Shenzhen: Consumers will be subsidized by 15% of the sales price when purchasing qualified mobile phones, computers and other products.

  "Shenzhen Releases" WeChat official account News. On May 23rd, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports, and Shenzhen Municipal Health and Health Committee jointly issued "Several Measures for Promoting the Sustainable Recovery of Consumption in Shenzhen".

  Some measures to promote the sustainable recovery of consumption in Shenzhen

  In order to thoroughly implement the national and provincial decision-making arrangements on promoting consumption, stimulate consumption potential, expand consumer demand and boost consumer confidence, the following measures are formulated.

  First, encourage automobile consumption

  (1) Support individual consumers to purchase new energy vehicles. Individual consumers who newly purchase qualified new energy vehicles and get a license in Shenzhen will be given a subsidy of no more than 10,000 yuan/set. Fully implement the national policy of exempting new energy vehicles from vehicle purchase tax. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau)

  (2) Increase the incremental index of ordinary cars. Add 20,000 incremental indicators for ordinary cars, and allocate them to the "unsuccessful" applicants who are still lottery and have participated in more than 60 issues (including 60 issues) through special lottery activities. The winners must purchase qualified fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles (for those who purchase new energy vehicles, the maximum subsidy is not more than 20,000 yuan/set). (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  (3) Relax the application conditions for hybrid car indicators. Individuals with only one car registered in Shenzhen are allowed to buy qualified hybrid cars and apply for licensing indicators. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau)

  (four) to encourage tourist passenger vehicles to use new energy or clean energy. Enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that newly purchase qualified new energy tourist passenger cars (including clean fuel passenger cars) will be given a maximum subsidy of 50,000 yuan/set. Promote party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to purchase green transportation travel services. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  (5) Accelerate the clean replacement of garbage transfer vehicles. Coordinate the procurement of domestic waste transfer services, and accelerate the transformation of diesel waste transfer vehicles into qualified LNG, electric (including power exchange) and hydrogen fuel cell transfer vehicles in accordance with the principle of "full replacement after the contract expires". (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, districts)

  (six) to promote the replacement of fuel trailers in the port. If the fuel trailer in the port is replaced by a qualified new energy vehicle (including a clean fuel vehicle), the maximum subsidy will not exceed 50,000 yuan/set. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau)

  (seven) to increase the promotion and use of new energy vehicles in the public domain. Coordinate the promotion of fuel official vehicles, police cars, state-owned vehicles and other scrapped vehicles to be updated into new energy vehicles. Accelerate the replacement of buses, cruise taxis, etc. (Responsible units: Municipal Organs Administration Bureau, Public Security Bureau, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Transportation Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and all districts)

  (8) Promote the trading of used cars. Expand the pilot scope of second-hand car turnover indicators, and issue second-hand car turnover indicators to qualified second-hand car legal entities. The second-hand car distribution legal person sells the second-hand car it bought, and the value-added tax is levied at a reduced rate of 0.5%. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Transportation Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau)

  (nine) to carry out automobile activities in the countryside. Residents of Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone who purchase new energy vehicles in Shenzhen Administrative District (New District) can apply for the increment index of pure electric cars or hybrid cars according to relevant regulations, and enjoy relevant subsidy policies. Give full play to Shenzhen’s role as a working organization in front of various counterpart assistance areas, strengthen the linkage between government and enterprises, and promote cars to the countryside. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Public Security Traffic Police Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Rural Revitalization and Cooperation and Exchange, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone)

  (10) Expand the export of new energy vehicles. Accelerate the improvement of the production capacity of new energy vehicles in our city, and support the automobile production and export enterprises registered in Shenzhen and exporting complete vehicles through Shenzhen Port to expand the export scale. Improve the level of port logistics facilitation, promote key shipping companies to set up fixed foreign trade ro-ro routes in Shenzhen Port, and fully subsidize berthing fees and port operation lump sum fees for shipping companies that carry export cars. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Transportation Bureau, Finance Bureau)

  Second, expand the scale of the consumer electronics market

  (eleven) to carry out promotional activities of consumer electronic products. Combined with the themes of school season, summer promotion season, traditional festivals, etc., special promotion activities for consumer electronics will be organized in rotation during May-August, and consumers will be subsidized to buy qualified products such as mobile phones, computers (including tablet computers), headphones, stereos, smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, consumer drones, smart home robots, smart fitness equipment, etc., with a cumulative maximum of 2,000 yuan per person. Encourage telecom operators to cooperate with consumer electronics manufacturers in depth and carry out activities such as "replacement subsidy", "telephone fee reward" and "package upgrade". Support the green utilization of recycling equipment. If qualified enterprises recycle old machines and sell them in Shenzhen, they will be subsidized according to 5% of sales. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration)

  (XII) Expand centralized purchase orders. For the needs of party and government organs, institutions and large enterprises such as digital office and employees’ personal use, we will organize production enterprises, telecom operators and service solution providers to hold special centralized procurement activities on a regular basis. Party and government organs and state-owned enterprises are encouraged to purchase qualified consumer electronic products for counterpart assistance. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Finance Bureau, Rural Revitalization and Cooperation and Exchange Bureau, all districts and relevant units)

  (thirteen) the implementation of broadband upgrade for millions of users. Operators are encouraged to upgrade the broadband network speed of home users to more than 500 megabytes (including 500 megabytes) for free, and the tariff standard remains unchanged. In 2022, for operators whose broadband network speed is more than 500 megabytes (including 500 megabytes), the proportion of household users is not less than 60%. According to the number of newly upgraded users, 80 yuan subsidies will be given to each household, with a maximum of 60 million yuan for each operator. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration, districts)

  Third, promote the consumption of household appliances

  (fourteen) to carry out green energy-saving home appliances promotion. Organize household appliance production and sales enterprises to launch activities to benefit the people and make profits. During May-August, consumers will be subsidized to buy qualified household appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and small household appliances according to 15% of the sales price, with a cumulative maximum of 2,000 yuan per person. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau)

  (fifteen) the implementation of affordable housing "bag occupancy" project. Revise and improve the delivery standards of affordable housing (including public rental housing, affordable rental housing, and shared property housing), deliver fully renovated finished products to affordable housing that was completed and qualified during the year, configure basic household products such as range hoods, gas stoves, water heaters and air conditioners that meet the requirements, and carry out pilot projects for smart homes throughout the house. Encourage new commercial housing to be fully renovated and delivered, and provide necessary smart home products. (Responsible units: Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Talent Housing Group, all districts)

  Fourth, do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemics

  (sixteen) increase the intensity of electronic sentry layout. Party and government organs, schools, hospitals and other units shall all install electronic sentries in principle. All districts encourage office buildings, industrial parks and other workplaces to upgrade and transform "electronic sentry+gate" according to epidemic prevention requirements. Eligible transformation subjects will be given a subsidy of no more than 100,000 yuan according to 20% of their total investment. (Responsible unit: relevant units directly under the municipal government, Municipal Finance Bureau, districts)

  (seventeen) actively promote the application of high-tech anti-epidemic products. In isolation hotels, shelter hospitals, special isolation places and other fields, we will increase the popularization and application of high-tech epidemic prevention products such as food delivery and disinfection robots, video intelligent analysis systems, water-based self-disinfection film-forming materials, millimeter-wave radar, epidemic prevention intelligent environmental protection mobile toilets, and nucleic acid detection kiosks. The municipal finance will subsidize the relevant expenses of each district by no more than 3 million yuan according to 20% of the total investment. (Responsible units: Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (eighteen) to expand the application of consumer anti epidemic products. Health departments and public hospitals have increased the procurement scale of nucleic acid sampling materials, testing equipment and reagents, and the city’s large-scale nucleic acid testing capacity has reached 2 million tubes/day. (Responsible units: Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (nineteen) improve the proportion of domestic procurement of medical devices. Implement the national medical equipment procurement policy, strictly examine and approve imported equipment, and increase the promotion of domestic medical equipment. (Responsible units: Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Finance Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Market Supervision Bureau and all districts)

  (twenty) to establish a green channel for innovative drugs. Open a green channel in the city’s drug and medical consumables trading platform, implement online procurement for innovative drugs and medical consumables that meet the listing conditions, and implement "hanging with the newspaper" to support innovative drugs and medical consumables to enter the market in time. (Responsible unit: Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau)

  V. Expanding the market scale of Xinchuang products

  (twenty-one) increase the promotion of Xinchuang products. Formulate the recommendation catalogue of Xinchuang products, organize docking exchange meetings, and subsidize qualified user units that purchase more than 500,000 yuan according to 3% of the purchase amount. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (twenty-two) to improve the application ratio of Xinchuang products. In principle, the purchase proportion of Xinchuang products in new office systems and business systems shall not be less than 20% in key areas such as finance, energy, education, medical care, telecommunications and transportation; The procurement proportion of Xinchuang products in the newly added key information infrastructure shall not be less than 40% for party and government organs and state-owned enterprises. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Communications Administration, relevant units and districts)

  Sixth, promote the consumption of outdoor cultural tourism

  (twenty-three) actively carry out cultural and sports activities on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen’s urban ecological context of "mountains and seas are linked together" and "one ridge, one belt and twenty corridors", and hold a series of tourism activities such as the Gold Coast Tourism Festival and Red Tourism. Encourage the general public to go outdoors, support sports social organizations to organize fitness, camping and other activities in the sinking community, and cooperate with brand manufacturers and distributors that meet the theme of the event to carry out promotional activities. Encourage trade unions at all levels to organize fitness activities and use trade union funds to purchase fitness services for employees according to regulations. Enrich and promote urban cultural menus, actively carry out cultural activities such as grass music festival, beach music festival, Cantonese Opera Week, Youth Art Week, Reading Month and Beautiful Sunday, and run sports events such as marathon and rowing. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports, Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Federation of Trade Unions, Finance Bureau and all districts)

  (twenty-four) held a trend theme consumption activities. Support joint-venture merchants in key business districts to hold themed consumption festivals such as coffee and tea, carry out activities such as tasting, teaching, salons and exhibitions, broaden consumption experience scenes, and create a fashionable and leisure city lifestyle. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, districts)

  (twenty-five) to promote the "one-click reservation" full coverage of sports facilities. Encourage schools and social sports facilities to be open and shared with the public, and promote the "one door, two doors, two entrances in the morning and evening" safety isolation transformation of completed and qualified schools. By the end of June 2022, the school, society, public welfare and other sports facilities will be fully covered by "one-click reservation". Make good use of financial funds such as sports lottery public welfare fund, and make an appointment for sports venues through the "I Shenzhen" platform to enjoy a minimum discount of 60% to promote the growth of sports consumption. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, districts)

  (twenty-six) to promote high-quality intelligent fitness equipment. More than 200 convenience fitness facilities will be built or rebuilt in communities, parks, squares, institutions and other places, and a number of fitness equipment with wide audience, flexibility and high technology will be popularized. Encourage commercial buildings, factories, parks and other key places to purchase and use qualified fitness equipment, and give a maximum subsidy of not more than 10,000 yuan according to 5% of the total actual purchase amount to create a new scene of national fitness. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, Finance Bureau, districts)

  Seven, expand the consumption of bulk commodities.

  (twenty-seven) to carry out the linkage promotion activities of refined oil and "Shenzhen products". Continue to promote "Shenzhen products" into supermarkets, farmers, community fresh stores and e-commerce, encourage gas station direct-operated convenience stores and their online shopping malls to put "Shenzhen products" on shelves, and issue consumer vouchers to consumers who have reached a certain amount in a single refueling or prepaid recharge for purchasing qualified "Shenzhen products" in gas station direct-operated convenience stores or their online shopping malls, and give certain financial subsidies. (Responsible units: Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Commerce Bureau and Finance Bureau)

  (twenty-eight) support enterprises to set up procurement centers and sales companies. For the wholesale and retail leading enterprises that set up purchasing centers in Shenzhen in 2022, 50,000 yuan will be awarded for every 100 million yuan of their purchasing amount in 2022. For the sales company established by manufacturing enterprises in Shenxin in 2022, 500,000 yuan will be awarded for every 100 million yuan of retail sales in 2022. The maximum reward for a single enterprise is no more than 10 million yuan. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Finance Bureau)

  Eight, the safe and orderly resumption of professional exhibitions

  (29) Establish a "white list" system, and support advantageous fashion industries such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, watches, glasses and leather to hold professional exhibitions for professional purchasers on the premise of doing a good job in the normal epidemic prevention work of the participating parties, so as to help the fashion consumer market recover. (Responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

  Nine, increase the "invoice" activities.

  (30) Add 10 million yuan of "prize invoice" funds to carry out "prize invoice" activities in the whole city around the fields of retail, catering, cultural tourism, accommodation, sports, etc. The activity period is from May 1 to the end of the year. (Responsible units: Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Finance Bureau)

  This policy will be implemented as of the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2022. The measures stipulated in the policy shall be formulated and promulgated by the relevant responsible units.

"Chinese style" swept the Rio Olympic Games, and China became online celebrity.

  CCTV News: With the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, China Olympic athletes will once again attract global attention with their tenacious sportsmanship and excellent performance in the world arena. However, you know what? China specialty, which became popular inside and outside the stadium, is popular all over the world, and has "conquered" the world while adding luster to the escort of China athletes.

  Rio Olympics continues the great beauty of China.

  Speaking of China characteristics, what can better represent China than blue and white porcelain? When it comes to oriental women, what can be more beautiful than cheongsam?

Competition equipment of trampoline national team in Rio Olympic Games

                                                    Competition equipment of trampoline national team in Rio Olympic Games

  In this Olympic Games, China trampoline Jinhua will compete in a cheongsam-style "blue and white porcelain" shirt. Presumably, there will be a "drunken Chinese style" with oriental restraint and luxury and beauty. While watching the game, you can also enjoy a fashion show full of China flavor. Do you feel that you have made a lot of money? ! The women’s trampoline will hold a qualifying match at 1 o’clock on August 13 th, Beijing time. I want to see it quickly and wait and see with Xiaobian!

  China mosquito nets are popular all over the world.

  Just when athletes from all over the world were worried about how to prevent mosquitoes, the delegation of China offered a "killer weapon". It is called "national magic weapon" by foreign media, and it is actually an anti-mosquito weapon to help China athletes block Zika virus: mosquito nets.

  With it, mom and dad don’t have to worry about me sleeping anymore, and they don’t have to be smoked by mosquito-repellent incense at night. They wake up naturally when they sleep, which is nontoxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and fresh, and the cot becomes a "princess’s nest" in seconds, and the sense of security is bursting!


  Naughty gymnast Feng Zhe posted a joke in Weibo: A foreigner came over and asked: Can you sell me a white Chinese knot? I said yes, which word do you want, blessing or longevity? But only the red ones! Foreigners explain that it is the kind of white that can cover people! Read after me, it’s called mosquito net, not Chinese knot!

  ESPN sports reporters called mosquito nets "Screen" on their Twitter when they saw gymnasts in China showing mosquito nets! It seems that crooked nuts really don’t understand our summer anti-mosquito artifact.

  Not only foreign journalists are "stunned" by this thing! It is said that Fukuhara Ai and Australian women’s basketball star Elizabeth Cambage also started to use it.


  Fukuhara Ai, a 10-level Northeastern dialect speaker, also received a mosquito net from coach Tang Yuanyuan, which was specially aired on the Weibo.

  What should foreign athletes do if they have no coach from China to deliver mosquito nets? Buy it! So there was a scene where foreign athletes asked Feng Zhe to buy mosquito nets.

  The vast number of netizens have opened their brains for Feng Zhe: @ Designer who loves food: another China artifact after Laoganma’s hot sauce! Seeing the Chinese knot, I feel quite appropriate! @ Xiatangju: It has greatly promoted the vigorous development of small commodity wholesale industry in China. @fffiyyy: Remember to charge! The inheritance left by our ancestors must be collected! @ 京京京京京: Go and apply for intangible cultural heritage or patents or something.

  Waiguoren speaks for Chinese medicine

  On the second day of the Olympic Games, foreign media encountered a Rio puzzle. Why does "flying fish" michael phelps have red dots on him?


  Everyone in China knows this answer. Isn’t this our traditional Chinese medicine therapy, cupping! We are most familiar with the 99K pure domestic products, but our foreign friends are amazed.

  The Associated Press, which jumped out to solve the puzzle, made an endorsement for our domestic product "cupping" for free: the circle is the result of cupping. Athletes use this treatment to help their muscles recover and achieve the best results. Its process is: a therapist heats several small glasses, then buckles them on the skin, and then pulls them out to relax the muscles.

  There are many fans of cupping. Not only Phelps, American male gymnast Naddour took photos of his cupping on his Instagram, but he also talked to USA-Today about the beauty of cupping: "This is the secret weapon to keep me healthy this year, and its effect is better than other treatments I have paid for before."

  The BBC made a special program to explain why athletes "wear a big dark red mark". Reuters reporter carefully studied the efficacy of cupping, thinking that its efficacy includes removing toxins, promoting blood flow, relieving soreness, and even treating insomnia.

  Chinese aunt dances Rio

  When it comes to Chinese aunts, the first thing that comes to mind is the square dance. You must want to ask, what does this have to do with the Rio Olympics? Don’t believe it, Chinese aunts have already jumped the square dance to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!


  At the opening ceremony of Rio Olympic Games, among the dance volunteers who performed Latin enthusiastically, an oriental face was very special. She danced "square dance" at Maracana Stadium on behalf of Chinese aunt.

  The 56-year-old Jiangyin aunt’s name is Chen Jing. Because her daughter works in Rio de Janeiro, Chen Jing submitted an application when she learned that the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games was open to volunteers from all over the world. In February this year, she received an email from the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee informing her that she was selected for the dance performance at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.


  The Rio Olympic Organizing Committee took a single photo for each volunteer and posted it on the walls and pillars of Maradona Stadium.

  Self-confident Aunt Chen Jing showed her grace on the bright stage. Her beauty is integrated into the whole of Brazil and the whole Olympic Games.

  The creation of the wise ancestors may seem commonplace or even inconspicuous to you and me; In the eyes of foreigners, it may be a god-like existence. It seems that Made in China can include not only cutting-edge technology, but also any of your family’s skills and treasures. (Text/An Mengying)

Learn layout, assist in training Go, and walk with artificial intelligence.

  Core reading

  Since the "man-machine war" in 2016, the influence of artificial intelligence on the world of Go is unprecedented. Breaking stereotypes, studying layout, interpreting trends, and assisting training … … Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more involved in the field of Go. Players’ chess skills have been generally improved, training teachers have been reinforced by the situation, and the promotion of running games has gone to the cloud, and the explanation of watching games is more intuitive … … With the extensive application of new technologies, Go and artificial intelligence have joined hands to create a new situation.

  On September 1st, 2020, the first stage of China Men’s Go League was over. In eight rounds, no player or team remained unbeaten. The pattern is no longer strong and weak, and the competition is more suspenseful. Behind this is the overall improvement of the players’ strength. "It is a good phenomenon that there is no victory. The game is very intense and the level is very close." "Chess Saint" Nie Weiping commented after the game.

  This change is not unrelated to the help of Go artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. Breaking stereotypes, studying layout, interpreting trends, and assisting training … … With the increasing participation of artificial intelligence in the field of Go, the human brain and computer are constantly learning from each other. According to industry insiders, compared with before artificial intelligence was integrated into the field of Go, the strength of professional players generally improved a lot.

  Artificial intelligence is widely used in auxiliary training.

  In the seventh round of encirclement, the two players who ranked first in Go in China and South Korea lost at the same time. China’s "seven-time champion" Ke Jie’s 15-game winning streak came to an abrupt end; South Korea’s "post-00" world champion Shen Zhenluan’s five-game winning streak has also come to an end. Just a few days ago, these two players just set a new record on the Goratings World Go Rating List — — Shen Zhen’s score reached an unprecedented 3,800, and Ke Jie’s score of 3,723 also set a new personal high.

  Since the man-machine war between Li Shishi and Alpha Go in 2016, the impact of artificial intelligence on Go is unprecedented. The computer’s precise calculation, learning ability and layout are jaw-dropping. Today’s Go AI software can even make the two sons compete with the top human masters. "Deep powerlessness" once pervaded the professional chess world.

  It has long been a compulsory course for professional players to use AI as technical guidance and study different "problem-solving ideas". China Weiqi Team and Tencent Intelligent Weiqi "Jueyi" renewed their contract until 2022. By providing auxiliary functions such as chess splitting, winning rate, coincidence degree and situation analysis, the special training AI has assumed multiple roles such as coach, sparring partner and chess friend. Before the competition, chess players often use AI to make targeted preparations.

  The "post-90 s" players were the first to grow up through "online chess", and now it’s time to come to the new node of AI. The equalization of training resources has gradually narrowed the gap between new and old players. Young people who are new to professional chess are not short of opportunities to compete with masters, and the growth rate of "post-00" players is further accelerated. "Now every game of chess has become bad. Sitting in front of the board, everyone has similar things. The outcome depends on improvisation and adjustment." China chess player Chen Yaoye said.

  Under the trend that chess players generally benefit from artificial intelligence, who can learn more nutrients is more likely to stand out. After Ke Jie’s defeat in the "man-machine war" in Wuzhen, he reconsidered Weiqi, and his core abilities such as overall view and judgment went up a step. As one of the fastest players in South Korea to accept AI, Shen Zhenqi has made a qualitative leap after learning thousands of games with AI a year and improving the layout shortcomings.

  AI and professional Go are inseparable. With the help of this springboard, in the past, players’ collective chess moves turned more to collective and AI. "Everyone’s collective research will help to digest the ideas of AI faster, which in turn will help more people accept new changes." Hua Xueming, the leader of China Weiqi team, said.

  Chess players’ understanding of Go is constantly updated and expanded.

  Artificial intelligence is regarded as a great change that has never happened before in the world of Go. From the initial dissatisfaction and shock, to the frustration and confusion after the defeat, and then to the research and consultation after in-depth understanding, most players have experienced complex emotional changes. Ke Jie once lamented: "Watching AI play chess is like a fairy fight. We can only appreciate and learn."

  Fujizawa Hedeyuki, a Japanese Weiqi master, once said that there are a hundred chess skills, but I only know seven. When the wave of artificial intelligence hit, everyone realized more and more that this was not modesty. The previous formula of strokes is often overturned under the thinking of AI, and the players’ understanding of Go is constantly updated and expanded, and more possibilities are found on the chessboard. "For example, many strokes of AI are considered according to the overall situation, and there is no fixed stroke in a local situation. This is a chess improvement." China chess player Shi Yue said.

  From opponents to friends, professional chess players and AI find a longer-term way to get along. Ke Jie often analyzes his judgment and understanding through AI, and the data feedback of AI also helps him to absorb and digest it selectively. "I even feel a little dependent on AI, which is something I didn’t dare to think about a few years ago."

  In the past years, chess players have often been puzzled by where to win or lose a game of chess. The accurate analysis of AI can help to get close to the correct answer and make people take fewer detours. At the same time, as the mystery of AI is slowly unveiled, players are increasingly discovering that there is no absolute positive solution to Go, and it is impossible for computers to analyze all the changes. In the end, the competition is still different understandings of chess.

  When the smoke of AI attacking the "last piece of wisdom highland" of mankind is exhausted, the technological changes and the impact of ideas have not damaged the charm of Go, but have brought opportunities to promote the project. After all, the game between people and the emotional and psychological wits of both sides are still beyond AI’s satisfaction at this stage. In other words, artificial intelligence just allows us to treat Go in a smarter way.

  New technology is integrated into all links of Go.

  Before the start of men’s armor this season, the Chinese Go Association held the first online warm-up match in history. With the help of science and technology, the face-to-face "hand talk" of AI practicing chess and "cloud" training, which has been inherited for thousands of years, presents a different look.

  What AI has changed is not only the professional masters in the stadium. In the past, some ordinary chess fans didn’t understand the complicated calculation on the chessboard. Now, with the artificial intelligence explanation and auxiliary game watching system, even "amateurs" can see the situation and win or lose at a glance through the data and judgment fed back by AI, and watch the game more intuitively.

  For a long time after "Alpha Go" was born, AI Go software was only a scientific research project of big companies. Today, AI is already a tool that ordinary chess fans can control. Among all kinds of game software developed by the people, there are not only publicly sold software, but also many open source software that anyone can download and use, and even some "technical stream" chess fans personally adapt the software.

  The teacher problem that once plagued the Weiqi training industry has also been alleviated by using AI as a teaching tool. The "artificial intelligence characteristic curriculum system" that appeared in the past two years has fully stimulated the interest of young people in learning chess and can improve their chess skills in a relatively short period of time. Competition, study, training, training, research and explanation … … The shadow of artificial intelligence has appeared in every link of Go, and it has become a tool to "stimulate human potential".

  Of course, the infiltration of artificial intelligence also brings some "side effects". This year, affected by the epidemic, a large number of Go games were transferred to online. The readily available game software, the game environment that can’t be supervised in real time, and the AI tricks that are difficult to define clearly make the threshold for online cheating lower and lower. Insiders admit that although there are some technical firewalls, there are still dead ends and loopholes, and some "suspected cheating" can’t catch the "real hammer" in time. China Weiqi Association revealed that in the future, anti-AI cheating measures will be improved and the environment will be purified in official competitions through information blocking, space monitoring, using traces, coincidence analysis and dishonesty punishment.

  Even though artificial intelligence is a "double-edged sword", the fallen chess pieces are ultimately in the hands of human beings. As long as the new technology is "controlled and served by people", there is no reason not to try to learn and apply it. Walking with artificial intelligence, the profound world of Go has not been eclipsed, but it has opened up a new situation and has a better chance to bloom brilliantly.

Football Summary: Messi Gods Argentina 7

On March 29th, Beijing time, let’s take a look at the latest situation of the international competition day.

Spain 0-2 away to Scotland

In the second round of Group A of the European Cup qualifiers, McTominay made two consecutive double rings. Spain lost to Scotland 0-2 away, and gave up the top position in the group after swallowing the first defeat. This 0-2 game ended Spain’s five unbeaten games against Scotland. The last time they lost to Scotland was in the preliminaries in November 1984. It has been 39 years since then, when they lost 1-2 away.

Argentina home 7-0 Cura? ao

In the international friendly match, 35-year-old Messi wore a hat at half time, Gonzalez, Enzo, Di Maria and Montiel successively made contributions, and Argentina beat Cura? ao, a weak team in Central and North America, 7-0 at home. Messi reached the milestone of the national team’s 100 goals, and the total number of goals rose to 102. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world football national team goal record holder, still has a gap of 20 goals.

Germany home 2-3 Billytime

In the international friendly match, carrasco, Lu Kaku and De Braune each scored a goal, and Belgium beat Germany 3-2. Four days ago, Belgium just beat Sweden 3-0 in the European preliminaries. On this international competition day, Belgium won two consecutive victories and scored three goals in both games.

Japan 1-2 Colombia, South Korea 1-2 Uruguay

Japan and South Korea, the two top teams in Asia, both lost 1-2. Japan was reversed by Colombia, and South Korea was beaten by Uruguay with two goals. On this international competition day, Japan, South Korea and China were all 1 draw and 1 loss. China’s opponents in the two men’s soccer matches were both New Zealand, while Japan and South Korea were Colombian and Uruguayan.

A "circle of friends" takes 10 minutes to find the lost children, and this police station in Yiwu Public Security is connected with 120,000 residents online.

  "Has anyone seen a child? My child is gone! "

  One day in May, Wang Li, the instructor of the E-commerce Police Office of Jiangdong Police Station of Yiwu Public Security Bureau, suddenly heard such a cry and ran out of the police office. She soon learned the reason: the mother took her daughter to buy medicine in a nearby pharmacy, but she didn’t pay attention for a while. The child was gone.

  E-commerce Police Office is located in Liuyu Village, Qingyan, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu, which is known as "the first village of online stores in China" and a hot spot of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". At present, more than 4,000 online stores have settled in, bringing together more than 25,000 entrepreneurs across the country. In such a large floating population, lost children need to be found quickly.

  Wang Li immediately posted a special "WeChat circle of friends" containing the characteristics and clothes of the lost girl. After more than ten minutes, someone contacted, "There is a child here who looks like what you are looking for." Wang Li took people to find it, and it was indeed a lost child.

  Through a "circle of friends", the lost children were found in 10 minutes, thanks to a pioneering work of Jiangdong Police Station.

  Grassroots policing also needs digital tools.

  The circle of friends searching for people originated from Wang Li’s corporate WeChat, which can directly reach more than 2,000 residents around the e-commerce police office.

  The head of the publisher is dressed in a police uniform, and there is the identity of "@ Jiangdong Police Station" after the name. People who find clues can chat with the police instructor directly by clicking on the head. This is the key to quickly find the lost children.

  This situation does not only appear in the e-commerce police office. In fact, the entire Jiangdong police station has established a smart policing platform based on enterprise WeChat, that is, "WeChat policing". It has also been combined with the work of "Party building+unit+policing" and "one village and one auxiliary police" based on WeChat, and achieved very good results.


  Jiangdong Street is located in the center of Yiwu, which is the largest and narrowest area among several streets in the city. The street has a local population of 87,000 and a foreign population of 217,000, including nearly 3,000 foreigners. It is the most alert and complicated area in Yiwu and even the whole Jinhua area, and efficient and convenient communication channels between the police and the people are very necessary.

  Yiwu Jiangdong Street has a cluster of online merchants, developed logistics, and the gradual spread of 5G networks. The unique resource advantages have made digitalization a breakthrough in public security grassroots innovation.

  Can the auxiliary police at the grass-roots level have a continuous and efficient contact with the residents in the jurisdiction with the help of tools?

  At this time, Tencent’s enterprise WeChat attracted the attention of the leaders of Jiangdong police station: free tools, interoperability with WeChat, and more members and external relationship management functions were the reasons for them to decide to give it a try.

  It is a valuable experience of Jiangdong police station to sink the police and auxiliary police into villages and communities. On April 29th, Jiangdong Police Station officially launched the work of "one village and one auxiliary police" in the village. More than 100 policemen and auxiliary police officers in charge of grass-roots policing have their own "exclusive" service areas, and they have a new identity: resident police instructors.

  With the full operation and maintenance support of Tencent’s official WeChat service provider, the first enterprise WeChat platform of "Public Security Police Station" in China has also been launched. The identity of police instructors is bound to their own enterprise WeChat accounts, and residents in the jurisdiction only need to use WeChat to add them. Moreover, in the eyes of residents, they have both officially certified business cards and friends who can communicate at any time in the address book.

  The first attempt achieved good results. On the afternoon of May 24, Ms. Zhou, who lives in Jiangdong, encountered a common scam when she visited the supermarket. She won a "grand prize" with the supermarket vouchers, and she only needed to make up the difference to get a "valuable" jade bracelet.

  The heart-warming Ms. Zhou hesitated to make up the difference. Soon, she remembered the police instructor Wang Yuqiang she had added and sent a message to ask. Seeing the news, Wang Yuqiang immediately called a voice call. He reminded Ms. Zhou to carefully measure the physical value of the bracelet and avoid impulsive consumption.

  "If it weren’t for instructor Wang’s timely reminder, I would have bought the bracelet impulsively at that time, so I regretted it and couldn’t find a place to make sense." When she mentioned the experience of "lucky draw", Ms. Zhou looked lucky.

  Resolve contradictions and disputes on the spot

  At the end of the police station, from the leader as the manager to the front-line auxiliary police, there is also a great need for a tool to improve efficiency.

  The high incidence and complicated police situation put a lot of pressure on Jiangdong police station. According to Lou Xiaolei, director of Jiangdong Police Station, in normal times, the police station handles nearly 100 police cases every day on average. Among them, in addition to common cases such as property infringement and gambling on drugs, during this year’s epidemic, new telecommunication network fraud involving masks, temperature guns and helmets also appeared frequently. "In addition, some economic disputes, consumer disputes, family disputes, and non-police alarms such as getting lost, asking for help, drunkenness, noise and moving cars. 110’ Alarm ",

  This represents the people’s trust in the police, but at the same time, the non-police situation consumes a lot of police force and often consumes the safety satisfaction of ordinary people.

  "Controlling cases and reducing police situation" is the main line of the work of grass-roots police stations. Accusing a case requires pre-publicity by the police and timely intervention before the case occurs; On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent and stop telecommunication network fraud cases as much as possible, on the other hand, it is necessary to try to resolve disputes and non-police conflicts on the spot. At the beginning of this year, the new team of Jiangdong Police Station took the lead in proposing the goal of creating a "Fengqiao-style police station", that is, "small things don’t leave the village, big things don’t leave the town, contradictions don’t be handed over, and conflicts are resolved on the spot".

  Under the leadership of Lou Xiaolei, corporate WeChat has become a "good helper" for "controlling the case and reducing the alarm".

  The e-commerce economy in Jiangdong street is developed, and telecommunication network fraud is high. Anti-fraud propaganda is also the top priority of Jiangdong police station. Now, the resident police instructor can send the anti-fraud propaganda uniformly produced by the police station to WeChat friends in the jurisdiction through the enterprise WeChat. This method is more accurate than distributing leaflets and posting posters.

  In order not to disturb residents too much, police instructors also conduct anti-fraud propaganda through the "customer circle of friends" function of enterprise WeChat. Its content can be edited by the police station and then pushed to all police instructors with one click. They just need to click "OK" to synchronize the content.

  These two methods also bring a very practical benefit: "zero cost", which can save tens of thousands of yuan each time compared with the receiving group of hundreds of thousands of people who send short messages in groups through operators.

  The anti-fraud propaganda sent by police instructors accurately prevented a fraud case of pretending to be a school teacher to collect training fees.

  Enterprise WeChat is also a good reporting channel to help police stations crack down on illegal crimes.

  On May 20th, Mr. Li, a resident, contacted Wu Wentao, a police instructor, through the enterprise WeChat to provide clues to help solve an online gambling gang case, involving a "tap" of up to 200,000 yuan.

  Smooth communication channels between residents and police instructors in the jurisdiction are also of great help to resolve conflicts on the spot and absorb the police situation.

  Jimingshan Community in Jiangdong Street has a total population of 35,000, including 25,000 foreigners from 31 provinces, more than 2,000 residents from 29 ethnic minorities, more than 1,300 foreigners from 74 countries and more than 3,500 local residents. It is called "United Nations Community".

  In response to frequent police incidents, the police instructors in Jimingshan Community use corporate WeChat to handle the help and disputes of residents in the area at any time. "Even at 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock in the evening, if our team members receive it, they will reply in time," said Jin Xiaowei, the stationmaster of Jimingshan Community Police Guidance Station. "Moreover, corporate WeChat can take screenshots, send pictures, and have voice or video conversations, which is more intuitive than telephone calls."

  This has caused many disputes and non-police police situations to be quickly resolved. From April to June 2019, there were more than 1,130 police situations in Jimingshan community, which dropped to more than 700 in the same period this year. "The police situation has declined, and the people’s sense of security and satisfaction has naturally improved."

  Connect 120,000 residents in the jurisdiction.

  With the initial results of the "WeChat policing" model, Jiangdong police station felt greater responsibility, and they began to think about two more important issues: how to connect more residents in the jurisdiction? What other digital capabilities can be combined with grassroots policing?

  It is not easy to add WeChat of residents in the jurisdiction on a large scale.

  "Tower Group" provides "seed users" for police instructors, and some landlords and tenants will actively add them through the corporate WeChat business cards shared by the group, but after this wave, the real test will come.

  Each police guidance station of Jiangdong Police Station has its own magic power.

  Huang Pengfei, the stationmaster of Wuai Community Police Guidance Station, uniformly printed the corporate WeChat business cards for the police instructors. When doing the registration of floating population, fire protection propaganda and anti-fraud propaganda on a daily basis, he would specially ask everyone to bring business cards and introduce the benefits of adding police instructors from door to door.

  In less than two months, five police instructors in Wuai Community have added more than 5,600 friends. As of mid-June, 72 police cases have been handled through corporate WeChat, including asking for help, lost children, theft, fraud, economic disputes, housing disputes, etc. "Many people will directly report their problems through corporate WeChat, and there are private telephones on our corporate WeChat business cards. Some things are urgent, and they will call directly with a phone call."

  The police instructors in Jimingshan community also used this "street fighting" approach. The stationmaster Jin Xiaowei even asked the team members to post the corporate WeChat business card on the back of their mobile phones and promote it at any time during their daily visits. "The idea I gave them was ‘ Always think about it in your heart and promote it at any time ’ 。”

  In addition, in the conspicuous position of the village (neighborhood) Committee, including the counters of restaurants and express delivery points, the QR code of the corporate WeChat of the police instructor was also posted. "Residents may not add it at first, but when something happens, he will think of it and contact us directly after adding it."


  By June 30th, Jiangdong Police Station had added more than 120,000 WeChat accounts through the real-name certified enterprise WeChat accounts within two months. It is equivalent to that nearly half of the residents in Jiangdong area have established direct contact with police officers.

  According to statistics, since the launch of the enterprise WeChat of Jiangdong Police Station, it has received more than 16,000 police consultations in just two months. Among them, 237 cases were guided to properly handle the police situation, more than 1,400 people were asked for help, 3,154 people were declared by the floating population, 276 cases were consulted on online fraud, 32 cases were stopped from online fraud, and more than 11,000 people were consulted on contradictions and disputes, household registration business and residence declaration.

  At the same time, the total police situation in Jiangdong Police Station decreased by 10.94% from May to June this year, among which the police situation of telecommunication network fraud decreased by 17.91% and the police situation of disputes decreased by 22.15% compared with the same period of last year. …….

  Behind connecting residents is the initial intention of Jiangdong police station to truly serve the masses.

  Jiangdong police station is still exploring more digital capabilities.

  For example, they hope to use the video conference function to arrange the work for the police instructors in the village; In the process of contradiction and dispute mediation, we can also try to let lawyers and mediators participate through video conference to break through the time and space restrictions; The hottest webcast at the moment can also be used for anti-fraud propaganda.

  In their idea, Jiangdong Police Station can even be combined with enterprise WeChat to create an "online police room". In addition to the simple graphic, audio and video communication between police instructors and residents, it can also be based on the API interface opened by enterprise WeChat to move more and more complex police services online in the form of small programs, so that each resident auxiliary police can play a greater role.

  "Our current police are really hard. They work in three shifts and have to deal with twenty or thirty police situations a day. Now we have absorbed some police situations through the prevention and treatment of "WeChat policing", which is a great burden reduction for them and a more intimate policing service for ordinary people. "

What is the right tire pressure in winter?

In winter, the tire pressure adjustment of automobile tires should be based on the standard air pressure, and it should be appropriately raised by about 0.2bar to ensure driving safety.

Proper tire pressure is very important for automobile driving. Excessive tire pressure will reduce the friction and adhesion of tires, affect the braking effect, and may lead to steering wheel vibration and deviation, reducing driving comfort. At the same time, too high tire pressure will also accelerate the local wear of the central pattern of the tire and shorten the service life of the tire. In addition, too high tire pressure may also make the tire cord stretch and deform excessively, reduce the elasticity of the carcass, increase the load of the car while driving, and reduce the rolling resistance, thus increasing the risk of tire puncture.

On the other hand, too low tire pressure will also bring many problems. Too low tire pressure will increase the friction coefficient between the tire and the road surface, leading to an increase in fuel consumption. At the same time, too low tire pressure will make the steering wheel heavy and prone to deviation, which is not conducive to driving safety. In addition, too low tire pressure will also increase the amount of exercise in all parts of the tire, and excessive rolling will cause abnormal heating of the tire, reduce the functions of the cord and rubber, and cause damage such as delamination or cord breakage. In severe cases, too low tire pressure may also lead to a double increase in friction between the tire and the ground, a sharp increase in tire temperature, and a sharp decline in tire strength, which may eventually lead to a puncture.

Therefore, when adjusting the tire pressure of automobile tires in winter, the principle of standard air pressure and appropriate upward adjustment should be followed to ensure driving safety.

Zhang Bin: Spreading a Healthy Lifestyle

Zhang Bin, a national social sports instructor from Xicheng District, Beijing, is also a representative inheritor of Tongbei Boxing, a non-legacy ape. He was selected as the most beautiful social sports instructor in 2023 in the form of online recommendation.

In recent years, Zhang Bin, based on the basic skills of Tongbei Boxing and guided by the combination of medicine and martial arts, has compiled a series of fitness techniques for Tongbei Boxing, which has been used as a starting point to carry out public fitness activities for all. "The biggest advantage of our team is to make full use of the Internet to carry out publicity work." Zhang Bin said. At present, they have opened an account named "White Ape Wudao" on multiple platforms, with more than 400,000 fans on the whole network. Colorful network activities such as "keeping pace with me, walking with health" and "practicing in summer, rocking arm with me" have attracted a group of people’s attention and participation.

In addition, Zhang Bin and the team also carried out the theme activity of "Back-to-Back Fitness Exercise for Healthy China" and conducted public welfare training on Back-to-Back Fitness Exercise. In October this year, they actively responded to the call of the State Sports General Administration and organized the second national online exchange and exhibition activity of "Striving for a New Journey to Promote Health", which was attended by 91 teams and 730 people from all over the country.

In addition to giving full play to online advantages, Zhang Bin and his team also carried out many offline activities with the strong support of Xicheng District Sports Bureau and Beijing Social Sports Management Center. Since 2018, we have organized and carried out the public fitness activities of "National Fitness into the Community, Through Back Fitness to Benefit the Public"; Three public welfare counseling stations have been set up in Fayuan Temple, Yuetan Park and Wanshou Park. Set up a volunteer team to carry out public welfare activities … At present, Tongbei Fitness has formed a new national fitness project mainly in Xicheng District, covering eight urban areas in Beijing, more than a dozen provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, with hundreds of teams and tens of thousands of people participating. In 2022, Tongbei Fitness was selected into the National Fitness Volunteer Service Project Library of the State Sports General Administration.

"I am deeply honored and responsible to be selected as the most beautiful social sports instructor in 2023." Zhang Bin said that the duty of social sports instructors is not only to impart sports skills, but more importantly, to spread a healthy lifestyle and advocate a positive outlook on life, so as to help people find happiness in sports and improve their quality of life. (From December 19th, China Sports Daily, 05 edition)

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