37,000 the order volume of Hengchi 5? "Beautiful, so beautiful"!

Hengchi Automobile officially announced the order of Hengchi 5 at the "First 720 Hengchi Festival". As of 18:23 on July 20, the order of Hengchi 5 had reached 37,180 units. It simply confirmed the words of Boss Xu: "Beautiful, so beautiful"!

Hengchi New Energy Vehicle Group President Liu Yongzhuo said in an interview recently that since the pre-sale conference on July 6, the market response of this car has exceeded expectations, and confidently believes that: Hengchi 5 big sale has become a foregone conclusion! On July 6, the day of the announcement of the pre-sale price of 179,000 yuan, the conference introduced various rich configurations including three screens, etc., and the host called Hengchi 5 the best pure electric SUV within 300,000 yuan.

In addition, Hengda mobilized almost all the available forces and allocated them to major regions and subdivided them into each project. The specific sales assessment indicators will be determined according to the number of community owners. Even grass-roots employees have 2 indicators per person, and deputy managers have 4 indicators above; in addition to employees, the community housekeeper of the property also assists the owner to complete the task of downloading and registering the Hengchi APP. Xu Jiayin personally supervised the formation to ensure that Hengchi 5 could open the market in the early stage.

Hengchi 5 is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV. The new car CLTC has a comprehensive cruising range of 602km. The car can be returned and refunded within 15 days after pickup, and the 60% discount will be repurchased within three years after pickup. The deposit for the first 10,000 cars is 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. What kind of clues are there behind such a beautiful operation?

First of all, the car purchase payment is paid to the special account supervision of Tianjin Jinbin Notary Office. This is the first time I have seen it in the automotive field. Of course, everyone knows the problem of Evergrande’s capital chain. If a large amount of money is injected into the corporate account, it is likely to be wasted.

In addition, Hengchi had previously found agencies or industry media to place a large number of advertisements, but many of the settlement fees had not yet been received. When he went to Hengchi Automobile’s public relations, he found that people had already left the tea cold. Unless they went to Guangzhou to file a lawsuit, the media would have to suffer a loss.

The most important thing for Hengchi at the moment is to build the car. After all, everyone has long learned about Hengda’s credit. From the number of days to the delay in delivery, the masses really don’t want to listen to fake news anymore. If the car can be delivered smoothly, it is indeed a good development for Hengchi. Unlike buying a house, if the deposit is paid first, the deposit cannot be returned at most, and the related losses cannot be compared with buying a house. But now, it is not easy for everyone to make money, and if it cannot be delivered in the end, the losses will be not small. At that time, the cost of all aspects required to protect their rights will be enough to drink a pot.

So whether it is beautiful or not, time will give us the answer. Please wait and see.

Ask the new M7 will add a new version: half a year sales nearly 180,000

On April 17th, the new M7 is about to usher in a new action. Recently, MIIT publicized the new version of the new M7 model declaration map. As can be seen from the declaration map, the new version of the model has been optimized and partially configured to meet more user requests.

Since its release in September 2023, with its excellent user experience, Wenjie New M7 has accumulated nearly 180,000 vehicles in more than half a year, becoming a phenomenon-level explosion in recent years, ranking first in the new power of high-end models in the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2024, and second in the whole brand.

At present, the new M7 cash model has launched a limited-time car purchase rights, with a maximum value of 42,000 yuan. The new car purchase rights and the new version of the model will continue to enhance the competitiveness of the new M7 product, consolidate its leading position, and further enhance its market share.

Andy Lau’s Tianjin solo singing shows high technology, taking the lead in feeling the atmosphere of the 08 Olympic Games

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium – Water Drop Night View

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium – Water Drop

  It is reported that there will also be amazing details at Andy Lau’s Tianjin concert on October 18 – the stage effect created by 60 million yuan is like watching a Hollywood blockbuster. At the same time, the reporter also learned that the entire performance of Andy Lau’s Tianjin concert will last more than 3 hours, and all the songs familiar to fans will be received in the concert’s repertoire. At the same time, Andy will also make Tianjin audience feel the strong Olympic atmosphere in the "water drop".

  If you ask the most unusual thing to watch at a concert, it must be the fully transparent stage. The total width of the stage is 93 meters, spanning the entire stadium. A round trip on the stage, Andy has to run about 200 meters, and the huge stage is not worth mentioning in front of the high-tech equipment used to create a sense of science fiction.

  Mr. Song Jiang, the head of the organizer of the Tianjin concert, told reporters that the transparent LED large screen used in China for the first time is the latest invention in the world. It is not only as thin as a cloth, but also can be flipped and moved.

  The concert was a prelude to the outer space image on the screen and then back to China on Earth, sometimes allowing the audience to see Tiananmen Square, and sometimes taking the audience to the moon. Through the screen, you can also see the band behind. What’s even more amazing is the combination of 3D imaging and "trapeze" technology, which is a stage effect created entirely in mid-air with lights and machinery. The coolest part is that Andy turned into an astronaut, and in the "spaceship" constructed by 3D imaging, he slowly soared to a height of more than 10 meters in mid-air and sang, and then turned into a Cowherd and Weaver Girl dancing together. The following climax will surprise everyone: Andy stands in a hanging platform as small as a square brick, pulled by a ropeway, slowly "floating" from the stage to the top of the auditorium, all the way to the heads of the audience in the last row of the infield. You can imagine how "exciting" this is for the fans.

  It is reported that Andy Lau will sing more than 20 classic old songs and nearly 10 new songs at the Tianjin station of the tour. His old songs accounted for a large part of the concerts in the previous few stops. After the concert in Nanjing, he brought his song "EveryoneisNo.1" for the Olympic Games, so that fans can "listen" first. In the final part of the concert, Andy Lau specially designed the Olympic link. At that time, the Olympic songs sung by Andy can let Tianjin fans feel the Olympic atmosphere in the Olympic venue "Water Drop" in advance. (Source: Jinbaow.com – Daily News)

Editor in charge: Zhu Xinrui

Didi responded positively to the "flight attendant hitchhiking" case for the first time: the platform has loopholes

  China Central Broadcasting Network Beijing May 22 news, according to the voice of China "news vertical and horizontal" report, these days, Zhengzhou stewardess Didi Hitch case caused widespread discussion in the community, what are the loopholes in the management of the Didi platform? In the end is it safe to take Didi Hitch? Didi Chuxing company recently responded positively for the first time, chief development officer Li Jianhua admitted that the alleged offender in the case Liu illegally used his father’s account to receive orders and commit crimes, indicating that the platform did have loopholes before.

  Although the Didi Hitch case has passed for many days, the loopholes exposed in the case are still thought-provoking. What is the security situation of the Didi platform, and how should the safety net of Hitch and online car-hailing be woven?

  According to China Central Radio and Television CCTV, Didi Chuxing said that in order to ensure safety, taking the hitch accident as an example, it has set up five gates, including real-name verification registration, virtual middle contact phone number, facial recognition when the first order is placed, itinerary sharing, and one-click alarm. Among them, real-name verification registration is the first hurdle for driver and vehicle identity confirmation. Didi requires hitch drivers to be at least one year old. When registering, drivers must upload their ID cards, driver’s licenses, and driving licenses to the platform for three-certificate verification.

  But the alleged offender, Hitch driver Liu, only got his license at the end of December. According to the situation of the alleged offender Liu, Didi said that he must not pass the review of Didi’s driver qualification. The reason why he passed the review was because his father’s three certificates were uploaded when the account was registered.

  In addition, facial recognition must be carried out before receiving the first order after registration. Is it the father or the son who passes the facial recognition of this first order? Li Jianhua, chief development officer of Didi Chuxing, said that the registered car owner, the father of the alleged offender Liu, is compared through the facial recognition of the first order.

  However, the person who actually took the order and drove it became the son – the alleged offender Liu. "The problem is that we didn’t find that the driver who took the order was either the registered person or his father," said Li Jianhua. "But it’s not particularly clear who picked up each order."

  So, the people and cars in actual operation are not the same as when they were registered. Is it an accident in this case?

  On May 11, the day Didi issued its statement, at around 6 PM, through the Didi platform, a reporter made an appointment for an express train in Beijing, but another car arrived.

  Reporter: Master, is your tail number 98962?

  Driver: Internet Finance Center.

  Journalist: Yes.

  Driver: Get in the car!

  Reporter: But this one is written as 98962.

  Driver: I’ve changed again, tail number M5.

  It is not uncommon to encounter people and cars when ordering a car through the Didi platform. Some cars are not registered cars, and some people are not registered people. Didi driver told reporters: "I can be a car and a person. I just log in with one account, then take the order and pull it."

  Citizen 1: I found out that it was another car, which was different from the phone number and license plate number on the software. I didn’t pay much attention at the time.

  Citizen 2: He will say that I have this limit number, or that I have changed a car, which is easy to prevaricate.

  According to the drivers, no matter which car it is, no matter which person it is, as long as you log in with your registered account, the platform system will automatically assume that it is the registered person and car for dispatch and checkout. If the registration is Zhang San driving but becomes Li Si, can the Didi platform find out in this situation? Li Jianhua, chief development officer of Didi Chuxing, responded: This case shows that the platform has previously had loopholes.

  So, why did all these "barriers" to ensure safety fail in this case? Didi said that the company is now growing rapidly and on a large scale. In 2017, there were about 21 million car owners on the Didi platform. Wang Sixin, deputy director of the Department of Cultural Studies at Communication University of China, pointed out that no matter how large and fast the development scale of the enterprise, the main responsibility of the enterprise should always be put first.

  On May 16, Didi Chuxing announced rectification measures, including: all personalized tags and comment functions in the offline ride-hailing business, drivers must perform facial recognition before each order, and at the same time launch prizes for reporting people and cars that do not match on all major platforms. In addition to Didi’s self-rectification, the next step is to further strengthen supervision for the problems of people and cars that appear on the online ride-hailing platform, which is also the focus of the competent authorities.

July 8, 2023 National Insurance Public Awareness Day

  After more than a year of suspension of trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, on the evening of July 17, China Evergrande reissued its 2021 annual report, 2022 semi-annual report and 2022 annual report one after another, and the outside world finally got a glimpse of its financial situation. Although the market has long expected Evergrande’s liabilities and losses, when a series of figures really come into view, it is still staggering.

  According to the performance report disclosed by China Evergrande, the company’s net loss in 2021 and 2022 was 686.22 billion yuan and 125.81 billion yuan respectively, and the net loss in two years totaled 812.03 billion yuan. At the same time, China Evergrande has fallen into an insolvent situation. The total value of its assets held at the end of 2021 and 2022 was 2.11 trillion yuan and 1.84 trillion yuan respectively, and the total amount responsible was 2.58 trillion yuan and 2.44 trillion yuan respectively.

  According to Wind data statistics, in all 110 class A share listed housing enterprises, in 2021, 23 housing enterprises with negative net profit suffered a total loss of 118.16 billion yuan; in 2022, 35 class A share listed housing enterprises with negative net profit suffered a total loss of 122.57 billion yuan. Dozens of housing enterprises lost far less than China Evergrande.

  "The company takes stable management and risk management as its top priority, and actively promotes the work of the guaranteed building with the greatest efforts. It has won the understanding and support of various parties, including local governments, upstream and downstream enterprises." China Evergrande said in its financial report that the company achieved full resumption of work on 732 guaranteed building projects in 2022, and a total of 301,000 sets were handed over throughout the year. At the same time, Evergrande Automobile achieved the mass production and delivery of the "Hengchi 5" model.

  Looking to the future, China Evergrande further stated that it will make every effort to ensure the steady and orderly progress of key work such as "Baojiao Building", do a good job in the sustainable operation of new energy vehicles, property services and other sectors, explore the efficient disposal and effective revitalization of the company’s core assets, and steadily promote risk mitigation.

  On the one hand is the beautiful vision described in the financial report, and on the other hand is the huge financial "black hole" in reality. The future direction of China Evergrande is not only related to the interests of thousands of enterprises in its entire ecological chain, but also affects the hearts of all parties. According to recent news from China Evergrande, the company will hold a number of restructuring debt holders’ meetings on July 24-25, and overseas workouts may usher in clear results.

  Debt at the end of 2022 is about 2.44 trillion yuan

  From the perspective of income, in 2021, China Evergrande achieved revenue of 2500.1 billion yuan and gross profit of 18.45 billion yuan. The total net loss for the year was 686.22 billion yuan, of which the operating loss was 113.75 billion yuan, and the losses related to land recovery, impairment losses of financial assets and other non-operating losses were 180.20 billion yuan.

  In 2022, China Evergrande realized revenue of 2300.7 billion yuan and gross profit of 24.99 billion yuan, from negative to positive. The total net loss for the year was 125.81 billion yuan, of which the operating loss was 43.39 billion yuan, and the loss related to land recovery, impairment loss of financial assets and other non-operating losses were 69.37 billion yuan.

  In terms of assets and liabilities, as of the end of 2021, China Evergrande held total assets of 2.1071 trillion yuan, net assets – 473.05 billion yuan; total liabilities were 2.58015 trillion yuan, excluding contract liabilities of 974.35 billion yuan was 1.6058 trillion yuan, of which loans 607.38 billion yuan, trade accounts payable and other payables 893.34 billion yuan (including 585.01 billion yuan payable for engineering materials), other liabilities 105.09 billion yuan.

  As of the end of 2022, China Evergrande held total assets of 1.83834 trillion yuan, net assets – 599.07 billion yuan; total liabilities of 2.43741 trillion yuan, excluding contract liabilities of 721.02 billion yuan is 1.71639 trillion yuan, of which 612.39 billion yuan, trade accounts payable and other payables 1.00226 trillion yuan (including engineering materials payable 596.16 billion yuan), other liabilities 101.74 billion yuan.

  It can be seen that trade payables and other payables account for the majority of China Evergrande’s external liabilities, reflecting China Evergrande’s arrears to upstream and downstream suppliers, contractors and partners during the real estate development process. At the same time, as of the end of 2021 and 2022, China Evergrande’s cash assets were only 5.435 billion yuan and 4.334 billion yuan respectively.

  Overseas workout or welcome new progress

  Regarding the overseas workouts that are concerned by all parties in the market, China Evergrande also mentioned in the performance report.

  "In line with the principle of respecting international restructuring principles, treating the existing rights and demands of all creditors with justice and fairness, the company and its advisory team have continued to conduct in-depth and detailed consultations with overseas creditors, and have carried out multiple rounds of communication on the details of the restructuring plan, and steadily advanced the formulation of the overseas debt restructuring plan." China Evergrande said that with the support of overseas creditors, the company obtained the approval of the Hong Kong High Court to postpone the liquidation petition hearing.

  On the night of the release of the performance report, China Evergrande simultaneously disclosed the latest news of an overseas workout: from July 24 to 25, 2023, multiple hearings will be held in the High Court of Hong Kong, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, and the High Court under the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court to vote on the overseas workout plan disclosed by China Evergrande on March 22 this year. If it fails, Evergrande is likely to face forced liquidation.

  Since March 21, 2022, China Evergrande shares have been officially suspended from trading. At present, China Evergrande shares continue to be suspended. According to the relevant regulations of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange can order listed companies that have been suspended for 18 consecutive months to delist. There are still two months left for China Evergrande.

  Auditors remain "unable to comment"

  It is worth mentioning that in the overseas workout plan in March, the unaudited financial information disclosed at that time showed that as of the end of 2021, China Evergrande’s total liabilities were 1.898 trillion yuan, a gap of nearly 700 billion yuan from the latest 2.58 trillion yuan.

  And even with such a huge financial "black hole", after replacing the original auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers (i.e. PwC), the new auditor, Shanghai PricewaterhouseCoopers, still believes that there are a number of uncertainties in China Evergrande’s continuing operation, and it cannot obtain sufficient audit certificates for the comparison of the opening data. Therefore, it has issued "no opinion" reports on its 2021 and 2022 annual reports.

  "A large and high-quality land bank is a solid foundation for the group to guarantee the property, gradually pay off debts and resume normal operations." Even after handing over the huge loss and unaudited "books", China Evergrande’s statement in the earnings report appeared confident.

  Data show that by the end of 2021, China Evergrande had a land reserve of 260 million square meters and participated in 93 old renovation projects, including 66 in the Greater Bay Area (39 in Shenzhen) and 27 in other cities; by the end of 2022, China Evergrande had a land reserve of 210 million square meters and participated in 79 old renovation projects, including 55 in the Greater Bay Area (34 in Shenzhen) and 24 in other cities.

  Policy development promotes stable and healthy market development

  Yan Yuejin, Chief Research Officer of E-House Research Institute, believes that China Evergrande’s "insolvent" is not only related to its own operational problems, but also to some extent related to the adjustment facing the industry. For the real estate industry, many problems take a long time to effectively resolve.

  In fact, since the fourth quarter of last year, relevant departments have made concerted efforts from both the supply and demand ends to launch various support and relief policies. Many research opinions believe that although the current real estate market recovery is still facing many disturbances and uncertainties, the trend of bottoming is gradually emerging. With the combined efforts of the policies of both the supply and demand ends, it will continue to create favorable conditions for the overall risk resolution of high-quality real estate enterprises and the industry, and will also play a positive role in protecting investor confidence and safeguarding the rights and interests of home buyers.

  Zou Lan, director of the Monetary Policy Department of the People’s Bank of China, said at the press conference of the State Information Office recently that considering that the supply and demand relationship of the real estate market in our country has undergone profound changes, there is marginal optimization space for the policies introduced in the long-term overheating stage of the market in the past, and the financial sector will actively cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen policy research.

The main MV of Hu Ge’s new album was exposed, and the killing and crying scene shocked the set (Photo)

Source: Sina Music

There are also injuries in the MV

Hu Ge is on the set

MV stills

Hu Ge single cover

  Sina Entertainment News, Hu Ge’s personal debut music album "Departure" is about to be officially released next month. The first wave of the title "Go to Love" has recently been broadcast on national radio stations and major websites. Once the song was broadcast, it immediately aroused a strong response, and it aroused a heated discussion in "Pepper" (fans of Hu Ge). Many fans have reported that "Go to Love" is touched once, and some fans even said that they were moved to tears by the song; some fans think that this song makes them see the strong side of Hu Ge, and also feel Hu Ge’s obvious improvement in singing skills. Therefore, after the release of the song, the MV of "Go Love" immediately became the focus of attention, and fans posted online or called the company to inquire about the exposure time of the MV.

  The MV of "Go Love" tells a touching love story: the protagonist played by Hu Ge is a photographer. By chance, he meets a girl who also loves photography. The two quickly fall in love because of their common hobby. However, just as the two are in love, the hero suddenly encounters a car accident. The sudden accident makes the hero suffer a huge blow. In order not to make his beloved sad, and at the same time afraid of seeing the sadness of his lover, the hero decides to leave…

  24 hours of continuous shooting, Hu Ge sleepwalks and never forgets to be handsome

  I personally cook to deduce the sweetness of home, and Hu Ge’s "Eighteen Palms of the Dragon" handles the egg fried rice

  It happened to rain on the day of the MV shooting. Although it was no longer winter, it was still cold at four in the morning when the spring rain was continuous. Hu Ge, who was dressed in a thin spring dress, would inevitably be frozen early in the morning, so he could only grab the hair stylist’s hair dryer to act as a temporary heater during makeup. Because Director Ma Yizhong’s first impression of Hu Ge was "Wow! Super handsome"! Therefore, when shooting the MV, Director Ma took "handsome" as the first criterion for each shot! The pose of taking pictures should be handsome, the posture of playing billiards should be handsome, and the posture of holding a spatula should also be handsome! Fortunately, Hu Ge, who usually loved to play handsome, understood every instruction from Director Ma. Although the filming continued until 4:30 the next morning, for a full 24 hours, making everyone tired to sleepwalking, as long as the director gave a command, Hu Ge could immediately put on the most handsome POSE, which made people marvel at Hu Ge’s super-first-class handsome skills.

  In the MV, in order to show the sweetness of the love period, the director specially arranged a warm home cooking scene, and let "Chef Hu" perform his unique skill – egg fried rice! However, compared to his handsome skills, Hu Ge’s cooking level is really sweaty, and the egg is not professional NG. When the egg is beaten, the egg is not broken but the bowl is turned over NG. In the end, even the director can’t help but doubt: "Do you really know how to beat eggs?!" Fortunately, after a short period of surprise training and "sacrificing" countless eggs, "Chef Hu" finally mastered the essentials. Not only is he proficient in movements, but he can also fly with a spatula and practice "Dragon Suppression Eighteen Palms".

  Hu Ge "changed careers" as a photographer? Baby camera appears

  MV encountered a triangular love?! Hu Ge sighed that he was too handsome "provoking peach blossoms"

  Since Hu Ge played a photographer in the MV, the camera naturally became an indispensable prop. In fact, on weekdays, Hu Ge was a true photography enthusiast. This time, in addition to the more than a dozen cameras specially prepared by the producer for Hu Ge, Hu Ge even brought three of his own precious cameras to appear.

  In the video, the hero and heroine played by Hu Ge perform a tear-jerking love, but the most intimate with Hu Ge on the set is a female British shorthair cat. In the video, the hero and heroine met because they were filming a cat at the same time, but outside the video, Hu Ge and the cat were already "old acquaintances". It turns out that as early as when Hu Ge recorded "Go to Love", the British shorthair had already gone to the studio to "visit the class". During the filming of the MV, due to the large number of staff, the frightened kitten hid in Hu Ge’s arms all the time, and even kept crawling from the hem of the clothes to Hu Ge’s back. The staff on the side were afraid that the super expensive clothes would be damaged by the cat, but Hu Ge, who had always loved cats, smiled happily and kept comforting the timid cat: "She only kisses me now." Hu Ge joked that "she" especially likes to stick to herself during the recording, "It’s too handsome, I can’t help it!"

  The killing and crying scene moved the audience, and the director: "There is no way to call the card, what should I do?"

  The MV of "Go Love" is interspersed by the happiness and sadness of the protagonist, and there is a great contrast in mood. The tight progress requires Hu Ge to complete a series of inner emotional transformations in the shortest possible time. Often a sweet and romantic scene has just ended, followed by a tear-jerking bitter scene. Originally, the director was worried that Hu Ge could not adapt to the fast pace of transformation, but he did not expect Hu Ge’s performance to surprise the director. He completed the emotional adjustment with ease within a minute, which made the director have to sigh: "I really know how to act!" And some expressions and small details that Hu Ge temporarily added often became the finishing touch that everyone agreed on.

  The last scene of the MV is the most important crying scene. Everyone who has been working continuously for 24 hours is tired and excited, and Hu Ge, who continues to "repeat" in the sweet and painful scenes, finally broke out successfully in the final closing scene. After the previous emotional brewing, after the director’s "start!" command, Hu Ge’s tears arrived as scheduled, and for a time the set was very quiet, only the background music was left. Regarding Hu Ge’s amazing performance, the director Ma Yizhong was surprised and embarrassed, "It’s really so good that I can’t call the card. What should I do?" Although he was a consummate performer, as a newcomer to the music scene, Hu Ge made no secret of his greatest fear of filming the mouth-to-mouth part. He hurriedly asked the director for experience and made up lessons on the spot. Director Ma also appreciated Hu Ge’s hard work and eagerness to learn, and he taught Hu Ge a lot on the spot.

Editor in charge: Li Ming

Wuhu Galaxy L6 price reduction is coming! The lowest price is 112,800, if you miss it, there will be no

Welcome to [Autohome Wuhu Discount Promotion Channel], we bring you the latest car purchase discount information. At present, the high-profile model is having a strong promotion in Wuhu City. Buyers can enjoy a cash profit of up to 3,000 yuan, further lowering the entry threshold of this popular model. The minimum starting price has been adjusted to 112,800 yuan, which is very cost-effective. If you are interested in Galaxy L6, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime car buying opportunity. In order to get more accurate preferential policies and real-time quotations, please click "Check Car Price" in the quotation form and let our professional team help you get the highest discount. Act now!



The side lines of the Galaxy L6 are elegant and smooth, with a body size of 4782mm x 1875mm x 1489mm and a wheelbase of up to 2752mm, ensuring the comfort of the interior space. The front and rear wheels are 1624mm, providing good driving stability. What is particularly striking is that it is equipped with 215/55 R17 tires that coordinate with the body lines. The wheel design is modern and refined, further adding to the dynamic atmosphere of the vehicle.


The interior design of the Galaxy L6 is dominated by simplicity and technology, demonstrating luxury and practicality. The exquisite leather steering wheel provides a comfortable grip and supports manual up and down and front and rear adjustments to ensure driver comfort. The 13.2-inch oversized central control screen stands on the dashboard, integrating multimedia, navigation, telephone and other functions. It is intuitive and convenient to operate, and also supports automatic speech recognition control, making the driving process more intelligent. The seats are made of imitation leather, and the main and passenger seats are equipped with front and rear, backrest and high and low multi-directional adjustments to ensure that the occupant can customize a comfortable sitting position according to personal needs. The USB and Type-C interfaces in the car are reasonably distributed to meet the daily charging needs of passengers and bring more convenience to travel.


The Galaxy L6 is powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power output of 120 kilowatts, 163 horsepower, and a maximum torque of 255 Nm. This engine, combined with a 3-speed DHT transmission, provides an efficient and smooth driving experience.

Summarizing the evaluation of Autohome owners, the Galaxy L6 has successfully created a stable appearance with its full and powerful tail design and simple and durable side lines. The front face design is wide, creating a sense of spacious space, which fully satisfies the owner’s pursuit of vehicle practicality. This model undoubtedly left a deep impression on the owner in terms of exterior design.

Big soda, drink big kiln – this summer’s most popular big kiln drink investment is in progress…

The beginning of summer in 2022 is approaching, and the temperature continues to rise. This is the golden stage for beverage sales, and it is also an important time for dealers to choose products and brands. For dealers, the correct choice determines the annual income. Therefore, when the peak season "soda war" is about to start, which brand to choose has become the top priority.

But it is undeniable that no matter how the market changes, following the popular brands will definitely not suffer. Nowadays, the "big soda" category is very popular in the market. As the pioneer of the "big soda" category, Dayao Beverage has extremely high brand influence, good market performance, and signed the screen hero Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson in early 2022, with broad prospects. Therefore, whether it is looking at the intensive farming ability and track position, or looking at the company’s planning and competitiveness from a distance, Dayao Beverage is the best choice for major distributors.

Eight core production bases ensure product quality and high profits for distributors

With the expansion of the market territory, Dayao is also investing heavily in building its own production base and gradually realizing a wider production and logistics layout. At present, it has 8 core modern production bases in the four major regions of Northwest, North China, Northeast and East China. The core origin layout can not only ensure product quality, but also achieve low transportation costs, sufficient and timely supply, minimize costs, and then release huge profit margins to dealers.

Big Kiln Beverage Inner Mongolia Shalqin Factory Renderings

The "Big Soda" track is hot, and Dayao drinks have become the category benchmark

As a leader in the domestic "big soda" category, in October 2021, Dayao Beverages joined hands with "Hua and Hua" to create the brand super discourse of "big soda, drink big kiln", and took "big soda" as the brand strategic positioning, continued to take "big soda and aerated beverages" as the core characteristics, and played the marginal effect of the brand.

In addition to strengthening its unique advantages in "big soda", Big Kiln Beverage has also created a category benchmark for large glass bottles of soda, attracting brands to imitate. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative output of carbonated beverages (soda) in China reached 19.964 million tons from January to October 2021, an increase of 20.8% year-on-year. From the perspective of explosive categories, its core mainstream products are large-size soda with more than 500 ml. It can be seen from the "Domestic Soda Evaluation" activity initiated by "Food Industry Headlines" that 8 of the 21 soda brands participating in the evaluation have launched large-size soda products, winning with large capacity, accounting for one-third. It can be seen that "big soda" has become a trend.

all-roundMarketingHelp dealers win the end point

In today’s increasingly fierce competition, the success of an enterprise is definitely the success of its organizational system. Dayao Beverage has been deeply involved in the industry for decades, and its popular taste, personalized product image, extensive catering distribution channels and good agency services have always been the objects of competition among major distributors. However, for the existing market achievements, Dayao Beverage does not stop there, but continues to make efforts in brand marketing methods.

In January 2022, Dayao signed a powerful movie star Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson, and the whole network was boiling for a while. Wu Jing’s "positive energy representative" attribute was quickly grafted onto the Dayao brand, solidifying the national temperament of Dayao and enhancing the comprehensive potential of the brand. And its endorsement advertisements will also be simultaneously landed on CCTV, Moments and all media platforms such as major market business circles, elevators, and transportation across the country during the peak sales season, dedicated to participating in every scene of consumer life and work, and rooting the brand concept in the hearts of every audience.

In the national sales end point, the end point lighting project of the big kiln this year has been fully blossomed, and large-scale implantation of the big kiln brand super sign "color bar lace", brand slogan "big soda, drink big kiln", brand spokesperson Wu Jing image, and catering end point sales slogan "don’t drink, drink big kiln", so that big kiln drinks are everywhere and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Big Kiln Beverages continues to innovate and enrich product categories, helping distributors capture the peak season market

In order to inherit the classics, new changes are required. In the context of consumption upgrades, the category of the beverage industry is constantly differentiated and reconstructed, and the products are rapidly iterated and upgraded. On the basis of the original star single products, Dayao Guests and Dayao Chengnuo, Dayao Beverages has successively launched more flavors and specifications of carbonated beverages, such as 520ml glass bottles, Dayao Liai, 275ml small kiln fruit steam, 1.314L Dayao Guests, Dayao Yinnuo, Dayao Lixiang, and many independent innovation products such as innovative carbonated products based on zero sugar series, successfully built a diversified product matrix, helping distributors seize the beverage peak season market. Nowadays, Dayao Beverage has fully deployed innovative product lines such as carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, vegetable protein drinks, and 0 sugar. It is believed that Dayao Beverage will bring greater surprises to the industry and greater dividends to distributors in 2022.

After years of development, Dayao Beverage has achieved great success. At present, the products have covered nearly one million end point outlets in 35 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and are exported to Mongolia. The market share is high and the customer source is stable. I believe that more partners will join Dayao in the future and create the era of domestic soda together.

For distributors who really want to join, Dayao will adopt a "four-dimensional evaluation system", that is, four dimensions of ability base, soft factors, industry status, and cooperation willingness to comprehensively select them. For distributors who have reached a cooperation, Dayao will carry out 1v1 face-to-face auxiliary management, send city managers and regional managers to the regional market, and effectively analyze and solve the actual problems encountered in market expansion such as channel development, market distribution, and product sales.

At this stage, Dayao Beverages is attracting investment. Interested beverage dealers can contact them through the official website of Dayao for details.

Andy Lau responds for the first time to rumors of marriage within 100 days (photo)

  Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at the airport yesterday, their fingers clasped together, as if they intended to give Zhu credit. In response to rumors of a wedding date, Andy Lau denied getting married within 100 days.

  After being photographed worshiping in front of his father-in-law’s grave, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at Kuala Lumpur International Airport yesterday, and the truth of their relationship was finally revealed.

  There were media rumors that the two would get married within 100 days, and Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau responded for the first time, denying the rumors.

  Kuala Lumpur International Airport

  Fingers clasped, not a word

  According to media reports, yesterday evening about 5 o’clock, Andy Lau wearing a mask appeared at the airport, waiting for the airport for a long time of the media, did not expect Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian left Malaysia together.

  The two of them clasped their fingers tightly, but seeing the presence of many reporters, their assistants stood between them.

  A reporter asked Andy Lau: "The news has been exposed, will you give Zhu Liqian a name?" Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian turned a deaf ear and quickly walked into the special VIP room.

  Reporters chased after him, and the whole journey did not exceed 3 minutes. Then the two took flight MH0074 to Hong Kong at 18:45 that day.

  Lau Dehua, who was under pressure from public opinion, was rumored to officially marry Zhu Liqian within 100 days according to Malaysian customs. This time, he publicly held hands and took the opportunity to give Zhu Liqian, who had been an invisible person for many years, a name.

  Hong Kong Airport

  Side by side, open your mouth for the first time

  Last night at 10:30, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian appeared at the Hong Kong airport under the security guard.

  A Hong Kong media reporter, Dong, told reporters about the situation at the airport last night this morning.

  A Dong told reporters that after hearing the news of Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian returning to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong media almost rushed out and arrived at the airport an hour or two early. About 100 reporters were guarding the airport, waiting for the two to appear, as well as fans to support them. At 10:30 pm, the two appeared, which made the media present very excited.

  The two chose the gate closest to the parking lot to get out. Security guards appeared first to clear the way for them. Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian walked out side by side, and more than 100 reporters rushed in.

  During this period, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian did not leave each other. The reporter and fans chased all the way, and some people fell to the ground during the chase. Another reporter bumped into a passenger and pushed the other’s luggage down. Andy Lau, who had been silent, accused the reporter and helped the passenger push the luggage back, saying "I’m sorry".

  A Dong said that during the chaos, reporters asked whether to get married within 100 days. Andy Lau broke the silence for the first time and responded: "No, no more explanation, give me time to take her (referring to Zhu Liqian) home to rest."

  When Andy Lau was asked again whether he would disclose the identity of Mrs. Liu and his son and daughter, Andy Lau stopped talking. Then he boarded the nanny car and left.

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