[Slow hands] Xiaomi 13 mobile phone is officially listed, and the price is 3021 yuan!

[Slow hands] Xiaomi 13 mobile phone is officially listed, and the price is 3021 yuan!


Xiaomi 13 mobile phone is officially launched. This 5G mobile phone is equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which has strong performance. Its camera has excellent performance, strong endurance and fast charging speed. If you pursue a balanced performance of face value, performance, photo taking and battery life, then Xiaomi 13 will be your best choice. In addition, the current activity price in JD.COM is 3021.01 yuan, which is much cheaper than the original price. …

Explosive order! This kind of fruit is popular all over the country! A store sells more than 100 thousand yuan a day! Guangdong has become the first in the country. How did it do that?

  In recent years, the vigorous development of agricultural products e-commerce has become the main force to promote the prosperity of rural industries and the new engine for rural revitalization. According to a report released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently, in 2020, the online retail sales of agricultural products in counties of Guangdong Province ranked first in the country. At present, it is the season when Guangdong honey pomelo is listed. How do farmers catch the express train of e-commerce and sell pomelo?

  Go to science and technology, good varieties usher in a big market.

  The anchor is selling grapefruit live on the e-commerce platform. It is understood that about three kilograms of honey pomelo is a hot explosion in the season. In the base, it can sell hundreds of thousands of kilograms every day.

  Qiu Muxiang, the person in charge of the base, shuttled through the grapefruit pile with a stack of orders and three mobile phones. Behind her, six anchors were broadcasting goods live at the same time. Recently, these anchors broadcast from 2 pm to late at night every day, and the grapefruit of more than 100 farmers, including Qiu Muxiang’s own garden, was sold to the whole country from here.

  Qiu Muxiang, head of Guangdong Meizhou Wan Chuan Qianhong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.:Every day, more than 20,000 orders are issued, workers are busy packing, and all the cars at the door are waiting in line for express loading. If there are more live broadcast rooms, they can sell more than 100,000 yuan a day.

  Upgrading, e-commerce integration helps rural economy upgrade

  The traditional sales model of agricultural products is changing. For fruit farmers, live e-commerce not only expands the sales radius of products, but also solves the problem of not selling them.

  Qiu Muxiang, head of Guangdong Meizhou Wan Chuan Qianhong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.:In the past, I went to someone else to sell grapefruit. Now, someone else asked me to buy grapefruit. Selling it directly to the purchaser can earn 1 yuan at most per catty, so the selling price will be higher and the direct income of farmers will be higher.

  Guan Weiyuan, General Manager of Zili Village Farmers Cooperative, sanhe town, dapu county, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province:This fruit is divided into 6 levels, of which the level of 1.3 kg to 1.8 kg is to buy in the community. The level of 1.8 kg to 2.5 kg is mainly based on some e-commerce platforms. At the peak, the delivery is about 12 cars a day.

  In addition to grapefruit, well-known agricultural products in Guangdong, such as pineapple, litchi, longan and tribute orange, have also taken to the internet and sold well everywhere.

  On the service, government assistance is guaranteed.

  The whole people are anchors, and everyone can bring goods. More farmers are learning to realize the role transformation from farming role to farmer anchor.

  In a training center in Deqing County, Guangdong Province, Xu Fei, director of the training department of Guangdong Deqing Business Vocational Training School, is training more than 30 farmers in e-commerce of agricultural products. These farmers have almost no foundation for e-commerce sales, and Xu Fei needs to explain and guide them step by step from registering their user names.

  Xu Fei, Director of Training Department of Business Vocational Training School in Deqing County, Guangdong Province:First of all, we must establish the name of the store. The name of the store need not be too long, and it can generally be controlled within ten words.

  Most of the students who come to participate in the e-commerce training of agricultural products are large local growers of tribute oranges. In the past, they could only sell tribute oranges through the traditional mode, and they couldn’t sell them at good prices without good channels. Nowadays, the increasingly popular live broadcast and e-commerce platform have enabled these fruit farmers to see opportunities and sign up for training. Courses like this are currently held at least three times a month.

  Taobao live broadcast data shows that the platform has accumulated 110,000 farmer anchors, with more than 2.3 million broadcasts, and the sales of agricultural products have exceeded 5 billion yuan through live broadcast.

  At the same time, in order to accelerate the sustained and healthy development of agricultural products e-commerce, the supporting system behind it needs to be continuously improved, so as to dig out more new breakthroughs in the economic development of agricultural products e-commerce in counties.

  Zhang Haifa, chief expert of Guangdong Agricultural Technology Extension Center: In terms of standardization and branding of agricultural products, efforts should be made to make brands and standards in place, and efforts should be made to trace the source of agricultural products quality. These are also very important links to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of agricultural products e-commerce.