Extreme Krypton can enjoy a maximum of 30,000 points for the limited-time replacement of car purchase rights.

  In order to meet the needs of the majority of users for old car replacement, Extreme Krypton launched a limited-time replacement subsidy activity for large users. From May 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, you can buy Extreme Krypton 001 through old car replacement, and you can enjoy a maximum reward of 30,000 points.

  Specifically, the replacement of the 001 WE model can enjoy 20,000 points, and the replacement of the YOU model can enjoy 30,000 points. Replaceable models include extreme krypton 001 long battery life single motor WE version, long battery life double motor WE version and long battery life double motor YOU version.

A copy of _fororder_image001, which can enjoy a maximum of 30,000 points for the limited-time replacement of car purchase rights.

  Extreme points are the points issued by extreme brands. Users (not limited to extreme owners) only need to download and register the extreme App, and they can get corresponding extreme points rewards by signing in, viewing posts, publishing trends, commenting, forwarding, and inviting friends to make a decision. Extreme points are valid for three years, and can be used in various usage scenarios in the extreme krypton ecosystem, including extreme charging, redemption of extreme customized gifts in the extreme krypton App "Extreme Things" mall, and exclusive privileges in the extreme krypton center, such as coffee snacks, special drinks exchange, participation in colorful car owners’ community activities, etc. The specific extreme points can be found in the extreme krypton App in detail.

Extreme Krypton can enjoy a maximum of 30,000 points for the limited-time replacement of car purchase rights _fororder_image002

Redeem limited drinks at the Krypton Center by using polar points.

  At present, krypton replacement service has been launched in 20 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and more cities will be opened one after another. Through safe, reliable and transparent one-to-one exclusive service, fair quotation after multi-party bidding and one-stop convenient transaction that saves time and worry, the polar replacement service has been well received by car owners. As of June 8, more than 500 orders have been placed.

Extreme Krypton can enjoy a maximum of 30,000 points for the limited-time replacement of car purchase rights _fororder_image003

  If you need to replace the car after booking, you can make an appointment online by clicking "Appointment Replacement" in the "Car" interface of the Extreme App. If there is a replacement intention after picking up the car, the owner can click "Order" in the "My" interface to find "ZEEKR Certification" and select "Appointment Replacement" after clicking on the car. (Photo courtesy of Krypton car)

Known as "the most beautiful BYD", BYD Song L has pre-sold 220,000 pieces with electric tail!

[Wen/Caiquan Society & Dao Ge said Che Ma Jianyu] Since the appearance of Chengdu Auto Show, Song L, known as "the most beautiful BYD", has been widely concerned. Unlike BYD’s current models, Song L, which is a hunting SUV, is more cutting-edge and fashionable. From the consumer’s point of view, it is highly probable that it will be a model with a high return rate.

On October 31st, Song L finally started the pre-sale. Five new models were launched, with the pre-sale price range of 220,000 to 280,000 yuan, and the cruising range of 550 km /662 km /602 km was provided for different models. At the same time, it also provided 24 interest-free, three-power lifetime warranty, free OTA upgrade/car traffic, charging pile installation service within two years and replacement subsidy for this car.

It is worth mentioning that although the current product matrix of BYD Dynasty Network is relatively rich and comprehensive, it is very "regular" and lacks such "characteristic" models as Song L. Lu Tian, general manager of BYD Group’s Chaowang Sales Division, said at the press conference that Song L is Wang Chaowang’s pioneering work for the mainstream mid-to high-end market. Under the background of rapid economic development, consumer demand is constantly upgrading, and mainstream consumer families with good educational background and economic foundation have put forward higher requirements for car use. Song L is the choice for fashion families to upgrade their quality in one step, and it is also the choice for pioneer families to moderately advance their new energy experience.

Of course, as the "most beautiful BYD", Song L, together with BYD’s new platform, mature three-power system and hard-core technologies such as Yunqi C, will also form stronger product strength and provide stronger help for BYD’s sales.

"The most beautiful BYD", Song L and electric tail.

As BYD’s first hunting pure electric SUV, Song L inherits the unique "Dragon Beauty Aesthetics" of BYD Wang Chaowang in design. In the front face, the new car has added "Dragon Tooth" decorative pieces on both sides of the front grille, and with the 3D dragon whiskers of Longjing headlights, it still has the beauty of BYD’s "Dragon Beauty".

Viewed from the side, the whole body posture of Song L is dive-type, with a slip-back design and smooth lines. However, it is worth noting that, unlike other sliding back models, Song L’s sliding down starts from around C-pillar, which has the advantage of ensuring the head space of the rear passengers in the car as much as possible.

The tail is the most recognizable part of Song L. It uses segmented spoiler, double shark fin antenna and through taillight, which is officially called streamer tail light. The light sources on the left and right sides are exquisite and eye-catching. At the same time, the adaptive electric tail wing is also used. This configuration not only makes the vehicle more sporty, but also supports starting the racing mode at any time, providing continuous downforce for the vehicle, effectively reducing the drag coefficient, reducing energy consumption and improving handling.

In terms of size, the car has a length, width and height of 4840*1950*1560mm and a wheelbase of 2930mm, which is the largest among the Song series models. At the same time, it is larger than medium-sized SUVs such as Tiguan L and Tesla Model Y, and it is more like a medium-sized SUV in terms of size. Moreover, in terms of styling and price, Song L has almost no direct competitors. After all, hunting SUVs, especially hunting pure electric SUVs, are very rare in the range of 200,000-300,000 yuan.

The interior is more elegant, and the high-profile models are made of suede.

Besides being called "the most beautiful BYD", the interior of Song L is obviously more elegant. In terms of layout, Song L is still a family cockpit layout. The instrument panel creates a layered feeling through layered contrast design and different wrapping materials. The central armrest area is designed with diamond-cut electronic shift lever, mobile phone wireless charging panel and some physical buttons. BYD’s iconic interior designs such as suspended LCD instrument panel, brand-new four-spoke steering wheel and rotatable large-size central control PAD are not absent.

Although the cockpit is still familiar with the smell, the configuration has been obviously upgraded. Song L will provide AR-HUD head-up display, heat pump air conditioning, HIFI-class Dana audio system, multi-color ambient lights, panoramic images, EC adjustable panoramic canopy and other configurations. The DiLink intelligent network connection system built in the central control has also been upgraded, which comes from a 5G car cockpit platform based on deep customization of Xiaolong processor.

It is worth noting that Song L’s interior materials are also very elegant, using a combination of suede and NAPPA leather, and the soft package in the car exceeds 85%. The high-profile models also have exclusive black interiors, and the identity of the high-profile models is highlighted by fluorescent green stitching. Of course, this is more in line with the high level of 200,000 independent brands.

Yun nian c gets on the bus, and the driving quality may be pleasantly surprised.

As a model of BYD, the power system of Song L is of course a bright spot. It will provide single-motor and dual-motor versions. The four-wheel drive version is equipped with front and rear motors with maximum power of 150/230 kW respectively. According to official data, the acceleration time of the four-wheel drive version is only 4.3 seconds per 100 kilometers, and this data is quite explosive on new energy vehicles. In terms of battery life, equipped with blade battery, CLTC has a pure battery life of 550km, 602km and 662km, and Song L is equipped with silicon carbide module, which improves the comprehensive working condition efficiency to 90%+, and the energy consumption of Song L is as low as 12.8kW·h per 100 km.

At the same time, with BYD’s new platform, CTB battery body integration and hard-core technologies such as Yunqi C and iTAC intelligent torque control system, not only the safety and space of vehicles can be guaranteed, but also the driving texture of Song L will be strengthened. Among them, Yunnian -C intelligent damping body control system can adjust the damping by controlling the electromagnetic valve of the shock absorber, which can realize stepless adaptive adjustment of the damping and meet the needs of users for different scenes. It has been verified in Han and other models at present.

As for intelligent driving, Song L will be equipped with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which can cover most usage scenarios and more than 30 auxiliary functions, such as high-speed assistance, intelligent navigation, automatic parking, fatigue monitoring and reminding, etc., greatly improving driving safety.

Generally speaking, as a brand-new model of BYD, Song L can be regarded as a breakthrough work of BYD, which brings a feeling completely different from the existing models. The data shows that BYD’s sales volume has exceeded 2 million vehicles during the year, firmly holding the position of the domestic automobile sales champion. However, from the perspective of Song L, BYD has obviously not become "complacent". "We also actively embrace changes and constantly seek breakthroughs," Lu Tian said.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  If the demotion attack is regarded as bullying, then the leapfrog attack means having enough self-confidence. When it comes to leapfrog, the first thing I think of is the brand Starway. Although Starway is a sub-brand of Chery, the cars it produces have basically achieved leapfrog, just like the previous 7-seat SUV with a class of 200,000, and the configuration is still very rich.

  Just some time ago, the appearance of Starway once again verified what is a leapfrog attack. The highest price of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is 200,000, but its target model is actually an SUV within 400,000. Such confidence is not available to any car company, so where does Starway Eta Ursae Majoris come from?

  In fact, it is not difficult to find out if we take a closer look at its configuration. The most 200,000-class model is actually equipped with an intelligent assisted driving system as high as L2.99, and it also has the blessing of CDC electromagnetic suspension system, as well as a brand-new cockpit and design language. Putting these on a car at the same time is really a little bit like dressing up as a pig to eat a tiger.

  It’s useless to talk about it. Only after driving the car and really experiencing it can we know how the so-called L2.99-level assisted driving performance is. But before driving, let’s take a brief look at the appearance and interior of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  Starway Eta Ursae Majoris adopts the aesthetic design language of Atlantis Light, and the whole front face will look more layered and futuristic. The air intake grille does not use the traditional modeling design, but boldly uses the borderless "Star Window" design, and the looming feeling also makes it more attractive for future technology.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The logo in the middle can be lit, which is a continuation of the previous 400T design. Although it is not a new technology, it is also a family-style continuation and inheritance.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  A rose gold color decorative strip symbolizing nobility is added above the penetrating LED headlights, which instantly enhances its temperament. X-shaped daytime running lights are also more exaggerated and fierce. In addition, the car is equipped with three light language configurations for the first time, which is definitely one of the few configurations in the same class or even 300,000-class models.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  Starway Eta Ursae Majoris adopts a slip-back design, especially the rear part of the car creates a feeling of tightening with lines, which makes it look more sporty and youthful. The drag coefficient of this car is 0.326cd, which is not comparable to that of new energy vehicles, but it is not high in the same class of fuel vehicles.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris are 4781x1920x1671mm and the wheelbase is 2815mm, respectively. Although it is not a new energy model, the hidden door handle still appears on this model. The car will be equipped with 20-inch wheels, and the matching Michelin tires are 245/50 R20 to maximize the comfort and quietness of the vehicle.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The shape of the rear of the car has added more rounded designs. The penetrating taillight group not only plays a layered role, but also has the function of signal language. At present, there are only three signal languages, and if there are any new ones, they can also be directly upgraded through OTA.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The exhaust design of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is a style of two-way four-way, but this is only for decoration. The actual exhaust is two-way double-way, but the exhaust of four-way looks really enough for fighting. Moreover, the unique top spoiler is designed like an airplane tail, which gives you the feeling of flying into the sky and looking for stars in the sky.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The interior adopts the design of the embracing cockpit, and the 24.6-inch high-definition curved screen is also essential, which not only increases the sense of technology, but also minimizes the number of buttons in the car. In terms of materials, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is not soft at all. It not only uses a lot of soft bag materials, but also adds Nappa leather for embellishment. This material and workmanship can really be used as a benchmark for leapfrog products.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The steering wheel adopts a flat-bottomed sports design, and the two-spoke design is also very scientific and technological. The above multi-function buttons all adopt touch-control design, and the technical attributes have indeed been improved a lot, but relatively speaking, it will also increase the chances of some misoperation, and the panel is really easy to leave fingerprints.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The central control screen adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car gauge chip, which has a very high operating fluency, and it also integrates many car functions, including mobile phone interconnection, online entertainment, APP download, driver assistance function setting, air conditioning, voice interaction, etc., with a very high degree of integration.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  Three knobs and two toggle buttons are designed at the bottom of the screen, which has the feeling of an airplane cockpit, and the outward protruding design is also a big surprise. Here, the knobs on the left and right sides and the toggle button are used to control the adjustment of air conditioning, and the knob in the middle is the switching knob of driving mode.

  Because the arms are used, the central passage becomes a huge storage space, and it is designed with a sliding cover, which can be closed when not in use, which can effectively increase the overall feeling of the vehicle. When it is opened, it will change two cup holders and a storage box in seconds.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The seat adjustment of the car is designed on the door panel, which makes it easier to operate. Moreover, all four doors are designed with electric door opening switches, which directly improves the sense of science and technology to a higher level. However, for the sake of safety, the traditional mechanical handle has also been retained.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The comfort of the front seats is really high. The main driver supports electric adjustment, seat heating, ventilation and memory functions, and has leg adjustment and waist adjustment. The headrest is also integrated with speakers, which can better ensure the driver to hear the prompts and navigation broadcasts.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The function of the co-pilot seat is more comprehensive. In addition to electric adjustment, heating and ventilation, there is also a massage function. At the same time, leg rests and foot rests also appear in the co-pilot seat, so it is no exaggeration to call it "the queen’s co-pilot".

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The riding comfort of the rear seats is really high, and the seat cushion and backrest are beyond many models at the same level. The softness is really unknown, and it also has the adjustment of the electric backrest, which is much higher than many manual adjustments.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  In terms of driving experience, the car uses a 2.0T engine and 7DCT powershift, with a maximum output of 192kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This power system is actually very strong, but it may take care of the needs of more drivers and passengers, so the engine power output will be a little slow, but it is still completely acceptable.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  If you switch to sports mode, the throttle response time will be improved a lot instantly, and the feeling of acceleration is very linear, but the noise will be a bit high, but fortunately it is also within the acceptable range.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  The shifting logic of the transmission is actually very clever, but when the vehicle is going downhill, it will occasionally upshift itself, which is still a bit strange. Shifting paddles really add a lot of driving pleasure, especially when driving on mountain roads, and the playability is instantly improved.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  There are seven driving modes to choose from, namely, economy, standard, sports, snow, mud, sand and off-road, and when each mode is switched, there will be a corresponding screen on the central control screen, which is quite interesting design.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  In addition, this car is equipped with a four-wheel drive system. Although we didn’t have any chance to feel its four-wheel drive capability this time, we have felt the power of its four-wheel drive system in the venue test drive before. If you are interested, you can take a look at our previous test drive.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  In addition, the top model of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with CDC electromagnetic suspension, which can filter out the vibration of the road surface very well, especially on the gravel road surface, and the effect is very obvious.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  However, this suspension also has a small problem, that is, the support for the roll is not as good as expected. Although it can be felt that the chassis is fighting against the roll, the effect is not particularly obvious. I hope it can be adjusted more later, which will bring a better driving experience.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  In terms of assisted driving, Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris has indeed achieved the leading level in its class. It not only has a 540 transparent chassis, but also has lane keeping, lane departure warning, fatigue monitoring, rear car warning, front collision warning, ACC adaptive cruise, lane change assistance, traffic sign recognition and so on. Basically, we can find everything we can think of in Eta Ursae Majoris, which is really worthy of praise and recommendation.

Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.
Test-drive Starway Eta Ursae Majoris and feel how hard it is to leapfrog.

  In addition, the car is also equipped with a HUD, which can display the driving information of the vehicle, including speed, speed, road traffic signs, etc., and can also directly display the navigation information, which is convenient for the driver to observe, so as to maximize the driving safety.


  As a 200,000-class medium-sized SUV, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris did not compare itself with the same-price model, but instead set its goal on the 400,000-class model. This leapfrog comparison is really rare, but Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has proved that it can do it with its own strength and configuration. At present, the car has been delivered to users on a large scale, and we are also expecting that more car companies will set their sights on the longer term and win the market with more practical configurations in the future.

Haval Xiaolong series landed at Chongqing Auto Show, and the price of two-wheel drive can buy the experience of four-wheel drive.

On June 9th, Haval brand brought its new car matrix consisting of H series, dog category and Haval Xiaolong series to the Chongqing Auto Show. As a global SUV expert, Haval brand adheres to the brand vision of "being the best SUV in every era", advanced with brand-new Hi4 enabling products, and the brand-new energy product Haval Xiaolong series landed in Sichuan and Chongqing, with the official guide price of 139,800 ~ 179,800 yuan.

In the second half of new energy, based on the category advantages of deeply cultivating the SUV market, Haval brand launched two heavy-duty models, Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong, and reconstructed the new highland of new energy SUV value. Among them, Haval Xiaolong MAX has completely realized the "four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive energy consumption, four-wheel drive experience and two-wheel drive price" with the first ride and the new intelligent hybrid architecture Hi4 as standard.

According to reports, the comprehensive power of the power system equipped by Haval Xiaolong MAX is 205kW, the comprehensive torque reaches 585N·m, the measured acceleration of 0-50km/h is 2.75s, and the acceleration of zero is only 6.8s, which is comparable to the traditional 3.0T fuel engine.

However, high performance does not mean high energy consumption. The WLTC fuel consumption of Haval Xiaolong MAX is only 1.78L, and the fuel consumption of feed is as low as 5.5L, which truly realizes four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive energy consumption. For users’ daily commuting, Haval Xiaolong MAX can also drive in pure electricity. NEDC has a pure battery life of 105KM, and it only needs 2-3 times a week to meet the daily commuting needs. In addition, Haval also provides users with free gift and installation services of charging piles, with a fast charging power of 33kW, and can complete 30%-80% energy replenishment in 26 minutes; The slow charging power is 6.6kW, and it only takes 3 hours to fully charge. In addition, the external discharge power of 3.3 kW can drive electric chafing dish, electric oven and other electrical appliances at the same time, and the continuous external discharge lasts for more than 4.5 hours.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is nearly 4.8 meters long, with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters and an axle length ratio of 0.59. The rear row supports flat-down, and the car becomes a big bed room in seconds. With a panoramic skylight of 0.8 square meters, you can enjoy the summer starlight while lying in the car.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a new generation of coffee OS system, which supports "visible to say", can control 12 fields such as vehicle setting, navigation and air conditioning, and can recognize 10 instructions in one sentence, truly giving the machine a soul. The Haval Xiaolong MAX car is equipped with a "penetrating floating triple screen +W-HUD lifting screen" to build a 4-screen vision with a futuristic sci-fi sense, creating a cinema-level immersive enjoyment for users. The main driver enjoys the high-definition W-HUD head-up display, and the driving information is unobstructed; The co-pilot can open the exclusive entertainment mode, and it is easy to enjoy the drama online.

Haval Xiaolong MAX’s coffee intelligent driving system has the hardware equipment of the first echelon, and the whole vehicle is equipped with 22 intelligent sensors to realize "L2+" intelligent driving assistance in all road conditions, all time and all weather. Among them, HWA’s functions such as shifting the lever and changing lanes in non-single high-speed scenes are only available for products above 250,000 yuan, and Xiaolong MAX has truly realized scientific and technological equality.

In terms of design, Haval Xiaolong adopts an integrated front face, and the side waistline with great cutting power is full of sharpness, which fully highlights the inductive tension. In the interior part, Haval Xiaolong adopts the design surrounded by starry sky, with wings and double screens, integrated technology island and 64-color flowing water atmosphere lights, which brings a comfortable and practical super-enjoyment feeling.

In terms of driving control, Haval Xiaolong adopts the suspension structure of "front McPherson+rear multi-link", which is closer to sports SUV and takes into account the driving texture of various road conditions such as urban roads and unpaved roads. At the same time, Haval also gave Xiaolong a more inductive control logic. The user only needs to touch the door handle of the vehicle, and Haval Xiaolong will automatically unlock the vehicle, open the door to automatically power on, step on the brake pedal to start the vehicle, and pull the arm to start immediately.

In the performance of the three electric appliances, Haval Xiaolong is equipped with a two-speed DHT gearbox, which is more mature and reliable. The battery life of NEDC is 110 kilometers, the battery life of WLTC is 96 kilometers, and it can be recharged for 3 days during daily commuting. The comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is only 1.39L, and the fuel consumption due to power failure is only 5.3L, so the economic performance is better. Xiaolong also provides three power modes of "pure electricity, pure electricity priority and intelligent hybrid", which saves fuel and electricity and saves money. One car can be used as three cars.

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Qin PLUS DM-i "limited time 898", BYD pressed the "oil-to-electricity" acceleration key in the auto market.

On December 1, BYD launched a limited-time fuel transfer fund policy. Led by champion models Qin and Han, the best-selling models of Wangchao. com are all out to give thanks to users, with a maximum enjoyment of 20,000 yuan. The policy is limited to December. This also means that BYD is leading the China brand in a decisive battle for joint-venture fuel vehicles, and accelerating the process of "oil to electricity" in the automobile market.

In 2023, whether you are a fuel owner who wants to change cars or a prospective owner who has ordered a fuel car, Qin PLUS DM-i will start selling for only 89,800 yuan, and Han EV Champion Edition and Han DM-i Champion Edition will enjoy a fuel transfer fund of up to 20,000 yuan. At the same time, Wang Chaowang’s models of Tang, Song and Yuan families have benefited to varying degrees. This is undoubtedly good news for users who want to buy a car at the end of the year.

Limited-time welfare BYD uses the champion model to give back to users’ love.

BYD announced the 6 millionth new energy vehicle off the assembly line on November 24th, which also became a milestone in the development history of China automobile industry. In the face of users’ trust and love, BYD is also grateful to give back to the market with high-quality products, and puts forward the limited-time welfare policy of PLUS DM-i "limited-time fuel transfer fund of 10,000 yuan".

In 2021, Qin PLUS DM-i went on the market. In just one and a half years, Qin PLUS won the A-class sedan championship. This year, the Champion Edition of Qin PLUS 2023 was once again "king fried", which opened a new era of the same price of oil and electricity and launched a storm on the fuel-fired sedan. Since then, the sales of Qin family have been soaring, and at present, it has achieved the success of 9 consecutive titles of the sedan, and Qin has locked in the 2023 sedan champion in advance.

Qin PLUS can achieve such achievements, the core is naturally excellent product strength, and excellent product strength is bound to be inseparable from the support of technology. Qin PLUS DM-i is equipped with a DM-i super hybrid system, which has the characteristics of "fast, economical, quiet, smooth and green". It only takes 7.3s for zero acceleration, 1,245km for comprehensive endurance and 3.8L for fuel consumption per 100km, and the DM-i super hybrid system.

Grab the cake from the joint venture fuel vehicle market, and the "oil-to-electricity" in the auto market has accelerated.

When it comes to the A-class sedan market, the national sedan of the joint venture brand used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many China automobile brands challenged them, but BYD Qin PLUS DM-i succeeded in the challenge.

On the power, Qin PLUS DM-i’s acceleration of 7.3 seconds leads the way. In terms of energy consumption, Qin PLUS DM-i has a power consumption of 3.8L and a comprehensive battery life of 1,245 kilometers. The high-equipped models can also discharge externally, greatly reducing the cost of car use and satisfying more car use scenarios. Those joint-venture national sedan cars can definitely not do it because they have no plug-in models now. On intelligence, Qin PLUS DM-i has DiLink intelligent cockpit (car, big screen, voice, cloud service), intelligent entry (NFC) and intelligent driving assistance, and still leads the same level.

The history of Ti mo Feng’s destruction went from fighting a fish sister to falling off the altar.

Original title: The history of Ti mo Feng’s destruction from fighting fish to falling to the altar.

Ti mo Feng, formerly known as Feng Yanan, was born in Chongqing in 1991. In college, because of her classmates, she inadvertently came into contact with the industry of appearance. At that time, there were very few viewers, but she succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention because of her beautiful singing and sweet appearance. After graduation, Ti mo Feng decided to take appearing in a mirror as his career, but his family disagreed and thought it was unstable. However, Ti mo Feng didn’t completely give up appearing in the camera. After work, she would play games and appear in the camera, and gradually accumulated a certain popularity in the LOL area.

In 2014, Ti mo Feng officially signed a contract with the Betting Platform as a full-time anchor. She started playing games all day and appeared in several small schools.

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Women’s online shopping for mobile phone accessories led to a fraud case worth 100 million yuan.

CCTV News:Ms. Wu, a citizen of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, is usually very cautious in shopping, and generally only chooses to buy genuine products. But this year’s online shopping experience made Ms. Wu very angry. I didn’t expect that after she called the police for help, she even brought out a fake and fake gang involving hundreds of millions of yuan!

Not long ago, Ms. Wu’s mobile phone broke the back cover. After searching and comparing online, Ms. Wu selected a back cover of the same model in a company called "Three Hammer Flagship Store". After the merchant swore that it was the original back cover, Ms. Wu readily paid.

After installing it on the mobile phone, Ms. Wu found that after the mobile phone, Gigan started to crack a little, and then the crack became bigger and bigger. After a few touches, the whole back cover cracked.

Ms. Wu asked for a refund, which was rebuffed by the online store customer service. Ms. Wu reported the police. Yangzhou police identified the back cover of the mobile phone bought by Ms. Wu and confirmed that it was a counterfeit registered trademark, so they immediately launched a secret investigation on the online shop involved. After investigation, the owner of the "Three Hammer Flagship Stores" is Liu from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. This online store has many return addresses, which is obviously abnormal!

An online shop generally has 1-mdash; 3 return addresses, but in the background data of this online store, the police found that there are more than 30 return addresses.

Further investigation by the police found that Liu was a middleman who sold short, and the actual delivery place of counterfeit mobile phone accessories was the professional electronic market in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The capital flow of Liu’s online shop was finally collected in the account of Shenzhen Yao.

From January 2019 to the present, all online shopkeepers and Yao involved in the case have huge capital transactions, which are generated almost every day. In summary, the average monthly transaction volume is more than 1 million.

The police investigated Yao, but the result was unexpected, and he was not the source of counterfeiting.

In order to find the fake dens, Yangzhou police in Jiangsu Province conducted an in-depth tracking of Yao’s bank flow and company logistics, and found Zhao, a female boss who has close capital exchanges with him. Her fake factory may be in Chang ‘an Town, Dongguan.

According to the capital and logistics data of Yao’s company, a large number of fakes originated from Yinying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. under Zhao’s name. At the end of August, 2020, Yangzhou police, under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security and the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, deployed hundreds of police officers, divided into six roads, and collected the nets in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Shandong, Linyi, Shangrao, Jiangxi, Shijiazhuang, Hebei and other places.

The police found in their factory that there are two complete production lines for counterfeiting. There are 8 production workshops on each production line, and nearly 5 workers operate in each workshop.The shipment is huge and there is no rest.

At the same time, the biggest middleman of this criminal gang — — Yao was arrested at home. Another policeman found the warehouse of Ge Mou, a wholesaler, in Linyi, Shandong Province, and obtained a large number of counterfeit mobile phone accessories at the scene.

The police’s arrest operation destroyed the counterfeit black factory in Chang ‘an Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and sealed up two production lines; In all parts of the country, more than 40 people involved in the wholesale and retail sectors were arrested, eight dens warehouses were destroyed, and nearly 80,000 pieces of accessories of well-known domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei and 100,000 pieces of semi-finished accessories were seized. After investigation, from 2019 to now, Yinying Company’s counterfeit factory in Dongguan has sold counterfeit mobile phone accessories with a total value of nearly 110 million yuan. At present, the case is still under investigation. 

How does the "online celebrity" city grow red behind the "May 1" four newly-built small towns in online celebrity?

  "Sold out", "sold out", "full contract" and "traffic jam" … … In the past May 1 ST, from the West Lake in Hangzhou to the ancient city of Dali, from the Summer Palace in Beijing to the Confucius Temple in Nanjing, almost all famous scenic spots in China staged the scene of "conformity". "Sold out", "sold out" and "full contract" became the high-frequency vocabulary of this May Day.

  On May 1 this year, instead of focusing on big cities, we will focus on four new small cities in online celebrity — — Zibo, where "a kebab set fire to a city", Jiangmen after the popularity of The Knockout, Zhanjiang in "Hidden Corner" and Weifang, where "flying kites to heaven". Let’s take a look at their bills on May 1 this year, the tricks of attracting customers and the hidden worries behind the traffic fire.

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  Jiangmen, Zhanjiang: There are a constant stream of tourists who shoot TV dramas with the same "punch-in photos"

  A The Knockout put Jiangmen on the throne of a new online celebrity city.

  According to the big data forecast of the map software, during the May Day holiday, the cumulative net inflow of vehicles ranked in cities, and Jiangmen, Guangdong ranked third in the country. As of 19: 00 on May 3rd, Jiangmen received a total of 2,027,800 tourists during the May Day holiday, with a tourism income of 1,228 million yuan.

  Although the TV series The Knockout has been broadcast, the popularity of Jiangmen Tour is still unabated, and the online traffic has turned into a steady stream of passengers, and tourists who come to shoot the same TV series "punch in" are in an endless stream. Jiangmen City, combined with the characteristics of local cultural tourism, held a number of May Day market promotion activities. In the tourist area of Gulao Water Town in Jiangmen, the "straw model+dinosaur model+panda model+insect model" was introduced into the rural time area, focusing on creating a series of exhibition activities, as well as special performing arts and water fireworks shows.

  With the popularity of the online drama "Hidden Corner", Zhanjiang, the location of the filming, has also caught fire among fans and tourists, and Chikan Old Street in the play has become a must-see point for tourists. Chikan District Cultural Tourism Bureau organized puppet shows, net dragons, lion dances and other intangible projects in Datong Road Old Street. During the May Day period, there were 35 scenic spots in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, and the total number of tourists was 792,100. The top three key scenic spots are Jinsha Bay Binhai Leisure Tourism Zone, Dinglongwan International Marine Tourism Zone and Leizhou Maodegong Drum City Resort.

  Weifang: Zibo, director of the Cultural Tourism Bureau, attracts guests and flies kites to the West Lake for drainage.

  Weifang, next door to Zibo, also borrowed a barbecue "fire".

  During the May 1 ST period, Weifang City, Shandong Province was included in 30 scenic spots directly monitored by the province, receiving a total of 2,571,400 tourists, an increase of 432.86% year-on-year; The operating income was 220,880,100 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 376.55%.

  In order to attract customers, Weifang also made a "vicious move". On April 27th, Quan Wensong, director of Weifang Cultural Tourism Bureau, led a team to Zibo to "attract customers crazily". Before the barbecue stall, Quan Wensong sincerely recommended Weifang, and sent Weifang kites, tomatoes, cucumbers and other Weifang specialties to tourists, and at the same time shouted to tourists: Welcome to Weifang.

  During the May Day period, Quan Wensong was not idle. He gave tourists the name of "Ten Thousand Gardens" in the famous scenic spot of Weifang: ancient officials were afraid of forgetting things when they reported to the emperor, so they wrote memorandum-like words on the water board.

  Not only in Shandong, but also in Zhejiang. During the May Day holiday, hundreds of Weifang kites were flown in Wu Shan Square near the West Lake in Hangzhou. They also specially sent kite masters to teach kite making on the spot, and warmly invited tourists from all over the country to fly kites in Weifang.

  Two sides of Zibo

  The hottest: entertain the guests before entertaining the family.

  To say that the hottest city this year must be Zibo.

  From the data point of view, during the May Day holiday, Zibo Railway Station received 481,186 passengers, a record high. The enthusiasm of passengers is high. In five days, the city has invested 64,400 bus trips and transported 1.821 million passengers. The long-distance passenger stations have transported 48,900 passengers and 19,800 passengers.

  According to the data of the tourism platform, driven by the phenomenal traffic of "Zibo Barbecue", the number of hotel reservations in Shandong Province increased nearly three times compared with the same period in 2019 during the May Day period, ranking first in the country. Compared with the same period in 2019, the number of hotel reservations in Zibo has increased by more than 10 times, ranking among the top five hotels in Shandong Province.

  In terms of market supervision, Zibo cracked down on price violations, and successive news reports gave tourists a sense of security. During the "May Day" period, some tourists found that the toilet in Zibo Barbecue City was equipped with a "peace of mind basket", which contained wet toilet towels, alcohol cotton pads, and sanitary napkins. Even Changyanning for diarrhea was prepared. "Put ‘ Pet powder ’ I have achieved the ultimate, "many tourists commented.

  In addition, Zibo citizens have a strong sense of ownership. People in the city "make way" for foreign tourists. When they see relevant negative comments on the Internet, they not only take the initiative to apologize and appease tourists’ emotions, but also help to complain and solve problems.

  What moved people even more was that the Zibo Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism did not take the citizens’ contribution for granted. On May 4th, the activity of "Zibo Citizens Week" was launched, and "after entertaining foreign tourists, we will entertain our families", which ended the May Day holiday perfectly.

  Hidden worry: online celebrity can’t grow red until the four major problems are solved.

  Due to the surge of tourists, the city’s tourist reception capacity has been tested. On April 26th, the Zibo Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said in a letter to the tourists that the hotels in the central city have been sold out during the May 1st period, and the passenger flow has exceeded the reception capacity. It is expected that there will be traffic jams, parking difficulties, long queues and other problems in some key sections and online celebrity punch points, and tourists are advised to travel at the wrong peak.

  ■ Transportation.

  During the May Day holiday, the vehicles on Jinjing Avenue, the main road in Zhangdian District of Zibo, could hardly move. Ms. Liu, who came to Zibo for a trip and took a taxi by Jinjing Avenue, said that the driver was stuck in the road after taking the order, and she and her friends had to walk two blocks to find the driver who was stuck in the road.

  ■ Accommodation

  During May Day, Liu Yongkun, the owner of an e-sports hotel in Zhangdian District, will still receive many calls every day even if the reservation platform shows that the room is full. "Many buddies called me: ‘ I’ll give you money, I’ll add some for you, don’t hide it, you let me live. ’ But there is really no room. " "Now the hotel can’t receive it. The big problem is that the linen can’t be washed." Liu Yongkun explained that linen needs to be sent to specialized agencies for cleaning, and now the order volume received by linen cleaning agencies every day is several times or even dozens of times that of the original.

  ■ Catering

  One of the hottest barbecue shops in Zibo, Yang Benxin, the owner of Muyangcun barbecue shop, is tired. Looking at the vast guests in the shop, his look revealed an unsustainable feeling. "In the past two days, my wife’s voice has been finished and she can’t speak." He said, "You see there are quite a lot of people now, which actually disrupts our normal business. Many people either come to eat or join in the fun and make a mess. " Before the fire broke out, the store’s business hours were from 11 noon to 2 pm and from 4: 30 pm to 11: 30 pm. Now Yang Benxin is afraid to open at noon and opens at 4: 30 pm instead.

  Every day before opening the door, he is under great pressure. "Open the door is full, you say zha service? Who to serve? We feel bad. Now the turnover in the store has decreased, and the original guests really want to eat, and then they leave after eating, so they can be recycled. Now is to play, sit down and don’t go, there are guests playing until 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. I’m a family now. Too tired, it’s not about money, it’s desperate! "

  ■ Disturbance to the people

  Residents in the neighborhood of the convenience market in Zibo are very troubled. Some people say that they haven’t driven for a month, so they can only ride an electric car to squeeze out. Sometimes the electric car can’t ride, so you have to take a detour to send your children to and from school. In addition to the compressed activity space, the normal life of residents is also affected. "It’s not easy to buy a steamed bread now, (because) people who sell meat, vegetables and steamed bread have changed careers." Resident Zhang Ayi complained.

  Expert advice

  Create local characteristics

  The foundation of tourism is guided by normalization.

  Luo Sibo, former president of Chongqing Tourism College, believes that the explosive growth of May Day tourism this year is actually rebounding, showing the strong recovery of the domestic tourism market. These four small and medium-sized cities can become hot spots under the background of the recovery of domestic tourism market, which is not unrelated to their own urban marketing. Among them, Zhanjiang and Jiangmen are new online celebrity cities formed with the popularity of The Knockout and other TV dramas. Zibo and Weifang, which are recommended by the government, are gradually gaining popularity on the Internet.

  Among the marketing strategies of these four cities, Lozberg was most impressed by Zibo: "Zibo’s marketing methods are different from before, and everyone thinks that it is a series of barbecues to drive a city, but in fact, the barbecue is just a tipping point, behind which is the government’s integration and gathering of various local tourism resources, and the government’s support is very strong. For example, food and accommodation prices, traffic guidance, and citizens’ attitudes are mature urban marketing. "

  The fire explosion during the May Day holiday also brought pressure to Zibo, Weifang, Zhanjiang and Jiangmen, which exposed many problems such as traffic jams, parking difficulties, long queues, food and shelter difficulties, and the impact on the lives of local residents. Lozber analyzed, "These situations actually happened in previous tourist attractions, but this time it happened in cities. There are three main reasons: First, the lack of information guidance in these cities has led to an excess of tourists, which has affected the sense of experience. This shows that the building of smart cities is very important and the prediction of tourism data should be strengthened; Second, there is no subdivision when guiding tourists to travel, and they are still in the guidance of conformity. Whether it is the government, travel agencies or related business units, it is necessary to conduct differentiated guidance. For example, there are now "special forces" tours for students; Third, the reception guidance is insufficient, and the host (local residents) are also restricted when the host and guest share, which requires the relevant departments to predict in advance and strengthen guidance. "

  How can a tourist city in online celebrity grow red? Rozberg also gave a suggestion: "In this era of information explosion, if urban tourism wants to last forever, it is necessary to conduct diversified demand guidance, not too much pursuit of large-scale, popular and homogeneous explosion point guidance, but should be guided by life scenes. For example, if a movie or TV series makes a scene in a city on fire, the local area can conduct scene guidance according to this point, and start with factors such as eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment to create a one-stop unique scene and atmosphere, realize the integration of literature and tourism, and truly make it delicious, beautiful and fun. At the same time, we should not blindly follow up on accommodation and catering reception immediately because of the booming holidays. Once there is uneven busy and idle, uneven off-season and peak season, it may cause waste of resources. It is still necessary to base on normal tourism, build a tourism foundation with local characteristics, and conduct normalization guidance, thus turning traffic into stock. "

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Shenzhen: Consumers will be subsidized by 15% of the sales price when purchasing qualified mobile phones, computers and other products.

  "Shenzhen Releases" WeChat official account News. On May 23rd, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports, and Shenzhen Municipal Health and Health Committee jointly issued "Several Measures for Promoting the Sustainable Recovery of Consumption in Shenzhen".

  Some measures to promote the sustainable recovery of consumption in Shenzhen

  In order to thoroughly implement the national and provincial decision-making arrangements on promoting consumption, stimulate consumption potential, expand consumer demand and boost consumer confidence, the following measures are formulated.

  First, encourage automobile consumption

  (1) Support individual consumers to purchase new energy vehicles. Individual consumers who newly purchase qualified new energy vehicles and get a license in Shenzhen will be given a subsidy of no more than 10,000 yuan/set. Fully implement the national policy of exempting new energy vehicles from vehicle purchase tax. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau)

  (2) Increase the incremental index of ordinary cars. Add 20,000 incremental indicators for ordinary cars, and allocate them to the "unsuccessful" applicants who are still lottery and have participated in more than 60 issues (including 60 issues) through special lottery activities. The winners must purchase qualified fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles (for those who purchase new energy vehicles, the maximum subsidy is not more than 20,000 yuan/set). (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  (3) Relax the application conditions for hybrid car indicators. Individuals with only one car registered in Shenzhen are allowed to buy qualified hybrid cars and apply for licensing indicators. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau)

  (four) to encourage tourist passenger vehicles to use new energy or clean energy. Enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that newly purchase qualified new energy tourist passenger cars (including clean fuel passenger cars) will be given a maximum subsidy of 50,000 yuan/set. Promote party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to purchase green transportation travel services. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  (5) Accelerate the clean replacement of garbage transfer vehicles. Coordinate the procurement of domestic waste transfer services, and accelerate the transformation of diesel waste transfer vehicles into qualified LNG, electric (including power exchange) and hydrogen fuel cell transfer vehicles in accordance with the principle of "full replacement after the contract expires". (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, districts)

  (six) to promote the replacement of fuel trailers in the port. If the fuel trailer in the port is replaced by a qualified new energy vehicle (including a clean fuel vehicle), the maximum subsidy will not exceed 50,000 yuan/set. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau)

  (seven) to increase the promotion and use of new energy vehicles in the public domain. Coordinate the promotion of fuel official vehicles, police cars, state-owned vehicles and other scrapped vehicles to be updated into new energy vehicles. Accelerate the replacement of buses, cruise taxis, etc. (Responsible units: Municipal Organs Administration Bureau, Public Security Bureau, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and all districts)

  (8) Promote the trading of used cars. Expand the pilot scope of second-hand car turnover indicators, and issue second-hand car turnover indicators to qualified second-hand car legal entities. The second-hand car distribution legal person sells the second-hand car it bought, and the value-added tax is levied at a reduced rate of 0.5%. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Transportation Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau)

  (nine) to carry out automobile activities in the countryside. Residents of Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone who purchase new energy vehicles in Shenzhen Administrative District (New District) can apply for the increment index of pure electric cars or hybrid cars according to relevant regulations, and enjoy relevant subsidy policies. Give full play to Shenzhen’s role as a working organization in front of various counterpart assistance areas, strengthen the linkage between government and enterprises, and promote cars to the countryside. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Rural Revitalization and Cooperation and Exchange, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone)

  (10) Expand the export of new energy vehicles. Accelerate the improvement of the production capacity of new energy vehicles in our city, and support the automobile production and export enterprises registered in Shenzhen and exporting complete vehicles through Shenzhen Port to expand the export scale. Improve the level of port logistics facilitation, promote key shipping companies to set up fixed foreign trade ro-ro routes in Shenzhen Port, and fully subsidize berthing fees and port operation lump sum fees for shipping companies that carry export cars. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Transportation Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  Second, expand the scale of the consumer electronics market

  (eleven) to carry out promotional activities of consumer electronic products. Combined with the themes of school season, summer promotion season, traditional festivals, etc., special promotion activities for consumer electronics will be organized in rotation during May-August, and consumers will be subsidized to buy qualified products such as mobile phones, computers (including tablet computers), headphones, stereos, smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, consumer drones, smart home robots, smart fitness equipment, etc., with a cumulative maximum of 2,000 yuan per person. Encourage telecom operators to cooperate with consumer electronics manufacturers in depth and carry out activities such as "replacement subsidy", "telephone fee reward" and "package upgrade". Support the green utilization of recycling equipment. If qualified enterprises recycle old machines and sell them in Shenzhen, they will be subsidized according to 5% of sales. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration)

  (XII) Expand centralized purchase orders. For the needs of party and government organs, institutions and large enterprises such as digital office and employees’ personal use, we will organize production enterprises, telecom operators and service solution providers to hold special centralized procurement activities on a regular basis. Party and government organs and state-owned enterprises are encouraged to purchase qualified consumer electronic products for counterpart assistance. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Finance Bureau, Rural Revitalization and Cooperation and Exchange Bureau, all districts and relevant units)

  (thirteen) the implementation of broadband upgrade for millions of users. Operators are encouraged to upgrade the broadband network speed of home users to more than 500 megabytes (including 500 megabytes) for free, and the tariff standard remains unchanged. In 2022, for operators whose broadband network speed is more than 500 megabytes (including 500 megabytes), the proportion of household users is not less than 60%. According to the number of newly upgraded users, 80 yuan subsidies will be given to each household, with a maximum of 60 million yuan for each operator. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration, districts)

  Third, promote the consumption of household appliances

  (fourteen) to carry out green energy-saving home appliances promotion. Organize household appliance production and sales enterprises to launch activities to benefit the people and make profits. During May-August, consumers will be subsidized to buy qualified household appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and small household appliances according to 15% of the sales price, with a cumulative maximum of 2,000 yuan per person. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau)

  (fifteen) the implementation of affordable housing "bag occupancy" project. Revise and improve the delivery standards of affordable housing (including public rental housing, affordable rental housing, and shared property housing), deliver fully renovated finished products to affordable housing that was completed and qualified during the year, configure basic household products such as range hoods, gas stoves, water heaters and air conditioners that meet the requirements, and carry out pilot projects for smart homes throughout the house. Encourage new commercial housing to be fully renovated and delivered, and provide necessary smart home products. (Responsible units: Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Talent Housing Group, all districts)

  Fourth, do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemics

  (sixteen) increase the intensity of electronic sentry layout. Party and government organs, schools, hospitals and other units shall all install electronic sentries in principle. All districts encourage office buildings, industrial parks and other workplaces to upgrade and transform "electronic sentry+gate" according to epidemic prevention requirements. Eligible transformation subjects will be given a subsidy of no more than 100,000 yuan according to 20% of their total investment. (Responsible unit: relevant units directly under the municipal government, Municipal Finance Bureau, districts)

  (seventeen) actively promote the application of high-tech anti-epidemic products. In isolation hotels, shelter hospitals, special isolation places and other fields, we will increase the popularization and application of high-tech epidemic prevention products such as food delivery and disinfection robots, video intelligent analysis systems, water-based self-disinfection film-forming materials, millimeter-wave radar, epidemic prevention intelligent environmental protection mobile toilets, and nucleic acid detection kiosks. The municipal finance will subsidize the relevant expenses of each district by no more than 3 million yuan according to 20% of the total investment. (Responsible units: Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (eighteen) to expand the application of consumer anti epidemic products. Health departments and public hospitals have increased the procurement scale of nucleic acid sampling materials, testing equipment and reagents, and the city’s large-scale nucleic acid testing capacity has reached 2 million tubes/day. (Responsible units: Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (nineteen) improve the proportion of domestic procurement of medical devices. Implement the national medical equipment procurement policy, strictly examine and approve imported equipment, and increase the promotion of domestic medical equipment. (Responsible units: Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Finance Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Market Supervision Bureau and all districts)

  (twenty) to establish a green channel for innovative drugs. Open a green channel in the city’s drug and medical consumables trading platform, implement online procurement for innovative drugs and medical consumables that meet the listing conditions, and implement "hanging with the newspaper" to support innovative drugs and medical consumables to enter the market in time. (Responsible unit: Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau)

  V. Expanding the market scale of Xinchuang products

  (twenty-one) increase the promotion of Xinchuang products. Formulate the recommendation catalogue of Xinchuang products, organize docking exchange meetings, and subsidize qualified user units that purchase more than 500,000 yuan according to 3% of the purchase amount. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (twenty-two) to improve the application ratio of Xinchuang products. In principle, the purchase proportion of Xinchuang products in new office systems and business systems shall not be less than 20% in key areas such as finance, energy, education, medical care, telecommunications and transportation; The procurement proportion of Xinchuang products in the newly added key information infrastructure shall not be less than 40% for party and government organs and state-owned enterprises. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration, relevant units and districts)

  Sixth, promote the consumption of outdoor cultural tourism

  (twenty-three) actively carry out cultural and sports activities on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen’s urban ecological context of "mountains and seas are linked together" and "one ridge, one belt and twenty corridors", and hold a series of tourism activities such as the Gold Coast Tourism Festival and Red Tourism. Encourage the general public to go outdoors, support sports social organizations to organize fitness, camping and other activities in the sinking community, and cooperate with brand manufacturers and distributors that meet the theme of the event to carry out promotional activities. Encourage trade unions at all levels to organize fitness activities and use trade union funds to purchase fitness services for employees according to regulations. Enrich and promote urban cultural menus, actively carry out cultural activities such as grass music festival, beach music festival, Cantonese Opera Week, Youth Art Week, Reading Month and Beautiful Sunday, and run sports events such as marathon and rowing. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports, Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Federation of Trade Unions, Finance Bureau and all districts)

  (twenty-four) held a trend theme consumption activities. Support joint-venture merchants in key business districts to hold themed consumption festivals such as coffee and tea, carry out activities such as tasting, teaching, salons and exhibitions, broaden consumption experience scenes, and create a fashionable and leisure city lifestyle. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, districts)

  (twenty-five) to promote the "one-click reservation" full coverage of sports facilities. Encourage schools and social sports facilities to be open and shared with the public, and promote the "one door, two doors, two entrances in the morning and evening" safety isolation transformation of completed and qualified schools. By the end of June 2022, the school, society, public welfare and other sports facilities will be fully covered by "one-click reservation". Make good use of financial funds such as sports lottery public welfare fund, and make an appointment for sports venues through the "I Shenzhen" platform to enjoy a minimum discount of 60% to promote the growth of sports consumption. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (twenty-six) to promote high-quality intelligent fitness equipment. More than 200 convenience fitness facilities will be built or rebuilt in communities, parks, squares, institutions and other places, and a number of fitness equipment with wide audience, flexibility and high technology will be popularized. Encourage commercial buildings, factories, parks and other key places to purchase and use qualified fitness equipment, and give a maximum subsidy of not more than 10,000 yuan according to 5% of the total actual purchase amount to create a new scene of national fitness. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, districts)

  Seven, expand the consumption of bulk commodities.

  (twenty-seven) to carry out the linkage promotion activities of refined oil and "Shenzhen products". Continue to promote "Shenzhen products" into supermarkets, farmers, community fresh stores and e-commerce, encourage gas station direct-operated convenience stores and their online shopping malls to put "Shenzhen products" on shelves, and issue consumer vouchers to consumers who have reached a certain amount in a single refueling or prepaid recharge for purchasing qualified "Shenzhen products" in gas station direct-operated convenience stores or their online shopping malls, and give certain financial subsidies. (Responsible units: Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Commerce Bureau and Finance Bureau)

  (twenty-eight) support enterprises to set up procurement centers and sales companies. For the wholesale and retail leading enterprises that set up purchasing centers in Shenzhen in 2022, 50,000 yuan will be awarded for every 100 million yuan of their purchasing amount in 2022. For the sales company established by manufacturing enterprises in Shenxin in 2022, 500,000 yuan will be awarded for every 100 million yuan of retail sales in 2022. The maximum reward for a single enterprise is no more than 10 million yuan. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Finance Bureau)

  Eight, the safe and orderly resumption of professional exhibitions

  (29) Establish a "white list" system, and support advantageous fashion industries such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, watches, glasses and leather to hold professional exhibitions for professional purchasers on the premise of doing a good job in the normal epidemic prevention work of the participating parties, so as to help the fashion consumer market recover. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

  Nine, increase the "invoice" activities.

  (30) Add 10 million yuan of "prize invoice" funds to carry out "prize invoice" activities in the whole city around the fields of retail, catering, cultural tourism, accommodation, sports, etc. The activity period is from May 1 to the end of the year. (Responsible units: Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Finance Bureau)

  This policy will be implemented as of the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2022. The measures stipulated in the policy shall be formulated and promulgated by the relevant responsible units.

Xiaomi car big news! Exposure of photos, body parameters, etc. Xiaomi car will be produced by itself.

K diagram 01810_0

  On the afternoon of November 15, the entry "Xiaomi Automobile" rushed.Hot search.

  On the same day, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products""(the 377th batch), two Xiaomi brand pure electric cars are listed.

  It is reported that Xiaomi’s first car is a pure electric car, the models are SU7 and SU7 Max, and the length of the car is 4.997 meters. The biggest difference between the two models lies in the power. The formerThe peak power is 220KW, and the latter is 275KW, or it is a high-performance version.They are iron phosphate.(Xiangyang Fudi) and ternary lithium ion (), in which Xiangyang Foday Battery belongs to.

  The contents of the announcement show that the models of Xiaomi brand pure electric cars are BJ7000MBEVR2 and BJ7000MBEVA1, and the name of the declared enterprise isGroup off-road vehicle Co., Ltd., the declared production address is "No.21 Courtyard, Huanjing Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone".

  The reporter learned from Tianyancha that on November 3, Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing No.1 Branch was established, with Lei Yun as the head and its business scope including, data processing services, communication equipment sales, electronic products sales, etc., the head office is Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd. The registered address of this branch is Building 9, No.21 Courtyard, Huanjing Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

  According to the current laws and regulations, domesticAutomobile production enterprises must obtain two qualifications before they can produce and sell: first, the development and reform commission put on record the production projects of automobile investment enterprises, and automobile enterprises need to prove their own financing ability, research and development ability, production capacity, quality assurance and other strengths, which are recognized by the development and reform commission. After obtaining this qualification, enterprises need to build factories within 2 years and sell vehicles within 3 years; Second, it is the qualification of automobile production enterprises in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and automobile enterprises need to meet the Regulations on the Administration of Automobile Production Enterprises and Products Access.

  In August this year, it was reported that Xiaomi had been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to produce electric vehicles. Now it has won the "Car-making Admission Ticket" from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which means that Xiaomi has obtained the automobile production qualification.

  Officially listed in the first half of 2024.

  Since Lei Jun announced Xiaomi’s entry into the smart car industry, the dynamics of Xiaomi’s car have been receiving much attention.

  In August this year, some netizens said that they met four disguised Xiaomi cars flying on the Urumqi-Changji urban expressway. On August 19th, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, also appeared in Xinjiang, and released a "Test # Xiaomi mixfold3# Leica Optics, Four Shots and Five Focuses". Some careful netizens noticed that the banner words pulled up in the photo were suspected of "fighting for Xiaomi car".

  In October 2023, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi Automobile is progressing smoothly and will be officially listed in the first half of 2024. According to Xiaomi’s announcement, Xiaomi officially entered the field of smart electric vehicles and will invest 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. Lei Jun believes that smart electric vehicles will be the broadest development track in the next 10 years.

  At the Xiaomi new product launch conference held in October this year, Xiaomi released the operating system 澎湃 OS, which is not only suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones, but also will be installed on Xiaomi cars. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS completely rewrites the underlying architecture based on the integration of deeply evolved Android and self-developed Vela system, and has made a public base for the future tens of billions of devices and tens of billions of connections.

  October 16th, Tianfeng InternationalGuo Ming has recently released.It is said that Xiaomi’s first car is expected to be released in 2024, with an estimated shipment of 50,000-60,000 units.

  Guo Ming said in the report that Huawei’s new M7 sales exceeded expectations, symbolizing that the focus of competition in China’s electric vehicle market has shifted to autonomous driving, software, marketing and channels due to the high industrial division of labor. He believes that such a new competitive pattern is conducive to Xiaomi’s entry into the automobile market.

  He also said that the price of Xiaomi’s first car will be less than 300,000 yuan, and the key selling points include automatic driving, software ecology, 800V fast charging and power configuration.

  Xiaomi automobile will produce itself.

  According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, although the declared enterprise name of Xiaomi Automobile is BAIC Group, the production address is shown as the location of Xiaomi Automobile’s self-built factory.

  Reporter fromIts platform has learned that Xiaomi Automobile Factory is built in Yizhuang, Beijing, and is located in Majuqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Base (intelligent manufacturing base) in Yizhuang New Town (Tongzhou District), Beijing. The total investment of the project is expected to be 63 billion yuan.

  It is understood that Xiaomi Automobile Factory will be built in two phases. The annual production capacity of the first and second phases is 150,000 vehicles, and the total production capacity can reach 300,000 vehicles/year after the factory officially lands.

  During the construction of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, the company widely recruits talents related to vehicle production and vehicle technology. According to the recruitment information of Xiaomi official website, the company has a talent demand for production managers, workshop safety engineers and lean engineers in automobile workshops in Beijing, in stamping, die casting, die casting molds, die casting machine processing, body, painting, sheet metal and so on.Production-related jobs also have more demand for people.

  In addition, Xiaomi is also building its own car sales channels to prepare for nationwide sales. From September to October, 2023, Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiaomi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) successively established subsidiaries in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Xi ‘an, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou. The business scope of the newly established company covers new energy sales and other businesses.

  In fact, in order to successfully enter the car-making industry, Xiaomi began to make continuous high-intensity investment in the automobile field many years ago. Yangtze millet industryHeshunwei Capital is an important investor in Xiaomi Department.

  Shunwei Capital of Lei Jun Holdings participated in the investment in 2015.A round of financing, participated in B round of financing in 2016, and participated in 2017.A+ round of financing. In the same year, Shunwei Capital led the A-round financing of Momenta, a smart driving startup, and gave continuous support in B-round, C-round and C+ financing.

  In August, 2021, Xiaomi wholly acquired DeepMotion Tech Limited, an autonomous driving company, and continued to increase its R&D capabilities in terms of intelligent driving perception, positioning, planning and control. Deep Motion Technology has a wide range of layouts in high-precision positioning, high-precision maps and 3D scene reconstruction.

  The automobile industry entered the Warring States period.

  Although Xiaomi automobile has obtained the production qualification, the competition in the automobile industry has become increasingly fierce. Can the fledgling Xiaomi automobile "share a piece of cake"?

  Liu Feilei, secretary of the board of directors of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, recently said: "The automobile industry is entering the Warring States Period, and resources are accelerating to focus on head enterprises." He believes that in 2023, the price war in the automobile market will become fierce, and the market competition will enter the stage of "elimination", and 3-5 first-class head enterprises will be formed in the future. In 2022, the top five brands in the new energy vehicle market accounted for 50.1% of the market sales, and it is estimated that the top five brands will account for 80% of the sales in 2030.

  Previously, Lei Jun also said: "When the electric vehicle industry enters a mature stage, the top five brands in the world will occupy more than 80% of the market share. In other words, the only way to succeed is to become one of the top five, and the annual shipment exceeds 10 million vehicles. Competition will be cruel. "

  In addition to the new forces of building cars, traditional car companies have also transformed into new energy tracks, and they have competitive advantages in terms of financial strength and experience in building cars, which has provided some pressure for the new forces of building cars.

  The research report pointed out that the smart electric vehicle industry is fiercely competitive, and the product strength of independent brands and new forces is rapidly improving. In the next few years, cost-effective models are expected to accelerate their listing. Factors such as price competition may also cause the risk that new car sales are less than expected.

  It is believed that the advantages of supply chain, software, users, ecology and channels will help Xiaomi to occupy a place in the smart car market, and it is expected to achieve the goal of selling 100,000 vehicles a year and turning its gross profit into a positive one faster than other new car-making forces, thus opening up an additional valuation space of the order of 100 billion. However, if Xiaomi wants to make a car successful, it will face high R&D expenditure in the early stage, subsequent sales increase and gross profit.When to quickly return to a healthy level and other challenges.

  Exploring Xiaomi automobile production base: small batch trial production has been realized, and 900,000 vehicles will be sold in three years.

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