Andy Lau responds for the first time to rumors of marriage within 100 days (photo)

  Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at the airport yesterday, their fingers clasped together, as if they intended to give Zhu credit. In response to rumors of a wedding date, Andy Lau denied getting married within 100 days.

  After being photographed worshiping in front of his father-in-law’s grave, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at Kuala Lumpur International Airport yesterday, and the truth of their relationship was finally revealed.

  There were media rumors that the two would get married within 100 days, and Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau responded for the first time, denying the rumors.

  Kuala Lumpur International Airport

  Fingers clasped, not a word

  According to media reports, yesterday evening about 5 o’clock, Andy Lau wearing a mask appeared at the airport, waiting for the airport for a long time of the media, did not expect Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian left Malaysia together.

  The two of them clasped their fingers tightly, but seeing the presence of many reporters, their assistants stood between them.

  A reporter asked Andy Lau: "The news has been exposed, will you give Zhu Liqian a name?" Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian turned a deaf ear and quickly walked into the special VIP room.

  Reporters chased after him, and the whole journey did not exceed 3 minutes. Then the two took flight MH0074 to Hong Kong at 18:45 that day.

  Lau Dehua, who was under pressure from public opinion, was rumored to officially marry Zhu Liqian within 100 days according to Malaysian customs. This time, he publicly held hands and took the opportunity to give Zhu Liqian, who had been an invisible person for many years, a name.

  Hong Kong Airport

  Side by side, open your mouth for the first time

  Last night at 10:30, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at the Hong Kong airport under the security guard.

  A Hong Kong media reporter, Dong, told reporters about the situation at the airport last night this morning.

  A Dong told reporters that after hearing the news of Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian returning to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong media almost rushed out and arrived at the airport an hour or two early. About 100 reporters were guarding the airport, waiting for the two to appear, as well as fans to support them. At 10:30 pm, the two appeared, which made the media present very excited.

  The two chose the gate closest to the parking lot to get out. Security guards appeared first to clear the way for them. Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian walked out side by side, and more than 100 reporters rushed in.

  During this period, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian did not leave each other. The reporter and fans chased all the way, and some people fell to the ground during the chase. Another reporter bumped into a passenger and pushed the other’s luggage down. Andy Lau, who had been silent, accused the reporter and helped the passenger push the luggage back, saying "I’m sorry".

  A Dong said that during the chaos, reporters asked whether to get married within 100 days. Andy Lau broke the silence for the first time and responded: "No, no more explanation, give me time to take her (referring to Zhu Liqian) home to rest."

  When Andy Lau was asked again whether he would disclose the identity of Mrs. Liu and his son and daughter, Andy Lau stopped talking. Then he boarded the nanny car and left.

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