsory product certification in China and are the basic safety requirements of products. The second part is the energy efficiency grade of products, including thermal efficiency and standby power consumption, which is the basic energy efficiency requirement of induction cooker products in China. The third part is the electromagnetic compatibility of products, including terminal disturbance voltage and electromagnetic radiation disturbance.

  Testers told reporters that the electrical safety, energy efficiency rating and electromagnetic compatibility of electromagnetic cookers actually cover 19 items such as protection against touching live parts, abnormal work, mechanical strength, energy efficiency rating and electromagnetic radiation disturbance. In this spot check, as many as seven items failed.

  Then, what impact will these unqualified items have on consumers’ use of electromagnetic stoves? Will it harm the personal safety of users?

  Some electromagnetic cookers can’t stand a slight bump.

  During the investigation, the inspector told the reporter that for the electromagnetic cooker, which is a household appliance that must carry other items when it is used, the durability of the stressed microcrystalline panel is the basic requirement. The inspection item of mechanical strength is to specifically check whether the structure and shell of the electromagnetic stove can withstand the knock and impact that may occur during use.

  Zhou Shuisheng, Electrical Appliance Room Engineer of Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:According to the national standard, we use this spring impact hammer to impact every weak position on the panel for three times, and the impact energy is 0.5 Joule, so it is required that the panel of the induction cooker cannot be damaged after the impact test.

  The reporter noticed that during the inspection, this microcomputer-based induction cooker named BT220 produced by Zhongshan Pentium Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. had obvious cracks on the microcrystalline panel after three consecutive impacts. According to the inspector, the rupture of the microcrystalline panel of the electromagnetic stove not only affects the normal use, but also may cause personal injury to consumers, and even lead to the risk of electric shock.

  Zhou Shuisheng, Electrical Appliance Room Engineer of Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:The panel of this induction cooker is cracked, resulting in many cracks. Then these cracks will destroy the overall insulation system of the induction cooker and reduce the safe distance between the human body and the live parts. Then the user may be scratched by the edges of these cracks in the induction cooker during the subsequent use, and may also get an electric shock, which is dangerous. According to the national standards, this induction cooker is a seriously unqualified product.

  The reporter learned in the interview that in addition to safety, when most consumers buy electromagnetic stoves, the most important thing is whether to save electricity. Therefore, the grade of energy efficiency has become an important index to evaluate the quality of electromagnetic stoves.

  Mo Yanting, Electrical Appliance Room Engineer, Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:All domestic electromagnetic cookers need to have china energy label. The energy efficiency label will classify the product’s energy efficiency level, in which the first level is the best and most energy-saving, and the third level is the most basic requirement.

  According to professionals, according to the national mandatory standard "Limits and Levels of Energy Efficiency of Household Electromagnetic Cookers", the energy efficiency level includes two indicators: thermal efficiency and standby power. Thermal efficiency is a specific quantitative index for electromagnetic cookers to convert electric energy into effective thermal energy. For electromagnetic cookers with rated power greater than 1200W, thermal efficiency can be divided into three levels: not less than 90%, not less than 88% and not less than 86%. The higher the thermal efficiency, the higher the energy utilization rate, and the more energy-saving the product. The corresponding energy efficiency level is also higher.

  Mo Yanting, Electrical Appliance Room Engineer, Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:Although the thermal efficiency is not the safety performance index that directly affects personal safety, such as electric shock prevention and fire prevention, it is closely related to the people’s money bags. Assuming that the electromagnetic stove at home consumes more electricity every time it heats a pot of water, the people will pay more money and cause unnecessary waste over time.

  The virtual standard energy efficiency grade of a small number of electromagnetic stoves

  Saving money and electricity affects the purchasing tendency of some consumers. Therefore, in order to cater to consumers’ psychology, some enterprises do not make efforts to improve product quality, but make up their minds on energy efficiency labeling, falsely marking product energy efficiency grades.

  Mo Yanting, Electrical Appliance Room Engineer, Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:Among the 48 batches of electromagnetic stove products that we randomly selected this time, the energy efficiency grade of six batches of electromagnetic stoves failed to meet the requirements. One batch was standby power, which exceeded its specified value, while the other five batches failed to reach its nominal value of thermal efficiency. The most serious product was a product with a nominal thermal efficiency of 88%, while the measured thermal efficiency was only 85.1%. Can’t even reach the most basic level 3.

  The reporter noticed that this product marked with energy efficiency grade 2, but the measured value can’t even reach grade 3, is an electromagnetic stove with the name of Suochi brand PS-22 produced by Guixiang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The remaining five batches of products with unqualified energy efficiency grades are respectively labeled as:

  HW-22 electromagnetic cooker produced by Hawang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province;

  An electromagnetic cooker of model YW20A-301 produced by Yongwang Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province;

  The VK-20C80E electromagnetic cooker produced by Weiwang Daily Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Foshan City, Guangdong Province;

  SJ-20KB electromagnetic cooker produced by Guangdong Shiji Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd.;

  DP22 electromagnetic cooker produced by dongfeng town Hamada Electric Appliance Factory, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

  The virtual standard energy efficiency of electromagnetic stoves is mostly to cover up Jerry-building.

  Professionals told reporters that the energy efficiency rating items of electromagnetic cookers are unqualified. On the surface, it seems that manufacturers falsely label product parameters, but in essence it covers up the bad behavior of some enterprises to cut corners in order to reduce production costs.

  Mo Yanting, Electrical Appliance Room Engineer of China Saibao Laboratory:One of the factors that affect the thermal efficiency of electromagnetic cookers is the coil disk. In order to save costs, some manufacturers often have obvious differences in material selection. Now we can compare it. You see, this is a qualified product. Its coil disk has a thick wire diameter and a very close distance, so the heating effect of this coil disk is very good and energy-saving. Looking at another unqualified product in this spot check, we can see that its wire diameter is only half of that of the previous one, and the distance between the rollers is loose. You see that the tip of this screwdriver is going in, and the heating effect of this coil disk is relatively low. Next, let’s look at another one with worse thermal efficiency. This wire diameter is obviously thinner and the distance is looser, and the screwdriver can pass through it easily and casually. The thermal efficiency of such products is definitely not high, and it can’t meet the requirements of energy efficiency grade at all.

  Whether it is the protection against touching live parts, the firmness of microcrystalline panels, or the coils that affect thermal efficiency, careful consumers can more or less see some tricks through careful observation. But for the electromagnetic cooker, there are some security risks, because of its special closed structure, which can neither be seen nor touched, so the potential harm is even greater. Continue to watch our program.

  The annual output of electromagnetic cookers in China exceeds 30 million sets.

  The reporter learned in the interview that the world’s first household electromagnetic stove was born in Germany in 1957 and entered China in the late 1980s. Because there are many advantages such as no open flame, no smoke and dust, easy to use and so on, the electromagnetic stove is quickly recognized by consumers. At present, there are more than 500 enterprises producing electromagnetic stoves in China, with an annual output of more than 30 million units.

  Chen Jun, Director of Home Appliances Room of Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:At present, the industry of induction cookers is mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces, including Shunde and Zhongshan in Guangdong, where more than 80% of enterprises are located.

  The rapid development of electromagnetic stoves has attracted the attention of relevant regulatory authorities, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has listed electromagnetic stoves as national supervision and spot check products for seven consecutive years. However, compared with the pass rate of spot checks in the past seven years, the reporter noticed an abnormal phenomenon, that is, the pass rate of national supervision and spot checks of electromagnetic stoves was not less than 80% for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2014, but by 2015, this value fell off a cliff and plummeted to 7.7%; After that, it rebounded slightly in 2016, accounting for 28.8%. The qualified rate of 48 samples selected this year was 60.4%. They are all electromagnetic cookers, but why does the qualified rate of national supervision and spot check on product quality fluctuate so much?

  Miao Yuchen, Director of Product Quality Supervision Department of AQSIQ:In 2015, we added two indicators of electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency grade for the first time, and checked 78 batches of products, 72 of which were unqualified, so the main problem focused on electromagnetic compatibility.

   In the survey, professionals told reporters that almost all electrical equipment will send out electromagnetic harassment signals when working. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means that when electrical equipment is working, the signals generated will neither interfere with other electrical equipment nor be interfered by other electrical equipment, so as to ensure that all equipment can work normally and be compatible with each other. For electromagnetic cookers, there are two kinds of electromagnetic disturbance signals: those transmitted to the power grid through power lines are called conduction disturbance, and those emitted through space are called radiation disturbance. In the standard, terminal disturbance voltage and electromagnetic radiation disturbance items are used to assess respectively.

  Shao E, Engineer of EMC Room, Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:What is the essence of terminal disturbance voltage test? The induction cooker works, and when it works, your induction cooker takes electricity from the power grid. After work, some electromagnetic interference signals will be emitted to the power grid. This electromagnetic interference signal, it is all on the power grid. If your other electrical equipment, such as washing machine, air conditioner, TV set, all other electrical equipment and household electrical equipment, are hung on the power grid, you may receive the interference signal generated by the induction cooker, resulting in some faults. For example, it is possible that the washing machine just mentioned is interrupted and the TV set is short-circuited.

   The reporter saw in the laboratory that this logo is calledAn electromagnetic cooker of model YW20A-301 produced by Yongwang Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.When testing, the terminal disturbance voltage obviously exceeds the limit specified by the national standard.

  Shao E, Engineer of EMC Room, Quality Inspection Center of China Saibao Laboratory:The red line above represents a quasi-peak value limit stipulated by the national standard, the red line below is an average value limit stipulated by the national standard, and the blue line and pink line at the bottom are the results of our test of this sample, which respectively represent that the blue line is a peak value and the pink line is an average value. From this result, it can be seen that these frequency points have obviously exceeded the limit requirements stipulated by the national standard, so from this test result,

  Some electromagnetic cookers are not designed properly.

  The inspector told the reporter that the electromagnetic stove terminal disturbance voltage project was unqualified, mainly because the electromagnetic compatibility design of the product was unreasonable. The reporter noticed that as many as 17 of the 48 samples of the electromagnetic stove were unqualified in the terminal disturbance voltage test. This is also the highest unqualified item among all the 19 inspection items of the electromagnetic stove. Followed by another test item of electromagnetic compatibility: electromagnetic radiation disturbance, 14 unqualified samples, only 3 less than the unqualified number of terminal disturbance voltage test. Among them, the nominal name is:

  Model J-C electromagnetic cooker produced by Jieliou Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province;

  The electromagnetic cooker with the model IC-A2102 produced by Guangdong Taikoo Electric Technology Co., Ltd.;

  The model SYG-22 electromagnetic cooker produced by Songyangge Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province13 batches of samples, such as electromagnetic compatibility, terminal disturbance voltage and electromagnetic radiation disturbance, were unqualified.

  The failure rate of the two items of EMC inspection far exceeds that of other inspection items. Why?

  With the further investigation, the reporter learned that before 2015, the two national mandatory standards, Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances and Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades of Household Electromagnetic Cookers, which were the basis for electromagnetic cooker products testing, did not involve electromagnetic compatibility testing. In January, 2015, the national mandatory standard "Limits and Measurement Methods of Disturbance Characteristics of Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) RF Equipment" was officially implemented, which clearly stipulated that electromagnetic cookers, microwave ovens and other appliances were applicable to this standard, so the national supervision and spot check of electromagnetic cookers in that year included electromagnetic compatibility in the inspection scope for the first time. However, two years later, the reporter found that there are still many electromagnetic stove manufacturers who turn a blind eye to the EMC test of their products. In the investigation, the reporter noticed a detail. All the 48 samples in this spot check were marked as meeting the national use safety standards and energy efficiency standards, but none of the products were marked as meeting the national electromagnetic compatibility standards.

  Chen Jun, Director of Home Appliances Room of China Saibao Laboratory:Some enterprises may not fully understand this requirement of electromagnetic compatibility, and think that it is not a requirement of compulsory certification of this product, so they do not produce products according to this standard, which leads to the product not meeting the requirements.

  Professionals believe that electromagnetic cookers are products in China’s 3C compulsory certification catalogue, that is to say, 3C certification is the basic threshold for electromagnetic cookers to go on sale. In view of the fact that manufacturers generally ignore EMC projects at present, it is suggested that relevant departments revise the implementation rules of 3C certification of electromagnetic stove products in time, and bring the national standards related to electromagnetic compatibility into the scope of 3C certification, so as to promote enterprises to better understand and implement the standards and further improve product quality.

  Experts said that the radiation power of induction cooker mainly depends on the leakage value of electromagnetic wave of induction cooker, and the greater the leakage, the greater the impact on users. Although there is no sufficient factual basis to prove that the radiation of induction cooker is harmful to human body, it is obvious that the lower the electromagnetic leakage level, the better the safety of products with lower radiation disturbance level. Therefore, it is safe and reliable for consumers to choose to buy induction cooker products that meet national standards.

  (CCTV reporter Wang Jun)

For the first time in 32 years, the list of wild animals has been greatly adjusted: 517 species have been added and species protection has been upgraded.

Snow falls in Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan, and two giant panda cubs play in the snow. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Hongjing photo
Red-bellied pheasant and golden pheasant are strolling for food in Chongqing Jinfo Mountain National Forest Park. Photo by Yan Mingbin
Yangtze finless porpoises swim in Duchang waters of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province. Fu Jianbin
Rangers are inspecting Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province. Photo by Wang Jiang
The State Forestry and Grassland Bureau and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs jointly issued an announcement recently, announcing the newly adjusted List of National Key Protected Wild Animals (hereinafter referred to as the List). This is the first time that the Catalogue has been greatly adjusted since it was promulgated and implemented in January 1989.
Why should the Directory be substantially adjusted? What are the highlights of the adjustment? What impact will it bring to wildlife protection? The reporter interviewed relevant experts and scholars.
Sixty-five species of wild animals, such as jackals and Yangtze finless porpoises, have been upgraded from national second-class protection to national first-class protection, and 988 species (categories) of wild animals have been included in the new Catalogue.
According to the Law on the Protection of Wild Animals, the state implements classified and graded protection for wild animals, and gives priority protection to rare and endangered wild animals. Wild animals under special state protection are divided into first-class protected wild animals and second-class protected wild animals. After the publication of the Catalogue in 1989, until this major adjustment, there was no systematic update except that all species of musk deer and pangolin were upgraded to national first-class protected wild animals in 2003 and 2020 respectively.
"In the past 30 years, the situation of wildlife protection in China has undergone great changes." Jiang Zhigang, former executive deputy director of the National Endangered Species Science Committee, said that some endangered wild animals have been effectively protected, and the degree of endangerment has been alleviated, while the degree of endangerment of some wild animals has intensified, and a number of new rare and endangered species have been discovered with in-depth research and need to be protected in time. It is necessary to scientifically adjust the Catalogue.
The new Catalogue has changed a lot, and the range of wildlife under special state protection has greatly increased. From this set of data, the great change can be seen:
—— On the basis of retaining all species in the original Catalogue, 517 species of wild animals have been added, which is more than the total number of previously protected species. Among them, 43 species such as the spotted civet cat are listed as national first-class protected wild animals, and 474 species such as wolves are listed as national second-class protected wild animals;
-Raising 65 kinds of wild animals, such as jackals and Yangtze finless porpoises, from the national second-class protected wild animals to the national first-class; Three kinds of wild animals, the bear monkey, the capra ibex and the python, were adjusted from the national first-class protected wild animals to the national second-class;
A total of 988 species (classes) of wild animals are listed in the new Catalogue, including 234 species and 1 class of wild animals under national first-class protection and 746 species and 7 classes of wild animals under national second-class protection. Among the above species, 686 are terrestrial wild animals, 294 and 8 are aquatic wild animals.
The newly discovered endangered species have attracted much attention in this adjustment of the Catalogue. "This adjustment has timely included precious and endangered species newly discovered and recorded in China in recent years." Shi Kun, director of the Wildlife Research Institute of Beijing Forestry University and professor of the School of Ecology and Nature Conservation, said that species such as white-cheeked macaque, lazy bear and red gazelle are small populations or marginal distribution in southwest China, which have important ecological functions and need to be protected.
Incorporating into the scope of national key protection and upgrading the protection level means that the protection of species has increased significantly.
It is noteworthy that five species, including Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild donkey, bear monkey, capra ibex and python, were proposed to be downgraded to the second level in the draft of the Catalogue, but only three species, namely, bear monkey, capra ibex and python, were downgraded in the officially published Catalogue.
"The populations of bear monkey, capra ibex and python are stable and widely distributed, and they are downgraded, which reflects the effectiveness of protection work and is also based on the conclusion of scientific assessment." Shi Kun said that Tibetan antelope and Tibetan wild donkey have not been downgraded, mainly because they are worried that the illegal cost of destroying species will be reduced after demotion, which may lead to a rebound in poaching and threaten the survival of species.
Why did the new Catalogue add so many species? Zhang Wei, a professor at the College of Wildlife and Nature Reserve of Northeast Forestry University, believes that on the one hand, China has continuously strengthened biodiversity protection, and its ability to protect species has become stronger and stronger, and it has the ability to include more species in key protection areas. In recent years, China has accelerated the construction of a nature reserve system with national parks as the main body, with a total of 11,800 nature reserves, accounting for 18% of the land area, effectively protecting 90% of vegetation types and terrestrial ecosystems and 85% of key protected wildlife populations; At the same time, the protection of endangered wild animals has been continuously strengthened, and a stable artificial breeding population has been established for more than 300 endangered wild animals. On the other hand, with the development of taxonomy, many changes have taken place in the animal classification system, and this important change has been taken into account in the adjustment of the Catalogue, which has also led to the increase of species included in the scope of protection.
Incorporating into the national key protection scope and upgrading the protection level means that the protection of species will be significantly increased. Species protection and upgrading, protection projects and funding will increase, which is of great significance to the gradual recovery of populations and habitats.
"Different levels of protection also mean that there are different sentencing standards for cracking down on poaching, illegal smuggling and illegal trafficking." Jiang Zhigang said that the adjustment of the Catalogue has brought new opportunities for the protection of a large number of rare and endangered wild animals.
For key protected species, a rescue plan should be made as soon as possible to restore the population and habitat of threatened species.
The substantial adjustment of the Catalogue has undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for wildlife protection.
"The adjustment of the Catalogue to include more species requires supporting funds, technology and personnel, and relevant departments should formulate supporting management measures." Jin Kun, director of the Nature Reserve Research Institute of China Academy of Forestry, said.
Shi Kun suggested that after the species are included in the national key protection scope, a rescue plan should be made as soon as possible to restore the threatened species population and habitat. Combined with the construction of protected areas, efforts should be made to protect the habitats of rare species.
Clear responsibilities, do a good job of coordination, and keep up with capacity building.
Shi Kun believes that the inclusion of species in the scope of national key protection does not mean that only the state has the responsibility to protect. The local authorities should cooperate with the state to strengthen the capacity building of grassroots protection and implement the responsibility to the county level. Jin Kun also said that the protection of wildlife under special state protection should embody the principle of concentrating resources and giving prominence to protection. The species between the national and local key protection lists should be balanced, and the responsibilities of the central and local governments should be clarified so as to facilitate management and law enforcement. "Some species are included in the national key protection ranks, and the staff of supervision, law enforcement and other departments should further learn and master relevant knowledge, such as identification technology and punishment standards." Jin Kun said.
Only by strengthening supervision and public participation can protection be effective.
In the new Catalogue, more than 60 species are labeled as "wild populations only". In this regard, Shi Kun explained that some species have mature breeding techniques and stable artificial populations, which are listed in the National Catalogue of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources, such as sika deer and red deer. "This labeling distinguishes the wild population and artificial population of species, and does not engage in’ one size fits all’, which embodies the concept of sustainable development. Of course, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and crack down on illegal hunting of wild populations as artificial populations. "
Jiang Zhigang said that the protection of wild animals should not be at the expense of local residents’ interests. It is necessary to increase financial transfer payments, improve the ecological compensation mechanism and the compensation mechanism for wildlife damage, guide local residents to benefit from wildlife protection, attract them to take the initiative to participate, and truly realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
The wildlife protection law is clear, and the Catalogue is adjusted every five years according to the assessment. "This adjustment is comprehensive, scientific and realistic, but there is room for further adjustment." Jin Kun said that it is necessary to increase investment in scientific research, intensify the investigation and monitoring of species resources, scientifically evaluate the population status, regularly update or adjust the Catalogue according to the actual needs of wildlife protection, and build a reasonable entry and exit mechanism for the Catalogue.
The relevant person in charge of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau said that it will further strengthen protection, implement local government responsibilities, ensure the safety of rare and endangered species and habitats, strictly enforce law enforcement and supervision, and severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities. At the same time, publicity and education will be widely carried out to improve public scientific cognition, guide the public to consciously resist illegal acts and support protection work, and form a good situation of joint protection from all walks of life.
(Source: People’s Daily)

How long does it take to prepare for the Shandong self-study exam?

In order to find a better and more stable job, many people will choose to take the self-study exam to improve their academic qualifications. So, how long does it take to prepare for the Shandong self-study exam?

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How long does it take to prepare for the Shandong self-study exam?

Generally speaking, the examination time for self-taught examination is twice a year, in April and October of each year. The specific examination schedule may vary according to different provinces. Therefore, you need to know and plan your time in advance.

For most majors, you need to start preparing for the exam at least three months in advance. Of course, if you have enough foundation or strong learning ability, the preparation time can be shortened appropriately. However, planning the preparation time in advance can help you better arrange your study plan and improve your study efficiency.

Besides time and length, preparation strategies and methods are also very important. First of all, you need to know the exam subjects and exam outline of your chosen major. Then, you can make a detailed study plan, including daily study time and content. In addition, you can also take some professional training courses or online classes to improve your learning effect.

Finally, we need to pay attention to psychological adjustment and time management. In the process of preparing for the exam, you need to maintain a positive attitude and sufficient confidence. At the same time, reasonable time management is also very important. You need to allocate your study time reasonably every day to avoid procrastination and waste of time.

Self-taught examination is flexible and open, with no entrance threshold and no contradiction between work and study. Applicants are not limited by academic qualifications, age and household registration, and they do not need to take the entrance examination. After entering the school, they can study in a completely independent way, which makes the majority of students develop the habit of being good at self-study. This is a very important ability and condition for achieving talents, and it will also gain more favorable advantages for entering the work in the future.

In addition, the gold content of the self-taught diploma is very high, which can be used for job interview, postgraduate entrance examination, textual research, civil service examination, promotion and salary increase, and settlement of points. Self-taught graduates are internationally recognized by some developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia, and it is also a very worthwhile choice to study abroad.

The above is related to the adult self-study exam, and candidates can use it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates want to get more information about the self-taught examination, such as the registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge, related news, etc. Please pay attention to the online self-taught examination channel of China Education.

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If you have any questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the main examination institution and major, and don’t know the local policy of self-study exam, click to learn now > >

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