Big soda, drink big kiln – this summer’s most popular big kiln drink investment is in progress…

The beginning of summer in 2022 is approaching, and the temperature continues to rise. This is the golden stage for beverage sales, and it is also an important time for dealers to choose products and brands. For dealers, the correct choice determines the annual income. Therefore, when the peak season "soda war" is about to start, which brand to choose has become the top priority.

But it is undeniable that no matter how the market changes, following the popular brands will definitely not suffer. Nowadays, the "big soda" category is very popular in the market. As the pioneer of the "big soda" category, Dayao Beverage has extremely high brand influence, good market performance, and signed the screen hero Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson in early 2022, with broad prospects. Therefore, whether it is looking at the intensive farming ability and track position, or looking at the company’s planning and competitiveness from a distance, Dayao Beverage is the best choice for major distributors.

Eight core production bases ensure product quality and high profits for distributors

With the expansion of the market territory, Dayao is also investing heavily in building its own production base and gradually realizing a wider production and logistics layout. At present, it has 8 core modern production bases in the four major regions of Northwest, North China, Northeast and East China. The core origin layout can not only ensure product quality, but also achieve low transportation costs, sufficient and timely supply, minimize costs, and then release huge profit margins to dealers.

Big Kiln Beverage Inner Mongolia Shalqin Factory Renderings

The "Big Soda" track is hot, and Dayao drinks have become the category benchmark

As a leader in the domestic "big soda" category, in October 2021, Dayao Beverages joined hands with "Hua and Hua" to create the brand super discourse of "big soda, drink big kiln", and took "big soda" as the brand strategic positioning, continued to take "big soda and aerated beverages" as the core characteristics, and played the marginal effect of the brand.

In addition to strengthening its unique advantages in "big soda", Big Kiln Beverage has also created a category benchmark for large glass bottles of soda, attracting brands to imitate. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative output of carbonated beverages (soda) in China reached 19.964 million tons from January to October 2021, an increase of 20.8% year-on-year. From the perspective of explosive categories, its core mainstream products are large-size soda with more than 500 ml. It can be seen from the "Domestic Soda Evaluation" activity initiated by "Food Industry Headlines" that 8 of the 21 soda brands participating in the evaluation have launched large-size soda products, winning with large capacity, accounting for one-third. It can be seen that "big soda" has become a trend.

all-roundMarketingHelp dealers win the end point

In today’s increasingly fierce competition, the success of an enterprise is definitely the success of its organizational system. Dayao Beverage has been deeply involved in the industry for decades, and its popular taste, personalized product image, extensive catering distribution channels and good agency services have always been the objects of competition among major distributors. However, for the existing market achievements, Dayao Beverage does not stop there, but continues to make efforts in brand marketing methods.

In January 2022, Dayao signed a powerful movie star Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson, and the whole network was boiling for a while. Wu Jing’s "positive energy representative" attribute was quickly grafted onto the Dayao brand, solidifying the national temperament of Dayao and enhancing the comprehensive potential of the brand. And its endorsement advertisements will also be simultaneously landed on CCTV, Moments and all media platforms such as major market business circles, elevators, and transportation across the country during the peak sales season, dedicated to participating in every scene of consumer life and work, and rooting the brand concept in the hearts of every audience.

In the national sales end point, the end point lighting project of the big kiln this year has been fully blossomed, and large-scale implantation of the big kiln brand super sign "color bar lace", brand slogan "big soda, drink big kiln", brand spokesperson Wu Jing image, and catering end point sales slogan "don’t drink, drink big kiln", so that big kiln drinks are everywhere and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Big Kiln Beverages continues to innovate and enrich product categories, helping distributors capture the peak season market

In order to inherit the classics, new changes are required. In the context of consumption upgrades, the category of the beverage industry is constantly differentiated and reconstructed, and the products are rapidly iterated and upgraded. On the basis of the original star single products, Dayao Guests and Dayao Chengnuo, Dayao Beverages has successively launched more flavors and specifications of carbonated beverages, such as 520ml glass bottles, Dayao Liai, 275ml small kiln fruit steam, 1.314L Dayao Guests, Dayao Yinnuo, Dayao Lixiang, and many independent innovation products such as innovative carbonated products based on zero sugar series, successfully built a diversified product matrix, helping distributors seize the beverage peak season market. Nowadays, Dayao Beverage has fully deployed innovative product lines such as carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, vegetable protein drinks, and 0 sugar. It is believed that Dayao Beverage will bring greater surprises to the industry and greater dividends to distributors in 2022.

After years of development, Dayao Beverage has achieved great success. At present, the products have covered nearly one million end point outlets in 35 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and are exported to Mongolia. The market share is high and the customer source is stable. I believe that more partners will join Dayao in the future and create the era of domestic soda together.

For distributors who really want to join, Dayao will adopt a "four-dimensional evaluation system", that is, four dimensions of ability base, soft factors, industry status, and cooperation willingness to comprehensively select them. For distributors who have reached a cooperation, Dayao will carry out 1v1 face-to-face auxiliary management, send city managers and regional managers to the regional market, and effectively analyze and solve the actual problems encountered in market expansion such as channel development, market distribution, and product sales.

At this stage, Dayao Beverages is attracting investment. Interested beverage dealers can contact them through the official website of Dayao for details.