Big soda, drink big kiln – this summer’s most popular big kiln drink investment is in progress…

The beginning of summer in 2022 is approaching, and the temperature continues to rise. This is the golden stage for beverage sales, and it is also an important time for dealers to choose products and brands. For dealers, the correct choice determines the annual income. Therefore, when the peak season "soda war" is about to start, which brand to choose has become the top priority.

But it is undeniable that no matter how the market changes, following the popular brands will definitely not suffer. Nowadays, the "big soda" category is very popular in the market. As the pioneer of the "big soda" category, Dayao Beverage has extremely high brand influence, good market performance, and signed the screen hero Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson in early 2022, with broad prospects. Therefore, whether it is looking at the intensive farming ability and track position, or looking at the company’s planning and competitiveness from a distance, Dayao Beverage is the best choice for major distributors.

Eight core production bases ensure product quality and high profits for distributors

With the expansion of the market territory, Dayao is also investing heavily in building its own production base and gradually realizing a wider production and logistics layout. At present, it has 8 core modern production bases in the four major regions of Northwest, North China, Northeast and East China. The core origin layout can not only ensure product quality, but also achieve low transportation costs, sufficient and timely supply, minimize costs, and then release huge profit margins to dealers.

Big Kiln Beverage Inner Mongolia Shalqin Factory Renderings

The "Big Soda" track is hot, and Dayao drinks have become the category benchmark

As a leader in the domestic "big soda" category, in October 2021, Dayao Beverages joined hands with "Hua and Hua" to create the brand super discourse of "big soda, drink big kiln", and took "big soda" as the brand strategic positioning, continued to take "big soda and aerated beverages" as the core characteristics, and played the marginal effect of the brand.

In addition to strengthening its unique advantages in "big soda", Big Kiln Beverage has also created a category benchmark for large glass bottles of soda, attracting brands to imitate. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative output of carbonated beverages (soda) in China reached 19.964 million tons from January to October 2021, an increase of 20.8% year-on-year. From the perspective of explosive categories, its core mainstream products are large-size soda with more than 500 ml. It can be seen from the "Domestic Soda Evaluation" activity initiated by "Food Industry Headlines" that 8 of the 21 soda brands participating in the evaluation have launched large-size soda products, winning with large capacity, accounting for one-third. It can be seen that "big soda" has become a trend.

all-roundMarketingHelp dealers win the end point

In today’s increasingly fierce competition, the success of an enterprise is definitely the success of its organizational system. Dayao Beverage has been deeply involved in the industry for decades, and its popular taste, personalized product image, extensive catering distribution channels and good agency services have always been the objects of competition among major distributors. However, for the existing market achievements, Dayao Beverage does not stop there, but continues to make efforts in brand marketing methods.

In January 2022, Dayao signed a powerful movie star Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson, and the whole network was boiling for a while. Wu Jing’s "positive energy representative" attribute was quickly grafted onto the Dayao brand, solidifying the national temperament of Dayao and enhancing the comprehensive potential of the brand. And its endorsement advertisements will also be simultaneously landed on CCTV, Moments and all media platforms such as major market business circles, elevators, and transportation across the country during the peak sales season, dedicated to participating in every scene of consumer life and work, and rooting the brand concept in the hearts of every audience.

In the national sales end point, the end point lighting project of the big kiln this year has been fully blossomed, and large-scale implantation of the big kiln brand super sign "color bar lace", brand slogan "big soda, drink big kiln", brand spokesperson Wu Jing image, and catering end point sales slogan "don’t drink, drink big kiln", so that big kiln drinks are everywhere and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Big Kiln Beverages continues to innovate and enrich product categories, helping distributors capture the peak season market

In order to inherit the classics, new changes are required. In the context of consumption upgrades, the category of the beverage industry is constantly differentiated and reconstructed, and the products are rapidly iterated and upgraded. On the basis of the original star single products, Dayao Guests and Dayao Chengnuo, Dayao Beverages has successively launched more flavors and specifications of carbonated beverages, such as 520ml glass bottles, Dayao Liai, 275ml small kiln fruit steam, 1.314L Dayao Guests, Dayao Yinnuo, Dayao Lixiang, and many independent innovation products such as innovative carbonated products based on zero sugar series, successfully built a diversified product matrix, helping distributors seize the beverage peak season market. Nowadays, Dayao Beverage has fully deployed innovative product lines such as carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, vegetable protein drinks, and 0 sugar. It is believed that Dayao Beverage will bring greater surprises to the industry and greater dividends to distributors in 2022.

After years of development, Dayao Beverage has achieved great success. At present, the products have covered nearly one million end point outlets in 35 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and are exported to Mongolia. The market share is high and the customer source is stable. I believe that more partners will join Dayao in the future and create the era of domestic soda together.

For distributors who really want to join, Dayao will adopt a "four-dimensional evaluation system", that is, four dimensions of ability base, soft factors, industry status, and cooperation willingness to comprehensively select them. For distributors who have reached a cooperation, Dayao will carry out 1v1 face-to-face auxiliary management, send city managers and regional managers to the regional market, and effectively analyze and solve the actual problems encountered in market expansion such as channel development, market distribution, and product sales.

At this stage, Dayao Beverages is attracting investment. Interested beverage dealers can contact them through the official website of Dayao for details.

Andy Lau responds for the first time to rumors of marriage within 100 days (photo)

  Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at the airport yesterday, their fingers clasped together, as if they intended to give Zhu credit. In response to rumors of a wedding date, Andy Lau denied getting married within 100 days.

  After being photographed worshiping in front of his father-in-law’s grave, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at Kuala Lumpur International Airport yesterday, and the truth of their relationship was finally revealed.

  There were media rumors that the two would get married within 100 days, and Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau responded for the first time, denying the rumors.

  Kuala Lumpur International Airport

  Fingers clasped, not a word

  According to media reports, yesterday evening about 5 o’clock, Andy Lau wearing a mask appeared at the airport, waiting for the airport for a long time of the media, did not expect Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian left Malaysia together.

  The two of them clasped their fingers tightly, but seeing the presence of many reporters, their assistants stood between them.

  A reporter asked Andy Lau: "The news has been exposed, will you give Zhu Liqian a name?" Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian turned a deaf ear and quickly walked into the special VIP room.

  Reporters chased after him, and the whole journey did not exceed 3 minutes. Then the two took flight MH0074 to Hong Kong at 18:45 that day.

  Lau Dehua, who was under pressure from public opinion, was rumored to officially marry Zhu Liqian within 100 days according to Malaysian customs. This time, he publicly held hands and took the opportunity to give Zhu Liqian, who had been an invisible person for many years, a name.

  Hong Kong Airport

  Side by side, open your mouth for the first time

  Last night at 10:30, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at the Hong Kong airport under the security guard.

  A Hong Kong media reporter, Dong, told reporters about the situation at the airport last night this morning.

  A Dong told reporters that after hearing the news of Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian returning to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong media almost rushed out and arrived at the airport an hour or two early. About 100 reporters were guarding the airport, waiting for the two to appear, as well as fans to support them. At 10:30 pm, the two appeared, which made the media present very excited.

  The two chose the gate closest to the parking lot to get out. Security guards appeared first to clear the way for them. Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian walked out side by side, and more than 100 reporters rushed in.

  During this period, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian did not leave each other. The reporter and fans chased all the way, and some people fell to the ground during the chase. Another reporter bumped into a passenger and pushed the other’s luggage down. Andy Lau, who had been silent, accused the reporter and helped the passenger push the luggage back, saying "I’m sorry".

  A Dong said that during the chaos, reporters asked whether to get married within 100 days. Andy Lau broke the silence for the first time and responded: "No, no more explanation, give me time to take her (referring to Zhu Liqian) home to rest."

  When Andy Lau was asked again whether he would disclose the identity of Mrs. Liu and his son and daughter, Andy Lau stopped talking. Then he boarded the nanny car and left.

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New regulations in November: online car-hailing is included in supervision, and responsibilities for medical quality management are clarified

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 29, issue:In November, a batch of new regulations were opened, and online car-hailing was included in the supervision

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Yang

  Our country’s first online car-hailing management measures are implemented, and the "threshold" for online car-hailing drivers and platforms to enter is strictly controlled; the new regulations of the National Health and Family Planning Commission require the improvement of medical safety management and the clarification of medical quality management responsibilities; the fares of short-distance routes below 800 kilometers are self-determined, and passenger travel is expected to usher in more "special tickets"… This November, a batch of new regulations on people’s livelihood that will be implemented will improve the law and make life more secure.

  Have a record of violent crime, etc., and are not allowed to drive online car-hailing

  Since November 1st, the "Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Business Services", which has attracted much attention, has been officially implemented, which means that the emerging mode of travel of "online car-hailing" has since entered the track of rule of law.

  According to the measures, online car-hailing drivers should obtain a motor vehicle driver’s license for the corresponding type of vehicle and have more than 3 years of driving experience, no traffic accident crime, dangerous driving crime record, no drug abuse record, no driving record after drinking alcohol and violent crime record, and no 12-point record has been recorded in the last 3 consecutive scoring cycles.

  The measures make it clear that online ride-hailing platform companies shall record the information content, user registration information, identity authentication information, order logs, Internet logs, online transaction logs, driving track logs and other data released by drivers and ride-hailing people on their service platforms and back them up, and inform the purpose, method and scope of the collection and use of personal information such as drivers, ride-hailing people and passengers in a significant manner through their service platforms. Without the express consent of the information subject, online ride-hailing platform companies shall not use this personal information for other business purposes.

  The relevant departments should establish the credit records of online car-hailing platform companies and drivers, and include them in the national credit information sharing platform; taxi industry associations should establish a list of online car-hailing platform companies and drivers with bad records to strengthen industry self-discipline.

  The main body of responsibility for medical quality management is further clarified

  The "Medical Quality Management Measures" issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission came into effect on November 1. The measures require the establishment of a medical safety and risk management system for medical institutions, further standardize medical service behavior, and ensure medical quality and medical safety.

  The main person in charge of the medical institution is the first responsible person for the medical quality management of the institution; the main person in charge of the clinical department and the pharmacy, nursing, medical technology and other departments is the first responsible person for the medical quality management of the department.

  A medical institution shall establish a special department for medical quality management to be responsible for the medical quality management of the institution. Hospitals above the second level, maternal and child health hospitals, and specialized disease prevention and control institutions shall establish a medical quality management committee to be responsible for organizing the monitoring, early warning, analysis, assessment, evaluation and feedback of the medical quality of the institution, and regularly publishing the quality management information of the institution.

  Medical institutions should establish a medical safety and risk management system, improve medical safety management related work systems, emergency plans and work processes, strengthen safety and risk management in key departments and key links of medical quality, and implement patient safety goals. At the same time, medical liability insurance, medical accident insurance and other risk sharing forms should be used to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients; formulate plans to prevent and handle medical disputes, prevent and reduce the occurrence of medical disputes; improve complaint management, and resolve and properly handle medical disputes in a timely manner.

  Self-determined fares for routes under 800 kilometers

  The "Notice on Deepening the Reform of Domestic Air Passenger Transport Fares" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the National Development and Reform Commission came into effect on November 1. The notice stipulates that fares for routes below 800 kilometers and some routes above 800 kilometers will be determined by airlines according to law, which means that more and more "special tickets" will be welcomed by the majority of passengers.

  The notice stipulates that airlines shall formulate and adjust the specific fare types, levels and applicable conditions of market-adjusted price routes and announce them to the public at least 7 days in advance. On the basis of the full fare, the cumulative fare increase of each airline’s routes shall not exceed 10%, and the fare increase of each season shall not exceed 10 routes.

  The notice also requires that airlines and sales agents shall strictly implement the clearly marked price regulations, and in addition to indicating the actual fare of each route, they shall also indicate the service content and charging standards corresponding to the fees charged in addition to the fare change fee, refund fee, excess baggage fee, etc., and shall not charge any unmarked fees in addition to the marked price.

  Unified management of basic scientific research business expenses in central universities Special funds

  The "Measures for the Administration of Basic Scientific Research Business Fees in Central Colleges and Universities", which came into effect on November 1, requires that the use and management of basic scientific research business fees in central colleges and universities be included in the unified financial management of central colleges and universities, and the special funds are dedicated.

  The measures stipulate that the basic scientific research business expenses shall not be spent on the salaries, bonuses, subsidies and welfare expenses of personnel with salary income; shall not purchase large-scale instruments and equipment of more than 400,000 yuan; shall not share the cost of public management and operation of the school; shall not be used as supporting funds for other projects; shall not be used for repayment of loans, payment of fines, donations, sponsorship, investment and other expenditures; nor shall it be used for other expenditures that shall not be paid in accordance with state regulations.

  The measures emphasize that the use of basic scientific research expenses in central universities includes: focusing on supporting young teachers under the age of 40 to enhance their basic scientific research capabilities; supporting outstanding students in school to enhance their scientific research and innovation capabilities; supporting the construction of outstanding innovation teams; conducting multi-disciplinary basic, supportive and strategic research; and strengthening the basic work of science and technology.

  Central universities shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the national scientific research credit system, establish a scientific research credit system for basic scientific research business expenses, and incorporate them into the national scientific research credit system in accordance with the unified requirements of the state.

  Companies that issue false motor vehicle sales invoices will be included in the "blacklist"

  In response to the problem that some people cannot instantly check the authenticity of motor vehicle sales invoices in different places, and falsely issue false motor vehicle sales invoices across provinces, the State Administration of Taxation has decided to implement the list publicity system of motor vehicle enterprises that issue unified motor vehicle sales invoices in violation of regulations from November 1, and enterprises that falsely issue motor vehicle sales invoices will be included in the "blacklist".

  According to the "Announcement on the Implementation of the Publicity System for the List of Motor Vehicle Enterprises that Illegally Issue Unified Invoices for Motor Vehicle Sales", if a motor vehicle enterprise issues invoices more than twice based on the actual sales of motor vehicles, or sells the same motor vehicle while issuing a unified motor vehicle sales invoice at an illegal low price, and then issues other VAT invoices resulting in less than 2 times of vehicle purchase tax, or illegally issuing invoices resulting in less than 2 times of vehicle purchase tax, it will be included in the "blacklist".

  Tax authorities will list enterprises on the "blacklist" as key monitoring objects, organize tax special project inspections in a timely manner, and strictly verify the various materials submitted by them; the supply of unified invoices for motor vehicle sales will also be inspected for old and new, and they will be strictly limited.

Auto Industry Development Pioneer, SAIC Volkswagen Helps China’s Dream of Automobile Power

  International online car channel news: Looking back on the past hundred years, the key words that have always been implemented are not afraid of difficulties and risks, and hard work. As one of the pillars of the national economy, the automobile industry has experienced unremitting struggle from scratch to strength.

  Chinese employees pose with German experts in front of a white Santana that has just rolled off the assembly line on April 11, 1983, in a workshop at the Shanghai Automobile Factory. Everyone’s faces are brimming with excitement. Without flowers and wine, this simple rolling-off ceremony marked the beginning of a new era for Chinese cars.

[Automotive Channel News + News List] The vanguard of the development of the automobile industry, SAIC Volkswagen helps China's automobile power dream _fororder_image001

On April 11, 1983, the first Santana rolled off the assembly line

  If Columbus’s voyage opened up the New World, then SAIC Volkswagen, the first batch of automobile companies to enter the Chinese automobile joint venture catalog, connected the world of automobiles. Since its establishment in the 1980s, SAIC Volkswagen has grown and developed together with China’s opening up process, led pioneering innovation, and continued to promote the transformation of the domestic automobile industry.

[Automotive Channel News + News List] The vanguard of the development of the automobile industry, SAIC Volkswagen helps China's automobile power dream _fororder_image002

SAIC Volkswagen

  Joint venture, a pioneer in the development of the automotive industry

  In the 1970s, China’s car industry was still in a state of small scale and low degree of mechanization. As China gradually opened up to the world and embraced the desire to develop an automobile power, China and other countries began to negotiate the establishment of joint ventures for cars. In 1978, the prelude to the automobile joint venture was officially opened. In October of the same year, a Chinese machinery delegation visited Europe and began to discuss the joint venture construction of car enterprises with Schmidt, then chairperson of Volkswagen Group, which opened the prelude to Sino-German cooperation.

  As the first person to eat crabs, it is natural to accept more challenges. To this end, the state has absorbed the opinions of Chinese and German negotiators. The negotiation of this joint venture project of SAIC Volkswagen has provided valuable examples and experience for the follow-up joint venture work not only in automobiles, but also in other industries in our country, and has become a pioneer of pioneering and innovation. After six years of long negotiations, Volkswagen Group and SAIC Group signed a joint venture contract in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in October 1984, and SAIC Volkswagen was officially established. As a bridge between China and Germany and the vanguard of the domestic automobile industry, SAIC Volkswagen introduced advanced manufacturing technology and a sound quality management system into China, and a new pattern of using foreign capital, introducing technology and accelerating development in China’s automobile industry began.

[Automotive Channel News + News List] The vanguard of the development of the automobile industry, SAIC Volkswagen helps China's automobile power dream _fororder_image003

On October 12, 1984, the groundbreaking ceremony of Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd

  "Whirlwind" Santana, a model of car localization

  After China and Germany started to cooperate, they first needed to determine which product to introduce. At that time, the German side recommended the "Audi 80" or "Santana" models. After research by the Chinese side, the new model Santana with the latest materials, technology and craftsmanship at that time was favored. Santana was the latest product of German Volkswagen at that time. It had a simple and generous appearance, spacious space, outstanding safety and economy, and was suitable for use as domestic official vehicles and commercial vehicles.

[Automotive Channel News + News List] The vanguard of the development of the automobile industry, SAIC Volkswagen helps China's automobile power dream _fororder_image004

Santana Pipeline

  Quality Standards for localization caused controversy at the time. According to the contract, localized Santana parts had to be sent to Germany for technical certification by Volkswagen. Due to the fact that the production conditions and technical level of the domestic automobile manufacturing industry were still in their infancy at that time, production defects were inevitable, which was not allowed in the eyes of strict German experts.

  In 1988, the quality standard for the localization of Santana was officially concluded: "The localization of Santana cannot be’melons and vegetables’, and the localized parts must adhere to the German Volkswagen standard, 100% qualified, and 0.1% reduction is not required." The phrase "no melons and vegetables" has been widely praised, and SAIC Volkswagen has also adhered to high standards.

  Adhere to quality first and form an auto parts industry chain

  In order to overcome the problem of "improving the localization rate of Santana", SAIC Volkswagen, with the help of governments at all levels, started a series of key innovation work again. At that time, the situation of Chinese auto parts enterprises was a lack of technology and money. To improve the localization rate, it was necessary to carry out technological transformation of auto parts enterprises. Large transformation costs were the main obstacle to improving the localization rate at that time.

  In 1988, the "localization fund" was officially established, which fundamentally solved the problem of funding for the introduction of technology and equipment by parts and components enterprises. Also in 1988, 105 parts and components supporting enterprises, 6 universities, and 7 scientific research institutes jointly established the "Santana Community". The localization of Santana is no longer a matter of one enterprise, but a problem of the entire city, and even China’s automobile industry. With policy support and financial support, a large number of parts and components enterprises began to reinvent themselves and grow. Even later, as long as the quality standard has been approved by SAIC Volkswagen, other manufacturers will directly purchase it and become "inspection-free products".

  Within the company, SAIC Volkswagen hired more than 20 retired engineers from Germany’s Volkswagen to train and guide the production of parts, strictly in accordance with the German "six gates", namely the entry gate, the first sample pass, the tooling sample pass, the quality assurance system evaluation pass, the batch supply pass and the official supply pass, to achieve 100% qualified localization of parts. At the same time, if the domestic local parts factory wants to become a supplier of SAIC Volkswagen, it must be re-transformed according to German standards, and the parts can only pass the inspection after being tested by German standards. In this process, SAIC Volkswagen worked with Germany to gradually establish a complete industrial chain including Product Research & Development, parts supply system, modern vehicle production system, and fully functional sales and after-sales services system. This modern automotive industry system was first put into practice in China through SAIC Volkswagen. In terms of parts system, the Chinese and German partners mobilized more than 300 parts manufacturers of the Volkswagen Group around the world to encourage and support these manufacturers to transfer technology to China, establish joint ventures, and realize local production. Ultimately, the Sino-German partners jointly established more than 400 high-quality parts enterprises, which became the core of China’s auto parts system and laid the foundation for the development of the domestic auto industry.

[Automotive Channel News + News List] The vanguard of the development of the automobile industry, SAIC Volkswagen helps China's automobile power dream _fororder_image005

January 28, 1992 Celebration of the cumulative production of 100,000 Santana sedans

  Through the joint efforts of all members, in the early 1990s, the localization rate of Santana finally reached 90%, and the annual output exceeded 3,500 vehicles. Overcoming language barriers and technical gaps, the integration of localization technology and German standards has introduced a manufacturing process that is synchronized with the world for the domestic automobile industry, and also brought quality cars that are in line with international standards to domestic consumers.

  The development of SAIC Volkswagen is like the epitome of China’s opening up, and every pioneering and innovation has become a driving force. Looking forward in 2021, every person and story involved has become a symbol, recording the original bravery and creativity of Chinese cars and Chinese builders. (Image source: SAIC Volkswagen)




China Telecom CTyunOS scale deployment, together with openEuler to build Tianyi Cloud digital base

The Euler Developer Conference 2022 has officially ended on April 15. This conference is a developer conference held by the openEuler community of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, and it is also the first conference initiated by the community after Euler’s donation. With the theme of "Creating the Future Together, Euler is More Wonderful", the conference will jointly discuss the exploration and innovation of open-source operating system technology and build a highly innovative open-source operating system community.

Guang Xiaoming, deputy general manager and chief technology officer of China Telecom Tianyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., attended the conference and gave a keynote speech on "Join hands with openEuler to build a digital base for Tianyi Cloud". He said that since China Telecom released CTyunOS, a self-developed operating system based on openEuler, in 2021, more than 10,000 sets have been launched across the country, covering a variety of business scenarios, including public cloud, private cloud, IT cloud, and one city and one pool. The business operation is stable and reliable. In the future, the deployment scale will be further expanded, and the local characteristic business will continue to be served, serving thousands of industries.

In 2020, China Telecom put forward the "Cloud Change Digital Transfer" strategy. In order to implement this strategy, China Telecom has continuously carried out basic software innovation in recent years. As the most important basic software, the operating system must first achieve independent innovation. In November last year, at the operating system summit hosted by the Euler Community, Liu Guiqing, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group, released the self-developed operating system CTyunOS, which is a server operating system based on the Euler open-source community version. The operating system has been deeply optimized for cloud computing scenarios and is committed to creating a completely independent innovation operating system to serve China Telecom’s "Cloud Change Digital Transfer" strategy. At present, China Telecom is the first company in the industry to choose the Euler technology route for all its business.

In terms of cooperation with the openEuler community, Guang Xiaoming said that CTyunOS keeps up with the rhythm of the community version, releases an official version every 6 months, and continues to contribute to the openEuler open source community. Currently, it has participated in more than 5 SIG working groups, submitted more than 200 PRs, and actively participated in community-related activities. In terms of joint innovation, starting from the business needs of Tianyi Cloud, it has carried out in-depth research and development in several aspects such as kernel, user hot patch, and cloud base, and achieved good results.

China Telecom continues to cooperate with the openEuler community to jointly innovate key technologies.In response to how to expand and reduce costs in virtualization scenarios, Tianyi Cloud and the openEuler open-source team have jointly innovated to improve the performance of redis scenarios by about 30%, reduce memory costs by about 35%, and greatly improve the cost performance of memory usage. The Qemu hot patch function based on Libcareplus tools has been developed, which has transformed the host batch serial upgrade into parallel synchronous upgrade, and supports the current network patch implementation cycle from months to weeks, greatly shortening the patch implementation cycle.

To build an open-source ecosystem, China Telecom continues to contribute to the openEuler open-source community.Since joining the Euler open-source community, China Telecom has been participating in the work of the OpenStack SIG, participating in the software migration of the OpenStack Q version throughout the process, and testing and verifying the functions and compatibility. After the release of openEuler 21.03, China Telecom cooperated with the Kernel SIG to explore the usage scenarios of memory tiered extension (EtMem). China Telecom contributed its experience in system resource stress detection to the community and submitted PSI tools to the community.

In the future, China Telecom Tianyi Cloud will continue to cooperate with the Euler open-source community to carry out more joint innovations, and in terms of improving the resource utilization efficiency of cloud hosts, carry out high-low-priority mixing of virtual machines and online-offline mixing of containers; in terms of trusted cloud hosts, carry out confidential computing innovation; in terms of DPU offloading, carry out distributed storage offloading and container network offloading innovation; in terms of cloud native full stack, carry out collaborative innovation of secure containers and KubeEdge edge clouds; through technological innovation, build a solid digital base for Tianyi Cloud, build a trusted Tianyi Cloud, and serve the "cloud change number" strategy.