The main MV of Hu Ge’s new album was exposed, and the killing and crying scene shocked the set (Photo)

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There are also injuries in the MV

Hu Ge is on the set

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Hu Ge single cover

  Sina Entertainment News, Hu Ge’s personal debut music album "Departure" is about to be officially released next month. The first wave of the title "Go to Love" has recently been broadcast on national radio stations and major websites. Once the song was broadcast, it immediately aroused a strong response, and it aroused a heated discussion in "Pepper" (fans of Hu Ge). Many fans have reported that "Go to Love" is touched once, and some fans even said that they were moved to tears by the song; some fans think that this song makes them see the strong side of Hu Ge, and also feel Hu Ge’s obvious improvement in singing skills. Therefore, after the release of the song, the MV of "Go Love" immediately became the focus of attention, and fans posted online or called the company to inquire about the exposure time of the MV.

  The MV of "Go Love" tells a touching love story: the protagonist played by Hu Ge is a photographer. By chance, he meets a girl who also loves photography. The two quickly fall in love because of their common hobby. However, just as the two are in love, the hero suddenly encounters a car accident. The sudden accident makes the hero suffer a huge blow. In order not to make his beloved sad, and at the same time afraid of seeing the sadness of his lover, the hero decides to leave…

  24 hours of continuous shooting, Hu Ge sleepwalks and never forgets to be handsome

  I personally cook to deduce the sweetness of home, and Hu Ge’s "Eighteen Palms of the Dragon" handles the egg fried rice

  It happened to rain on the day of the MV shooting. Although it was no longer winter, it was still cold at four in the morning when the spring rain was continuous. Hu Ge, who was dressed in a thin spring dress, would inevitably be frozen early in the morning, so he could only grab the hair stylist’s hair dryer to act as a temporary heater during makeup. Because Director Ma Yizhong’s first impression of Hu Ge was "Wow! Super handsome"! Therefore, when shooting the MV, Director Ma took "handsome" as the first criterion for each shot! The pose of taking pictures should be handsome, the posture of playing billiards should be handsome, and the posture of holding a spatula should also be handsome! Fortunately, Hu Ge, who usually loved to play handsome, understood every instruction from Director Ma. Although the filming continued until 4:30 the next morning, for a full 24 hours, making everyone tired to sleepwalking, as long as the director gave a command, Hu Ge could immediately put on the most handsome POSE, which made people marvel at Hu Ge’s super-first-class handsome skills.

  In the MV, in order to show the sweetness of the love period, the director specially arranged a warm home cooking scene, and let "Chef Hu" perform his unique skill – egg fried rice! However, compared to his handsome skills, Hu Ge’s cooking level is really sweaty, and the egg is not professional NG. When the egg is beaten, the egg is not broken but the bowl is turned over NG. In the end, even the director can’t help but doubt: "Do you really know how to beat eggs?!" Fortunately, after a short period of surprise training and "sacrificing" countless eggs, "Chef Hu" finally mastered the essentials. Not only is he proficient in movements, but he can also fly with a spatula and practice "Dragon Suppression Eighteen Palms".

  Hu Ge "changed careers" as a photographer? Baby camera appears

  MV encountered a triangular love?! Hu Ge sighed that he was too handsome "provoking peach blossoms"

  Since Hu Ge played a photographer in the MV, the camera naturally became an indispensable prop. In fact, on weekdays, Hu Ge was a true photography enthusiast. This time, in addition to the more than a dozen cameras specially prepared by the producer for Hu Ge, Hu Ge even brought three of his own precious cameras to appear.

  In the video, the hero and heroine played by Hu Ge perform a tear-jerking love, but the most intimate with Hu Ge on the set is a female British shorthair cat. In the video, the hero and heroine met because they were filming a cat at the same time, but outside the video, Hu Ge and the cat were already "old acquaintances". It turns out that as early as when Hu Ge recorded "Go to Love", the British shorthair had already gone to the studio to "visit the class". During the filming of the MV, due to the large number of staff, the frightened kitten hid in Hu Ge’s arms all the time, and even kept crawling from the hem of the clothes to Hu Ge’s back. The staff on the side were afraid that the super expensive clothes would be damaged by the cat, but Hu Ge, who had always loved cats, smiled happily and kept comforting the timid cat: "She only kisses me now." Hu Ge joked that "she" especially likes to stick to herself during the recording, "It’s too handsome, I can’t help it!"

  The killing and crying scene moved the audience, and the director: "There is no way to call the card, what should I do?"

  The MV of "Go Love" is interspersed by the happiness and sadness of the protagonist, and there is a great contrast in mood. The tight progress requires Hu Ge to complete a series of inner emotional transformations in the shortest possible time. Often a sweet and romantic scene has just ended, followed by a tear-jerking bitter scene. Originally, the director was worried that Hu Ge could not adapt to the fast pace of transformation, but he did not expect Hu Ge’s performance to surprise the director. He completed the emotional adjustment with ease within a minute, which made the director have to sigh: "I really know how to act!" And some expressions and small details that Hu Ge temporarily added often became the finishing touch that everyone agreed on.

  The last scene of the MV is the most important crying scene. Everyone who has been working continuously for 24 hours is tired and excited, and Hu Ge, who continues to "repeat" in the sweet and painful scenes, finally broke out successfully in the final closing scene. After the previous emotional brewing, after the director’s "start!" command, Hu Ge’s tears arrived as scheduled, and for a time the set was very quiet, only the background music was left. Regarding Hu Ge’s amazing performance, the director Ma Yizhong was surprised and embarrassed, "It’s really so good that I can’t call the card. What should I do?" Although he was a consummate performer, as a newcomer to the music scene, Hu Ge made no secret of his greatest fear of filming the mouth-to-mouth part. He hurriedly asked the director for experience and made up lessons on the spot. Director Ma also appreciated Hu Ge’s hard work and eagerness to learn, and he taught Hu Ge a lot on the spot.

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