[Rio Olympic Games] On the sixth competition day, China added 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.

       CCTV News:On the sixth competition day of Rio Olympic Games, the China delegation added another gold, three silver and three bronze. Not surprisingly, the second gold medal in table tennis was won by the China team in advance. In the men’s singles final this morning, China’s Malone ZhangJike joined forces successfully, and Malone beat ZhangJike 4-0 to win the championship.

       In the final of shooting women’s 50m rifle three postures last night, China’s Vin won the silver medal with a slight disadvantage of 0.2 ring, while Du Li won the bronze medal.

       In addition, China women’s epee team 38— 44 lost to Romania and won the silver medal.

       In the swimming competition, Shi Jinglin, who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, won the bronze medal in the women’s 200m breaststroke. Wang Shun won a bronze medal in the men’s 200m individual medley final.


       [Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final] Chinese Derby Malone defeated ZhangJike to win the championship.


       In the men’s singles final held this morning in Beijing time, China’s Malone ZhangJike launched a peak matchup. At the beginning of the game, ZhangJike took the lead in entering the state and scored two points in a row. Malone also gradually played, scoring in a row and leading by 7: 4. Since then, the two sides fought fiercely, with a score of 10 and 12 on the field. In the end, Malone struggled to win the first game with 14: 12. After winning the first game, Malone became more and more brave and took the next game at 11: 5. At the beginning of the third game, the two sides fought fiercely, but ZhangJike made more mistakes, and Malone won the third game with 11: 4. In the fourth game, ZhangJike got off to a bad start, losing three points in a row, while Malone kept pulling up the score, ending the game with another 11: 4, and the China delegation won the 11th gold medal. Malone also fulfilled his dream of a grand slam. After the game, Malone surrounded the city with his hands in a loving shape to greet the fans. ZhangJike won the silver medal. >>Looking back: China’s 11th gold medal: table tennis men’s singles "Kelon War" Malone defeated ZhangJike 4-0.

       [Shooting women’s 50-meter rifle three-position final] Vin won the silver by 0.2 rings and Du Li won the bronze.

       Last night, Beijing time, the women’s 50-meter rifle three postures were contested in the final. Du Li, the champion of this event in Beijing Olympic Games, and Vin, who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, advanced as the fourth and seventh in the qualifying competition respectively. In the first kneeling competition, Du Li and Vin both made mistakes, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. After a short period of adjustment, Du Li’s state rebounded in the prone position competition, and she once scored a good score of 10.9 rings. After two postures, she fell behind the German player by 2.3 rings and temporarily ranked third. Vin ranked sixth after two rounds. In the final standing competition, Du Li played her brave role, with a total score of 409.1, overtaking to the first place, and Vin was temporarily ranked fourth with 407.3. In the knockout stage, Vin was calm. When there were four players left on the spot, she made a 10.6-ring counterattack and kept herself on the field. In the final contest, the German player ranked first with the advantage of 0.9 ring ahead of Du Li, and Vin was temporarily ranked third with 0.4 ring behind Du Li. In the last shot, Du Li failed to resist the pressure, only played 8.6 rings, ending her competition for the project with a bronze medal. At this time, Vin was still 1.6 rings behind Englade. Although she played bravely, she finally missed the gold medal with a slight disadvantage of 0.2 rings and won the silver medal with a total score of 458.4 rings. German Englade won the gold medal with a score of 458.6 rings that broke the Olympic final record. >>Looking back: shooting women’s 50-meter rifle in three positions: Vin won the silver by 0.2 rings and Du Li won the bronze.

       [Women’s epee team final] China lost to Romanian team and won the silver medal.


       In the women’s epee team final of the Olympic Games, which ended this morning, the China team composed of Xu Anqi, Sun Yujie, Sun Yiwen and Hao Jialu scored 38-mdash; 44 Regretfully lost to Romania, defending the title and winning the silver medal. In this Olympic Games, the defending China women’s epee team made it all the way, eliminated the Russian team with good strength in the semi-final and advanced to the final. Facing the Romanian team in full swing, the players didn’t get into the state in time. After three quarters, China fell behind 6-9. In the fourth quarter, Sun Yujie played a small climax of 3-1 while his opponent was not stable. At this time, China was only one sword behind the Romanian team. In the fifth section, Hao Jialu, who made her Olympic debut, came off the bench. However, she failed to play the role of raiders, and was defeated by 0-4 in a single quarter. At this time, the total score of China team was 9-14. In the sixth quarter, Xu Anqi played against gherman, which was also the highest level of the game. As a result, Xu Anqi lost 5-7 in this quarter, and China’s disadvantage expanded to 7 swords. In the eighth quarter, Sun Yujie turned the tide with 9-6 to narrow the gap to 5 swords for China. In the last quarter, Xu Anqi played again, but fell behind 0-4 at the beginning. In the end, China lost to Romanian 38-44. >>Looking back: China won the silver medal in the women’s epee team final.