Shenzhen: Consumers will be subsidized by 15% of the sales price when purchasing qualified mobile phones, computers and other products.

  "Shenzhen Releases" WeChat official account News. On May 23rd, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports, and Shenzhen Municipal Health and Health Committee jointly issued "Several Measures for Promoting the Sustainable Recovery of Consumption in Shenzhen".

  Some measures to promote the sustainable recovery of consumption in Shenzhen

  In order to thoroughly implement the national and provincial decision-making arrangements on promoting consumption, stimulate consumption potential, expand consumer demand and boost consumer confidence, the following measures are formulated.

  First, encourage automobile consumption

  (1) Support individual consumers to purchase new energy vehicles. Individual consumers who newly purchase qualified new energy vehicles and get a license in Shenzhen will be given a subsidy of no more than 10,000 yuan/set. Fully implement the national policy of exempting new energy vehicles from vehicle purchase tax. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau)

  (2) Increase the incremental index of ordinary cars. Add 20,000 incremental indicators for ordinary cars, and allocate them to the "unsuccessful" applicants who are still lottery and have participated in more than 60 issues (including 60 issues) through special lottery activities. The winners must purchase qualified fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles (for those who purchase new energy vehicles, the maximum subsidy is not more than 20,000 yuan/set). (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  (3) Relax the application conditions for hybrid car indicators. Individuals with only one car registered in Shenzhen are allowed to buy qualified hybrid cars and apply for licensing indicators. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau)

  (four) to encourage tourist passenger vehicles to use new energy or clean energy. Enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that newly purchase qualified new energy tourist passenger cars (including clean fuel passenger cars) will be given a maximum subsidy of 50,000 yuan/set. Promote party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to purchase green transportation travel services. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  (5) Accelerate the clean replacement of garbage transfer vehicles. Coordinate the procurement of domestic waste transfer services, and accelerate the transformation of diesel waste transfer vehicles into qualified LNG, electric (including power exchange) and hydrogen fuel cell transfer vehicles in accordance with the principle of "full replacement after the contract expires". (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, districts)

  (six) to promote the replacement of fuel trailers in the port. If the fuel trailer in the port is replaced by a qualified new energy vehicle (including a clean fuel vehicle), the maximum subsidy will not exceed 50,000 yuan/set. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau)

  (seven) to increase the promotion and use of new energy vehicles in the public domain. Coordinate the promotion of fuel official vehicles, police cars, state-owned vehicles and other scrapped vehicles to be updated into new energy vehicles. Accelerate the replacement of buses, cruise taxis, etc. (Responsible units: Municipal Organs Administration Bureau, Public Security Bureau, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and all districts)

  (8) Promote the trading of used cars. Expand the pilot scope of second-hand car turnover indicators, and issue second-hand car turnover indicators to qualified second-hand car legal entities. The second-hand car distribution legal person sells the second-hand car it bought, and the value-added tax is levied at a reduced rate of 0.5%. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Transportation Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau)

  (nine) to carry out automobile activities in the countryside. Residents of Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone who purchase new energy vehicles in Shenzhen Administrative District (New District) can apply for the increment index of pure electric cars or hybrid cars according to relevant regulations, and enjoy relevant subsidy policies. Give full play to Shenzhen’s role as a working organization in front of various counterpart assistance areas, strengthen the linkage between government and enterprises, and promote cars to the countryside. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Rural Revitalization and Cooperation and Exchange, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone)

  (10) Expand the export of new energy vehicles. Accelerate the improvement of the production capacity of new energy vehicles in our city, and support the automobile production and export enterprises registered in Shenzhen and exporting complete vehicles through Shenzhen Port to expand the export scale. Improve the level of port logistics facilitation, promote key shipping companies to set up fixed foreign trade ro-ro routes in Shenzhen Port, and fully subsidize berthing fees and port operation lump sum fees for shipping companies that carry export cars. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Transportation Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  Second, expand the scale of the consumer electronics market

  (eleven) to carry out promotional activities of consumer electronic products. Combined with the themes of school season, summer promotion season, traditional festivals, etc., special promotion activities for consumer electronics will be organized in rotation during May-August, and consumers will be subsidized to buy qualified products such as mobile phones, computers (including tablet computers), headphones, stereos, smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, consumer drones, smart home robots, smart fitness equipment, etc., with a cumulative maximum of 2,000 yuan per person. Encourage telecom operators to cooperate with consumer electronics manufacturers in depth and carry out activities such as "replacement subsidy", "telephone fee reward" and "package upgrade". Support the green utilization of recycling equipment. If qualified enterprises recycle old machines and sell them in Shenzhen, they will be subsidized according to 5% of sales. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration)

  (XII) Expand centralized purchase orders. For the needs of party and government organs, institutions and large enterprises such as digital office and employees’ personal use, we will organize production enterprises, telecom operators and service solution providers to hold special centralized procurement activities on a regular basis. Party and government organs and state-owned enterprises are encouraged to purchase qualified consumer electronic products for counterpart assistance. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Finance Bureau, Rural Revitalization and Cooperation and Exchange Bureau, all districts and relevant units)

  (thirteen) the implementation of broadband upgrade for millions of users. Operators are encouraged to upgrade the broadband network speed of home users to more than 500 megabytes (including 500 megabytes) for free, and the tariff standard remains unchanged. In 2022, for operators whose broadband network speed is more than 500 megabytes (including 500 megabytes), the proportion of household users is not less than 60%. According to the number of newly upgraded users, 80 yuan subsidies will be given to each household, with a maximum of 60 million yuan for each operator. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration, districts)

  Third, promote the consumption of household appliances

  (fourteen) to carry out green energy-saving home appliances promotion. Organize household appliance production and sales enterprises to launch activities to benefit the people and make profits. During May-August, consumers will be subsidized to buy qualified household appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and small household appliances according to 15% of the sales price, with a cumulative maximum of 2,000 yuan per person. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau)

  (fifteen) the implementation of affordable housing "bag occupancy" project. Revise and improve the delivery standards of affordable housing (including public rental housing, affordable rental housing, and shared property housing), deliver fully renovated finished products to affordable housing that was completed and qualified during the year, configure basic household products such as range hoods, gas stoves, water heaters and air conditioners that meet the requirements, and carry out pilot projects for smart homes throughout the house. Encourage new commercial housing to be fully renovated and delivered, and provide necessary smart home products. (Responsible units: Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Talent Housing Group, all districts)

  Fourth, do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemics

  (sixteen) increase the intensity of electronic sentry layout. Party and government organs, schools, hospitals and other units shall all install electronic sentries in principle. All districts encourage office buildings, industrial parks and other workplaces to upgrade and transform "electronic sentry+gate" according to epidemic prevention requirements. Eligible transformation subjects will be given a subsidy of no more than 100,000 yuan according to 20% of their total investment. (Responsible unit: relevant units directly under the municipal government, Municipal Finance Bureau, districts)

  (seventeen) actively promote the application of high-tech anti-epidemic products. In isolation hotels, shelter hospitals, special isolation places and other fields, we will increase the popularization and application of high-tech epidemic prevention products such as food delivery and disinfection robots, video intelligent analysis systems, water-based self-disinfection film-forming materials, millimeter-wave radar, epidemic prevention intelligent environmental protection mobile toilets, and nucleic acid detection kiosks. The municipal finance will subsidize the relevant expenses of each district by no more than 3 million yuan according to 20% of the total investment. (Responsible units: Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (eighteen) to expand the application of consumer anti epidemic products. Health departments and public hospitals have increased the procurement scale of nucleic acid sampling materials, testing equipment and reagents, and the city’s large-scale nucleic acid testing capacity has reached 2 million tubes/day. (Responsible units: Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (nineteen) improve the proportion of domestic procurement of medical devices. Implement the national medical equipment procurement policy, strictly examine and approve imported equipment, and increase the promotion of domestic medical equipment. (Responsible units: Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Finance Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Market Supervision Bureau and all districts)

  (twenty) to establish a green channel for innovative drugs. Open a green channel in the city’s drug and medical consumables trading platform, implement online procurement for innovative drugs and medical consumables that meet the listing conditions, and implement "hanging with the newspaper" to support innovative drugs and medical consumables to enter the market in time. (Responsible unit: Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau)

  V. Expanding the market scale of Xinchuang products

  (twenty-one) increase the promotion of Xinchuang products. Formulate the recommendation catalogue of Xinchuang products, organize docking exchange meetings, and subsidize qualified user units that purchase more than 500,000 yuan according to 3% of the purchase amount. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (twenty-two) to improve the application ratio of Xinchuang products. In principle, the purchase proportion of Xinchuang products in new office systems and business systems shall not be less than 20% in key areas such as finance, energy, education, medical care, telecommunications and transportation; The procurement proportion of Xinchuang products in the newly added key information infrastructure shall not be less than 40% for party and government organs and state-owned enterprises. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration, relevant units and districts)

  Sixth, promote the consumption of outdoor cultural tourism

  (twenty-three) actively carry out cultural and sports activities on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen’s urban ecological context of "mountains and seas are linked together" and "one ridge, one belt and twenty corridors", and hold a series of tourism activities such as the Gold Coast Tourism Festival and Red Tourism. Encourage the general public to go outdoors, support sports social organizations to organize fitness, camping and other activities in the sinking community, and cooperate with brand manufacturers and distributors that meet the theme of the event to carry out promotional activities. Encourage trade unions at all levels to organize fitness activities and use trade union funds to purchase fitness services for employees according to regulations. Enrich and promote urban cultural menus, actively carry out cultural activities such as grass music festival, beach music festival, Cantonese Opera Week, Youth Art Week, Reading Month and Beautiful Sunday, and run sports events such as marathon and rowing. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports, Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Federation of Trade Unions, Finance Bureau and all districts)

  (twenty-four) held a trend theme consumption activities. Support joint-venture merchants in key business districts to hold themed consumption festivals such as coffee and tea, carry out activities such as tasting, teaching, salons and exhibitions, broaden consumption experience scenes, and create a fashionable and leisure city lifestyle. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, districts)

  (twenty-five) to promote the "one-click reservation" full coverage of sports facilities. Encourage schools and social sports facilities to be open and shared with the public, and promote the "one door, two doors, two entrances in the morning and evening" safety isolation transformation of completed and qualified schools. By the end of June 2022, the school, society, public welfare and other sports facilities will be fully covered by "one-click reservation". Make good use of financial funds such as sports lottery public welfare fund, and make an appointment for sports venues through the "I Shenzhen" platform to enjoy a minimum discount of 60% to promote the growth of sports consumption. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (twenty-six) to promote high-quality intelligent fitness equipment. More than 200 convenience fitness facilities will be built or rebuilt in communities, parks, squares, institutions and other places, and a number of fitness equipment with wide audience, flexibility and high technology will be popularized. Encourage commercial buildings, factories, parks and other key places to purchase and use qualified fitness equipment, and give a maximum subsidy of not more than 10,000 yuan according to 5% of the total actual purchase amount to create a new scene of national fitness. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, districts)

  Seven, expand the consumption of bulk commodities.

  (twenty-seven) to carry out the linkage promotion activities of refined oil and "Shenzhen products". Continue to promote "Shenzhen products" into supermarkets, farmers, community fresh stores and e-commerce, encourage gas station direct-operated convenience stores and their online shopping malls to put "Shenzhen products" on shelves, and issue consumer vouchers to consumers who have reached a certain amount in a single refueling or prepaid recharge for purchasing qualified "Shenzhen products" in gas station direct-operated convenience stores or their online shopping malls, and give certain financial subsidies. (Responsible units: Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Commerce Bureau and Finance Bureau)

  (twenty-eight) support enterprises to set up procurement centers and sales companies. For the wholesale and retail leading enterprises that set up purchasing centers in Shenzhen in 2022, 50,000 yuan will be awarded for every 100 million yuan of their purchasing amount in 2022. For the sales company established by manufacturing enterprises in Shenxin in 2022, 500,000 yuan will be awarded for every 100 million yuan of retail sales in 2022. The maximum reward for a single enterprise is no more than 10 million yuan. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Finance Bureau)

  Eight, the safe and orderly resumption of professional exhibitions

  (29) Establish a "white list" system, and support advantageous fashion industries such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, watches, glasses and leather to hold professional exhibitions for professional purchasers on the premise of doing a good job in the normal epidemic prevention work of the participating parties, so as to help the fashion consumer market recover. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

  Nine, increase the "invoice" activities.

  (30) Add 10 million yuan of "prize invoice" funds to carry out "prize invoice" activities in the whole city around the fields of retail, catering, cultural tourism, accommodation, sports, etc. The activity period is from May 1 to the end of the year. (Responsible units: Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Finance Bureau)

  This policy will be implemented as of the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2022. The measures stipulated in the policy shall be formulated and promulgated by the relevant responsible units.

"Olive" Playing "Olive" Fighting for Jingjiang "Playing" of 13 Youth Football Teams in Jiangsu Province

Yangzi Evening News Network June 20th (correspondent Liu Min Xiao Jing Yan Zhiyong Lu Huanyu reporter Wang Guozhu) On June 20th, the 20th Jiangsu Sports Meeting started in Taizhou. As the first phase of this provincial games, the youth rugby competition (17-18 years old group) started in Jingjiang. More than 150 athletes from 13 teams in the province will compete for the titles of men’s group A and women’s group A in the three-day competition.
According to reports, this competition adopts the latest rugby rules of the World Rugby Federation. The competition time is 14 minutes, with 7 minutes in the first half and 7 minutes in the second half. Each team can propose substitutions during the competition. The number of substitutions is 5, and the team with the highest score wins.
There are 7 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams among the 13 teams participating in this competition. In the competition on the 20th, the athletes threw themselves into the passionate competition with full enthusiasm, high morale, courage to fight and the spirit of unity and upward. The players of each team actively fought, decisively attacked and bravely collided, all of which showed good strength.
It is reported that the rugby project is one of the five events of this provincial games undertaken by Jingjiang City, and its courage, fighting spirit and teamwork are attracting more and more people’s love and attention. Since 2020, Jingjiang and the Training Center of the Provincial Sports Bureau have signed a contract with the provincial men’s rugby team through the mode of "joint operation of provinces and cities" to jointly promote the construction and development of rugby projects, actively select sports seedlings through resource integration and integration of sports and education, and build characteristic schools for rugby, better promote competitions and expand the mass base of rugby projects.
Zhang Changping, secretary of the Jingjiang Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that Jingjiang will make full use of the city’s strength, gather the wisdom of the whole people and pour out the feelings of the whole city, provide the highest level of service guarantee for more than 2,800 athletes, coaches and referees in the province, and strive to present a wonderful, complete, distinctive, passionate and friendly sports event, and will take the opportunity of hosting the provincial games to continuously expand the mass base of rugby and other events and promote more citizens to participate.
Proofreading: Tao Shangong

The competition is just around the corner, and the Shougang ski jumping platform starts to make snow! Why use "ice snow"?

Introduction: Actually, the snow used in the competition does not depend on nature, but relies on funa technology.artificial snowHow to "mass production"? What is "ice snow"?
The 2023/2024 season International Snow Federation Single Board and Freestyle Ski Platform World Cup, hosted by the International Snow Federation and co-hosted by China Ski Association, Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and Beijing Shijingshan District People’s Government, will be held in "Snow Flying", the ski platform of Shougang from November 30th to December 2nd.
On November 17th, the snow-making work of Shougang ski jumping platform was officially started. The snow-making work will last until November 27th. After the snow-making work is completed, athletes will be trained before the competition.
(Source: Beijing Evening News)
Snow quality is an important guarantee for ski jumping events. Because this year’s competition time is earlier than in previous years and the weather temperature is higher, the problem of snow making has attracted everyone’s attention.
Such worries are actually unnecessary. The development of snow-making technology is enough for China to realize "freedom of using snow".
Artificial snow is safer and more controllable.
Considering the uncertainty of natural weather process, especially snowfall, international events of snow sports generally use artificial snow to lay snow tracks. The reason is that, on the one hand, funa’s technology is artificially controllable, so it is not necessary to "rely on the sky to eat"; On the other hand, the threshold of this technology is relatively low-as long as the temperature is lower than 0℃, the snow machine can work.
"Usually, funa uses a’ snow cannon’ type snow machine. The principle of this machine is divided into two types. One is to use an ice-making device to produce a small piece of ice, and then use the piece of ice as raw material to make snow; The other is the traditional high-pressure water mixed with air to make snow. " Su Zhengjun, a senior engineer at the Weather Modification Center of China Meteorological Bureau, said.
The traditional artificial snow is to inject water into a special nozzle or spray gun, which uses high-pressure air to divide the water flow into tiny particles. When these water droplets meet the cold outside air, they will quickly solidify into ice crystals and become the well-known snowflakes before landing.
"Artificial snow takes a short time to form and grows fast, and the shape of snowflakes is basically the same. Snowfall in natural weather will have obvious changes in hardness the next day. " Su Zhengjun explained.
In the early morning, when the outdoor temperature is low, the natural snow usually has a high degree of solidification. At this time, the snow is hard, similar to "ice slag". Although this state of snow will make skiers reach a faster sliding speed, it also makes the snowboard’s grip on the ground poor. Especially for beginners, if the soft natural snow is not compacted, the snowboard is very easy to fall into the snow, causing accidents such as rollover and emergency stop.
▲ The smooth machine-pressed snow trail is also called "noodle snow" by fans, and skiing on the machine-pressed snow trail is compared to "eating noodles". The picture shows the snowy road of Changbai Mountain International Resort in Jilin (Source: Xinhua News Agency)
Create a "rubber runway" on the snow
It is easy to understand that artificial snow can help us get rid of our dependence on natural snowfall. So why do some winter sports tracks still use funa in areas with abundant snow and snowfall all the year round?
This has to mention another advantage of funa: customization. According to the needs of different events and different venues, artificial snow can freely adjust the particle size, water content and hardness of snowflakes.
For example, alpine skiing, as a traditional event in the Winter Olympics, has always been known as the "jewel in the crown of the Winter Olympics" because of its strong ornamental value, but the participants in this project are very fast (the top speed can reach 248 kilometers per hour) and the danger is very great, so the requirements for the track are more stringent. In order to build a snow trail that meets the international standards of alpine skiing, the snow used is not ordinary natural snow, but artificial "ice-like snow".
The so-called icy snow is used to describe a state of snow quality on ski resorts. In this state, the density of snowflakes is about 0.65 g/cm3, and the surface of the snow trail remains crystalline, just like a thin "ice shell", which is similar to the ice surface. This kind of snow trail has high hardness and is not easy to be destroyed. It can ensure that the surface of the snow trail is not deformed when the athletes turn at high speed. No matter which time the athletes play, the state of the snow trail is the same and relatively perfect.
▲ Competition-level snow trails are more dense and "more porcelain", sliding faster, but falling more painful (Source: "Chai Know" WeChat WeChat official account)
If icy snow is used to pave the pavement for alpine skiing, it is like building a "plastic track" in the snow, which can not only reduce the friction between the track surface and snowboards and significantly improve the athletes’ performance, but also improve the athletes’ comfort when skiing, protect their body joints and prolong their professional sports career as much as possible.
Shougang ski platform, using crushed ice to make snow.
The snow-making of Shougang ski jumping platform adopted the method of breaking ice to make snow. One side of the ice is crushed into snow powder by an ice crusher, and the snow powder is leveled and compacted by a snowmobile, and piled up from the bottom of the big platform from bottom to top, and the snowy road is paved. After the track is paved, the Xiang Xue surface will be sprayed with water and salt to form the final "ice-like snow" to ensure that the snow conditions of each athlete are basically the same when they slide.
Snow quality is an important guarantee for ski jumping events. "Ice snow" can not only improve athletes’ performance and ski comfort, but also protect athletes’ health. The team has many years’ experience and has served large-scale events such as the Winter Olympics. The team will also communicate with athletes on the quality of snow to satisfy their feelings.
Different from other temporary venues, Shougang ski platform, as the world’s first permanently reserved and used platform competition venue, can meet the load-bearing requirements of snowmobiles in track construction, which also creates a precedent for snowmobiles to lay snow trails on the platform.
(Source: Beijing Evening News)
Snow preservation and snow storage technology to ensure track quality
In fact, for a long time, building a high-quality ice-like snow track has been a technical difficulty in China’s ice and snow industry. In order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games, researchers have made unremitting efforts to establish the territorial parameters for making ice-like snow in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou in Beijing. At the same time, with the help of complete snow-making techniques of water injection and compaction, qualified ice-like snow that meets the climatic conditions of continental monsoon region has been successfully made. Natural snowfall in winter in the local mountainous areas has become the "landscape snow" to decorate the Winter Olympic Games area.
In fact, for the high-standard Winter Olympics Road, natural snowfall is a "burden". If there is snowy weather, the soft natural snow will lead to the "mirror-smooth" icy snow track falling short. In addition, because Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games are in the alternating period of winter and spring, they may encounter other extreme weather, such as sudden rain, which will cause thin ice on the track surface and increase the risks faced by athletes in the competition.
▲ On February 23, 2021, the staff of the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing Division ("Xuefeiyan") were inspecting and trimming the track (Source: Xinhua News Agency)
After the planning of scientific research personnel, if it is really "bad weather", the staff will immediately use the snow-pressing machine to re-compact the snow trail and carry out emergency finishing on the track. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the track, they will also use automatic measuring instruments such as ice and snow hardness tester and ice and snow particle size meter for quick detection, so as to effectively ensure the quality of snow and resume the normal race in the shortest time.
It is reported that in order to ensure sufficient snow during the competition, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics also made a bold attempt in snow storage: when the temperature is low in winter, make qualified snow in advance, and then store it in a flat site until the next year.
This seemingly impossible scheme has passed the feasibility test as early as 2017. The Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee has successfully carried out the snow storage experiment in Yanqing Shi Jinglong Ski Resort. After the test of the following spring and summer, more than 60% of artificial snow was successfully stored.
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How many steps does it take to build an icy snow track?
Building an international and high-level ice-like snow track for Olympic events is not only due to the snow machine. At present, the icy snow track can be divided into two categories: racing track and competitive track. Take the ice-covered snow racing track as an example;
First, the snowmobile needs to open the snow trail, break the snow blocks and loosen the snow surface;According to the location of the track and the temperature at that time, inject water into the snow-only in this way can we ensure that the track has a certain strength and enough elasticity;The embryonic form of an icy snow track is basically formed by constantly turning over the wet snow and pressing it evenly again and again.
▲ Different from the watering method of the racing track, the competitive track adopts the "Z-shaped water injector" water injection method (Source: Beijing Daily)
After that, the staff should ensure that the thickness of the ice-like snow layer is consistent, and there are no big holes in the snowy road. After confirming that everything is correct, flatten the track and let the snow layer form a shiny "ice shell" from bottom to top;After completing all the steps, the staff also need to clean up the floating snow on the track.At this point, a qualified "mirror-like" icy snow track can be put into use.
Author/Reporter Wang Xueying
Editor/Ding Lin New Media Editor/Fang Yongzhen
Interview experts:
Su Zhengjun (Senior Engineer, Weather Modification Center, China Meteorological Bureau)
Source: Beijing Science and Technology News, part of which is integrated with Beijing Evening News.

These new rules in August will affect our lives.

  CCTV News:The dining expenses of business travelers in central units will be settled by themselves, and the pension subsidy standards for some retired soldiers will be raised again … … A number of new regulations will be formally implemented in the coming August. Let’s see how this will affect your life and mine!

  National laws and regulations

  The meals of the business travelers of the central unit will be settled by themselves.

  The Ministry of Finance and others recently issued the Notice on Regulating the Collection and Payment of Travel Meals and Local Transportation Fees, clarifying that the central unit’s business travelers receive food subsidies and local transportation fees according to regulations during their business trips, which will take effect on August 1.

  The above notice requires that during the business trip, except for a working meal arranged by the reception unit according to the regulations due to work needs, the dining expenses will be solved by themselves. Business travelers who need the assistance of the reception unit to arrange meals shall inform the control standards in advance and pay the food expenses to the food providers.

  During the business trip, if the reception unit assists in providing transportation and there is a charging standard, the business trip personnel shall pay according to the standard, and the maximum amount shall not exceed the daily transportation fee standard; If there is no charging standard, each person shall pay 50% of the daily local transportation fee standard every half day.

  Some retired soldiers and other pension subsidy standards will be raised again.

  The Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a notice, starting from August 1, the disability pension standard for the disabled, the regular pension standard for the "three families" (survivors of martyrs, soldiers who died in the line of duty, and survivors of deceased soldiers), and the living allowance standard for the "three reds" (veterans of the Red Army who retired in rural areas, veterans of the Red Army who went west in rural areas, and those who lost the Red Army) will be increased by 10% on the current basis.

  After bidding, the first-class disabled soldiers pension standards for war, work and illness are 88,150 yuan, 85,370 yuan and 82,570 yuan per person per year respectively.

  This is the second time to advance the bidding time to August 1 last year after raising the pension subsidy standards for some retired soldiers and other special care recipients on August 1 last year, and to increase the bidding for living allowances for demobilized soldiers in rural areas.

  At the same time, the regular pension standards for the families of martyrs, survivors of soldiers who died in the line of duty and survivors of deceased soldiers were raised to 27,980 yuan, 24,040 yuan and 22,610 yuan per person per year respectively. The living allowance standards for veterans of the Red Army in rural areas, veterans of the Red Army in the West Road Army in rural areas and the lost Red Army personnel have been raised to 61,130 yuan, 61,130 yuan and 27,580 yuan per person per year respectively.

  Article 12 Immigration and entry-exit facilitation policies will be implemented.

  On July 17, the Ministry of Public Security informed the public security organs of 60 measures to serve economic and social development, the masses and enterprises, among which 12 immigration and entry-exit facilitation policies were promoted nationwide, which will be implemented as the first batch of measures on August 1.

  The new policy mainly covers four aspects: first, expand the scope of foreign talents applying for permanent residence, and provide convenience for foreign high-level talents, foreign Chinese with doctoral degrees or working in key national development areas for a long time, foreign talents with significant outstanding contributions and special needs of the country, and foreigners working in China for a long time who meet wage annual income standards and tax standards; The second is to relax the scope of issuing long-term visas and residence permits, including foreigners who come to China for business, work and research; Third, broaden the scope of foreign talent introduction; The fourth is to improve the service management level of foreigners.

  Handling tax service complaints will be more convenient and efficient.

  In order to further deepen the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform and optimize the tax business environment, State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China recently revised and promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of Tax Service Complaints" to standardize and optimize the tax service complaints, further improve the quality of supervision and complaints, and better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers and payers.

  The new method introduced in this revision has expanded the scope of tax service complaints and made the complaint boundary clearer; Broaden the channels of complaints and make the rights and responsibilities of the subject clearer; Standardize the acceptance process and recompress the processing time limit; Establish a quick handling mechanism to handle complaints more efficiently. The new measures will be officially implemented on August 1.

  "Green Building Evaluation Standard" was updated to five indicators.

  The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently released the revised national standard "Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings", numbered GB/T50378-2019, which came into effect on August 1, and the original "Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings" (GB/T50378-2014) was abolished at the same time.

  By contrast, the revised Evaluation Standard for Green Building establishes a new development model of green building, which is "people-oriented, emphasizing performance and improving quality". The original seven index systems of "land-saving, energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving, indoor environment, construction management and operation management" have been updated into five index systems of "safety, durability, health and comfort, convenient living, resource-saving and livable environment". In addition, the evaluation stage has been reset, the green building grade has been added, and the grade requirements have been set by layers.

  local laws and regulations

  Hainan: Traffic control for vehicles in other places.

  From 0: 00 on August 1st, Hainan will take traffic control on passenger cars that are not issued with license plates (including temporary license plates) in the province.

  Non-provincial number plate passenger cars entering the roads in Hainan Province shall be registered through the internet, telephone or window; The total number of days for each vehicle to pass each year does not exceed 120 days, and it can be handled multiple times. Non-provincial number-plate passenger cars that have been used in this province by institutions stationed in Qionglai and enterprises registered in Qionglai shall be subject to the filing management of transitional passes, and the transitional period shall end on December 31, 2020.

  Guiyang: adjusting the standard of residents’ medical insurance treatment

  According to Guiyang Medical Insurance Bureau, starting from 0: 00 on August 1st, Guiyang will adjust and unify the payment and treatment standards of basic medical insurance and major illness insurance for urban and rural residents.

  Among them, the annual maximum payment limit of Guiyang urban and rural residents’ basic medical insurance pooling fund has been raised to 250,000 yuan. According to the level of the hospital, the proportion of the hospitalization pooling fund for urban and rural residents and the individual sharing of the insured is adjusted as follows: the proportion of the first-class hospital pooling fund is 77%, and the proportion of individual payment is 23%; The proportion of overall fund payment in secondary hospitals is 75%, and the proportion of individual payment is 25%; The proportion of overall fund payment in tertiary hospitals is 60%, and the proportion of individual payment is 40%.

  Wuhan: Real estate agents fully implement real-name registration system.

  On June 14th, Wuhan Housing Management Bureau issued the Detailed Rules for Implementing the Measures for the Administration of Real Estate Brokers in Wuhan (Draft for Comment), which came into effect on August 1st and was valid for 5 years. It stipulates that real estate brokers should register their real names according to state regulations, and brokers should wear real-name registration cards when practicing.

  The above detailed rules also require that brokerage institutions and personnel should be held liable for violating the detailed rules: if a real estate brokerage institution releases the housing information without authorization or fails to do so as required, the district housing management department shall order it to make rectification within a time limit, record it in the credit file, cancel the online signing qualification and impose a fine of more than 10,000 yuan and less than 30,000 yuan. In addition, if the third-party online media release the listing information without authorization or fail to release it according to the regulations, it will also be investigated and dealt with by the market supervision department according to law.

  Wenzhou: Garbage classification standards will be implemented on August 1.

  After Shanghai, Zhejiang Wenzhou version of garbage sorting is coming.

  From August 1st, Wenzhou will implement the latest "Classification Standard for Urban Domestic Waste" issued by Zhejiang Province. Domestic waste is divided into four categories: recyclable, harmful waste, perishable and other wastes. Units and individuals who violate the unclassified domestic garbage shall be ordered to make corrections by the administrative department of city appearance and environmental sanitation; Refuses to correct, the individual shall be fined below 200 yuan, and the unit shall be fined above 500 yuan and below 5,000 yuan.

  ▌ This article Source: CCTV News Synthesis

People who swim for a long time will have these four major changes in their bodies. How many do you know?

Swimming has become a standard sport in summer, and lying in a cold pool in summer is a great pleasure in summer! In addition to the comfort of cooling, swimming has several unknown benefits. Let’s take you to know about the benefits of swimming and related taboos today ~

Four benefits of swimming:

Step 1 lose weight

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Experts’ experiments show that the heat consumed by staying at 12 degrees Celsius for 4 minutes can only be consumed in 1 hour on land at the same temperature. The reason for such a big difference is that the density and heat transfer of water are greater than that of air, so regular exercise in water can gradually consume more fat and shape a more perfect posture.

2. It is beneficial to the recovery of chronic respiratory diseases.

Swimming can exercise the respiratory muscles such as pectoral muscle, diaphragm muscle and intercostal muscle, thus improving the ventilation function of the lungs and improving the efficiency of breathing. Proper swimming exercise is beneficial to the rehabilitation of patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

Step 3 strengthen your heart

As a horizontal exercise, swimming can not only make all parts of the body bear the same gravity, but also balance blood circulation and strengthen the heart.

Step 4 soothe joints

Different types of swimming movements can exercise the joints of the body. In addition, because the water has buoyancy when swimming, the legs are free from supporting the weight, and the main joints of the thighs can be relaxed and relieved.

Although swimming is good,But there are still a few points to pay attention to..

1. It is not advisable to swim for a long time.

The swimming duration should not exceed 1.5-2 hours. Because people stay in the water for a period of time, the blood flow on the body surface expands, and the skin turns from cold to warm. However, once they stay in the water for too long, the skin will gradually appear goose bumps and chills, which will have a certain impact on health.

2. It is not advisable to eat immediately after swimming.

Because swimming consumes a lot of fat and calories, there will be some hunger after swimming. However, eating immediately after swimming will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, which will easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases for a long time. Therefore, you should rest for 1 hour before eating.

3. Patients with otitis media, dermatosis and acute conjunctivitis should avoid swimming.

There are a lot of bacteria in the swimming pool. If people with the above diseases swim again, it will not only make the original condition worse, but even spread the disease bacteria in the swimming pool, causing infection to others.

4. Pay attention to cleaning after swimming.

After swimming, you should take a bath or dry your body with a towel immediately, then drop Chlorella or boric acid eye drops on your glasses and clean up nasal secretions. If there is water in the ear, you should use "jumping on the same side" to discharge the water, so as to avoid the eardrum injury caused by hand digging.