The global listing price of Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition starts from 124,900 yuan.

The Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi) On November 11th, the reporter learned from Chery that the Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition was officially launched, and four models were launched, with an official guide price of 124,900-145,900 yuan. The new car is positioned as a "5+2 luxury flagship SUV", which adopts a brand-new 8155 luxury flagship cockpit, a three-dimensional suspended diamond front grille, 19-inch flying wheels and a new streamer silver color, bringing five product champions in power, safety, space, technology and quality.

The Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is equipped with Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI, which brings 6.8L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers and engine lifetime warranty. Among them, Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI has a maximum power of 187kW, a peak torque of 390N·m, and an acceleration of 7 seconds.

Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is based on the safety design of C-NCAP, and adopts an integrated cage body made of ultra-high strength steel, and six pieces of ultra-high strength thermoformed steel from Bentele+the third generation of high strength steel are used in key parts. Equipped with L2 intelligent driver assistance system, including 540 high-definition panoramic image, full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system and many other functions.

The new car has a body of 4722x1860x1745mm, a wheelbase of 2710mm, a trunk space of 1930L, and 12 kinds of flexible combined spaces. It is equipped with a C-PURE Chery net cubic green cockpit +34 dB NVH space.

Tiggo 8 PLUS Champion Edition is equipped with ceiling-level Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart chip, which brings brand-new HMI5.0 and super ID account, and realizes the functions of fast startup in 2 seconds, smooth response in 30 milliseconds and 15+ continuous conversation without being stuck. At the same time, it is equipped with a 24.6-inch universal nebula immersion surround screen, SONY’s 8-speaker surround sound and 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging.

Editor Tao Ye

Proofread Lin Zhao

What is the reason for the computer to restart automatically?

  I believe many users will encounter it when using a computer. When the computer is in normal use, it suddenly restarts automatically. I don’t know what happened for no reason. If the computer restarts automatically while you are working, what you have done before will be done in vain. This is a very bad thing. So what is the reason for the automatic restart of the computer? Let’s introduce it in detail below.

What is the reason for the automatic restart of the computer?

  First, the computer automatic restart software solutions

  1. When the virus "shock wave" virus breaks out, it will also prompt that the system will start automatically after 60 seconds. Trojan horse programs remotely control all activities of your computer, including restarting your computer. Remove viruses, Trojans, or reinstall the system.

  2. System files are damaged. System files are damaged, such as KERNEL32.DLL under Win2K, fonts under Win98 FONTS directory and other basic files when the system is running, and the system will be forced to restart when it is started.

  Solution: cover the installation or reinstall.

  3. Timing software or task planning software works. If you set a restart or load some work programs in the "Planning Taskbar", the computer will start again when the timing comes. In this case, we can open the "startup" item and check whether there are any unfamiliar execution files or other scheduled work programs in it, and then screen them before starting up for inspection. Of course, we can also directly enter the "Msconfig" command in "Run" to select the startup item.

  Second, the computer automatic restart hardware solutions

  1. The chassis power supply is insufficient, the DC output is impure, and the dynamic response is slow. Users or installers often do not pay attention to power supply and use cheap power supply, so it is one of the biggest suspects that cause the system to restart automatically.

  ① The output power of the power supply is insufficient. When running large-scale 3D games and other software that occupy a large amount of CPU resources, when the CPU needs high power supply, the power supply is overloaded due to insufficient power supply, and the output is stopped. After the power supply stops outputting, the load is lightened, and the power supply is started again. Because the protection/recovery time is very short, the performance given to us is that the host automatically restarts.

  ② The DC output of the power supply is impure, and the digital circuit requires pure DC power supply. When the harmonic content in the DC output of the power supply is too large, it will lead to the working error of the digital circuit, which is manifested by frequent crashes or restarts.

  ③ The workload of ③CPU is dynamic, and the requirements for current are also dynamic, and the dynamic response speed is required to be rapid. Some poor quality power supplies have long dynamic response time, which will also lead to frequent crashes or restarts.

  ④ Updating equipment (high-end graphics card/large hard disk/video card) and adding equipment (burner/hard disk) will lead to frequent crashes or restarts if the power exceeds the rated output power of the original power supply.

  Solution: Now replace the high-quality and high-power computer power supply.

  2. Poor thermal stability of the memory, chip damage or memory problems caused by incorrect settings have a relatively high probability of system restart.

  ① The memory has poor thermal stability, so it can work normally when it is turned on. When the memory temperature rises to a certain temperature, it can’t work normally, resulting in a crash or restart.

  (2) When the memory chip is slightly damaged, it can pass the self-check (setting fast startup to not fully detect the memory), or it can enter the normal desktop for normal operation. When running some software with high I/O throughput (media playback, games, plane /3D drawing), it will restart or crash.

  Solution: Replace the memory.

  ③ Setting the CAS value of the memory too small will also lead to the instability of the memory and cause the system to restart automatically. Generally, it is best to use the default settings of BIOS, and don’t change them yourself.

  3. The CPU temperature is too high or the cache is damaged. ① The CPU temperature is too high, which often causes a protective automatic restart. The reason for the high temperature is basically due to the poor heat dissipation of the chassis and CPU. The reasons for the poor heat dissipation of the CPU are: low thermal conductivity of the radiator material, foreign objects (mostly warranty stickers) between the radiator and the CPU, low fan speed, too much dust on the fan and radiator, and so on. Also, the temperature probe under the CPU of the P2/P3 motherboard is damaged or the temperature measuring circuit inside the P4 CPU is damaged, the BIOS on the motherboard has a BUG and the temperature measurement is not allowed under a certain special condition, and the CPU protection temperature set in CMOS is too low, etc., which will also cause a protective restart.

  ② The damage of the first-level and second-level cache inside the CPU is a common failure of the CPU. Those with light damage can still be started, and can enter the normal desktop for normal operation. When running some software with high I/O throughput (media playback, games, plane /3D drawing), it will restart or crash.

  Solution: Shield the second-level cache (L2) or the first-level cache (L1) in CMOS, or replace the CPU to eliminate it.

  What is the reason for the automatic restart of the computer? The above two aspects mainly provide detailed solutions through software and hardware. Friendly reminder: 1. Operate the computer correctly at ordinary times. 2, some unknown origin, or don’t know much about the software with caution.

A scientific and technological event to promote global openness, innovation, cooperation and sharing —— Prospect of 2023 Zhongguancun Forum

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 15th Title: A scientific and technological event to promote global openness, innovation, cooperation and sharing — — Prospect of 2023 Zhongguancun Forum

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters Wen Jinghua and Zhang Manzi

  It is planned to hold more than 150 events in 6 major sections, including forum meetings, exhibitions, technology transactions, results release, frontier competitions and supporting activities; Focus on the theme of "open cooperation and shared future", with internationalization, high-end and branding as important features; A number of original cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, authoritative research reports, major international scientific and technological cooperation projects and policy initiatives will be released at the forum … …

  From May 25th to 30th, 2023 Zhongguancun Forum will be held in Beijing to create a scientific and technological event to promote global openness, innovation, cooperation and sharing. On the 15th, the State Council Office held a press conference, and the responsible persons of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Beijing introduced the preparations for this forum. The reporter combed the relevant points.

  On May 15th, the State Council held a press conference for the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wen Jinghua photo

  Open and innovative scientific and technological event: more than 150 events in 6 major sections.

  "Since its establishment in 2007, Zhongguancun Forum has been successfully held for 13 sessions. As an important international exchange window for China to actively participate in the world’s scientific and technological innovation practice and deeply participate in global scientific and technological governance, it has made important contributions to promoting the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, leading and supporting high-quality development, and deepening scientific and technological open cooperation." Wu Zhaohui, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, said that internationalization, high-end and branding are the important features of this Zhongguancun Forum.

  According to reports, the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum set up more than 150 events in six major sections, including forum meetings, exhibitions, technology transactions, results release, frontier competitions and supporting activities, attracting guests from more than 80 countries and regions, and nearly 200 foreign government departments, international organizations and institutions participated. Nearly 120 top experts, including 17 Nobel Prize-winning guests, will deliver high-level keynote speeches, among which foreign speakers account for over 40%.

  Focusing on frontier fields such as artificial intelligence, life sciences and clean energy, as well as hot topics such as data governance and digital sports, the forum will hold 55 parallel forums, of which 25 will be led or co-sponsored by national ministries and commissions, and institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering, and China Association for Science and Technology will also host a number of exciting activities, highlighting the national platform function of the forum.

  In addition, a number of original cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, authoritative research reports, major international scientific and technological cooperation projects and policy initiatives will be released in the forum, and a series of activities such as the Global Technology Trading Ecological Partner Conference, the Zhongguancun International Frontier Science and Technology Innovation Competition Finals, the Beijing Global Summit on Investment and the 2023 China Science Fiction Conference will also be held at the same time.

  "This forum has both the exchange and collision of ideas and the intuitive experience of technical products; There are both the first release of major achievements and the signing of major projects. The purpose is to let the public fully feel the charm of scientific and technological innovation through zero-distance communication with high-level scientists and entrepreneurs. " Yu Yingjie, deputy mayor of Beijing, said, "We will practice the concept of doing good through science and technology at a new and higher starting point, and make the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum a scientific and technological event to promote global openness, innovation, cooperation and sharing."

  Wind vane of industrial development: focus on frontier fields such as artificial intelligence and brain-computer interface.

  The "Global Engineering Innovation Forum" invites presidents of multinational engineering institutes and well-known experts at home and abroad to discuss the major human needs and solutions to major problems of sustainable development; The "Brain-Computer Interface Innovation and Development Forum" focuses on frontier scientific issues and draws a blueprint for brain-computer interface technology and industrial innovation; For the first time, the "Women in Science and Technology Innovation Forum" was set up to show the cutting-edge science and technology "her strength" & HELIP; …

  According to reports, this forum is closely related to the frontier of scientific and technological development, and will focus on frontier fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum science and brain-computer interface, discuss the trend of scientific and technological innovation, display the latest achievements, carry out project roadshows, discover and excavate a number of subversive technologies, and create a weather vane leading scientific and technological innovation and future industrial development.

  As a highlight of Zhongguancun Forum, the key word of 2023 Zhongguancun Forum Exhibition (Expo) is also "frontier".

  "Compared with previous years, the number of exhibitors this year is large and innovative." Yu Yingjie introduced that the exhibition gathers cutting-edge technology and future industries, with a total area of 27,000 square meters. More than 650 exhibitors at home and abroad will focus on the latest technological progress and major achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum information, brain science, cell and gene therapy, including many first-time exhibitions.

  In the robot exhibition area, the audience can see the whole industrial chain products from core technologies and components such as chips and sensors to multifunctional robots; In the exhibition area of Meta-Universe, interactive experience can be carried out through VR, AR, wireless capture, etc. … …

  Yu Yingjie said that this year’s exhibition strives to let the audience understand a field and be familiar with an industry while watching the exhibition in an immersive way. "In addition, we strengthen the concept of science and technology exhibition, introduce holographic projection, digital guidance and other technical means, and believe that we can bring an experience feast of cutting-edge technology to the audience."

  National platform for global scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation: gathering wisdom for deepening open cooperation

  In 2022, the number of invention patents per 10,000 people ranked first in China. In less than 5 minutes, a technology-based enterprise was born, and more than 300 multinational companies set up regional headquarters and R&D center in Zhongguancun … … Over the years, Beijing, especially Zhongguancun, has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, and the pattern of open cooperation has been continuously improved.

  This year’s Zhongguancun Forum has further enhanced its international characteristics and elements, and increased its invitation to international scientific and technological organizations. International organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization will attend and hold 13 parallel forums. More than 120 international enterprises and institutions such as Siemens and Merck will attend the conference to introduce the latest scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies.

  "Making Zhongguancun Forum a national platform for global scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee." Wu Zhaohui introduced that the organizers hope to make Zhongguancun Forum a platform for the presentation of major policies, the exchange of high-end talents, the display of important achievements and the collision of cutting-edge ideas.

  "We look forward to meeting guests from all walks of life in Beijing, having in-depth exchanges and enhancing consensus, uniting wisdom for deepening international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation and opening up, and contributing to the prosperity and development of the global economy." Wu Zhaohui said.

  Wu Zhaohui said that in the next step, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with relevant ministries and commissions, will further implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, accelerate the formation of international science and technology innovation centers and regional science and technology innovation centers with their own characteristics and linkage, and turn international science and technology innovation centers including Beijing into major world science centers and innovative places in the future.

24-hour bookstore enriches wuhan nightlife. You have a good place to stay up late reading.

Citizens read books in a 24-hour bookstore. Intern Peng Hua, reporter Yang Taoshe

  In November 2014, Zall Bookstore launched a 24-hour business mechanism of "culture does not close", waiting for people to read books every cold or hot night. At that time, Zall was the first 24-hour bookstore in Wuhan. In recent years, the 24-hour bookstore in Wuhan has added Jiuqiu Library and Boshihui City Study, enriching the cultural nightlife in Wuhan.

  24-hour bookstore is a night reader.

  Provide a quiet place for reading

  "There will be many interesting things happening at night." Luna is the manager of Jiuqiu Library, which is located in Dongsan Road, Fruit Lake, Wuchang District. It opened on January 25, 2016 and has been open since then.

  On the 18th, she told reporters that the biggest feeling of working at night shift is to find that there are really many people who love learning. There used to be an old man who rode an old bicycle every night and went back around 6: 00 in the morning. He studied English here all night. There are often some students from Wu Da University here, and he will ask them for advice. A girl from Wu Da University specially prepares study materials for this grandfather, and she will put them here the next day for the clerk to hand over to him.

  On the 18th, a young girl was watching a video with headphones, and there was a book full of notes in front of her. The post-90s girl who was preparing for the exam as a certified public accountant usually came over after work and talked about her views on this 24-hour bookstore. The girl said, "People who stay up late need this kind of store very much."

  Unattended libraries can "brush their faces" to borrow books

  On July 12th this year, the 24-hour city study room on the first floor of Boshihui International Plaza in Jiang ‘an District opened to welcome guests, which is located near Sanyang Road subway station. There is no librarian in the museum, and citizens can enter the museum at any time, "brush their faces", and apply for certificates and borrow books by themselves. This is the first unattended intelligent library in Wuhan. Since opening up, it has become a popular punching point for citizens.

  On the 18th, the reporter visited this intelligent library. At about 9 pm that day, a floor-to-ceiling transparent glass study room on the left side of the lobby on the first floor of the building was lit with yellowish light. There is a face recognition access control system at the door. When you enter the library for the first time, you need to swipe your ID card. There is a self-service borrowing and returning card machine in the tube, which can handle the reader’s ID card and complete face registration and WeChat binding. Later, you can enter the library without a card, and you can "brush your face" to borrow and return books by yourself.

  Ms. Mei, who passed by here at night, picked out five books, put them in the sensing place, and the machine began to recognize faces. In less than 10 seconds, the screen showed that five books were successfully borrowed at the same time. The mobile phone also received a message from WeChat prompting the successful borrowing. "Very convenient." Ms. Mei said that after the library opened, she would come here every other week or so, and if she had time, she would read here for a while.

  24-hour bookstore enriches the function of city night

  In recent years, wuhan nightlife has become increasingly diversified. In addition to consumption and entertainment at night, the opening of 24-hour bookstores and other cultural places has provided people with new choices and enriched the city’s night functions.

  At about 10 pm on the 17th, Mr. Deng, who lives near Zall Bookstore, wanted to go to the movies, but when he passed by the bookstore, he saw the lights on in the store and chose to go into the bookstore. "Watching movies is more of a social need. It will be better to go with friends, and it will be more enjoyable to read when you are alone." In 2013, Zall Bookstore opened in Wuhan and noticed that many readers had no time during the day and could only come at night. In 2014, Zall Bookstore started the 24-hour business mechanism of "culture does not close" and became the first 24-hour bookstore in Wuhan.

  On the 17th, when talking about the original intention of Zall Bookstore’s 24-hour opening, Ms. Gao, the manager, told the reporter that the 24-hour bookstore provided a choice and place for those who only had time to quiet down and study at night. 24-hour bookstore will not bring much benefit, but it is a functional existence, and there will always be people who need it, which is a useful supplement to the cultural construction of the city.

  Feng Guilin, a researcher at Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the more convenient the cultural facilities are for the public, the more diverse the forms and contents, and the more diverse the needs of various groups. This is not only a promotion for a city’s function, but also a guide, which can better improve citizens’ civilization quality.

  Trainee reporter Li Huizi