Big soda, drink big kiln – this summer’s most popular big kiln drink investment is in progress…

The beginning of summer in 2022 is approaching, and the temperature continues to rise. This is the golden stage for beverage sales, and it is also an important time for dealers to choose products and brands. For dealers, the correct choice determines the annual income. Therefore, when the peak season "soda war" is about to start, which brand to choose has become the top priority.

But it is undeniable that no matter how the market changes, following the popular brands will definitely not suffer. Nowadays, the "big soda" category is very popular in the market. As the pioneer of the "big soda" category, Dayao Beverage has extremely high brand influence, good market performance, and signed the screen hero Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson in early 2022, with broad prospects. Therefore, whether it is looking at the intensive farming ability and track position, or looking at the company’s planning and competitiveness from a distance, Dayao Beverage is the best choice for major distributors.

Eight core production bases ensure product quality and high profits for distributors

With the expansion of the market territory, Dayao is also investing heavily in building its own production base and gradually realizing a wider production and logistics layout. At present, it has 8 core modern production bases in the four major regions of Northwest, North China, Northeast and East China. The core origin layout can not only ensure product quality, but also achieve low transportation costs, sufficient and timely supply, minimize costs, and then release huge profit margins to dealers.

Big Kiln Beverage Inner Mongolia Shalqin Factory Renderings

The "Big Soda" track is hot, and Dayao drinks have become the category benchmark

As a leader in the domestic "big soda" category, in October 2021, Dayao Beverages joined hands with "Hua and Hua" to create the brand super discourse of "big soda, drink big kiln", and took "big soda" as the brand strategic positioning, continued to take "big soda and aerated beverages" as the core characteristics, and played the marginal effect of the brand.

In addition to strengthening its unique advantages in "big soda", Big Kiln Beverage has also created a category benchmark for large glass bottles of soda, attracting brands to imitate. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative output of carbonated beverages (soda) in China reached 19.964 million tons from January to October 2021, an increase of 20.8% year-on-year. From the perspective of explosive categories, its core mainstream products are large-size soda with more than 500 ml. It can be seen from the "Domestic Soda Evaluation" activity initiated by "Food Industry Headlines" that 8 of the 21 soda brands participating in the evaluation have launched large-size soda products, winning with large capacity, accounting for one-third. It can be seen that "big soda" has become a trend.

all-roundMarketingHelp dealers win the end point

In today’s increasingly fierce competition, the success of an enterprise is definitely the success of its organizational system. Dayao Beverage has been deeply involved in the industry for decades, and its popular taste, personalized product image, extensive catering distribution channels and good agency services have always been the objects of competition among major distributors. However, for the existing market achievements, Dayao Beverage does not stop there, but continues to make efforts in brand marketing methods.

In January 2022, Dayao signed a powerful movie star Wu Jing as the brand spokesperson, and the whole network was boiling for a while. Wu Jing’s "positive energy representative" attribute was quickly grafted onto the Dayao brand, solidifying the national temperament of Dayao and enhancing the comprehensive potential of the brand. And its endorsement advertisements will also be simultaneously landed on CCTV, Moments and all media platforms such as major market business circles, elevators, and transportation across the country during the peak sales season, dedicated to participating in every scene of consumer life and work, and rooting the brand concept in the hearts of every audience.

In the national sales end point, the end point lighting project of the big kiln this year has been fully blossomed, and large-scale implantation of the big kiln brand super sign "color bar lace", brand slogan "big soda, drink big kiln", brand spokesperson Wu Jing image, and catering end point sales slogan "don’t drink, drink big kiln", so that big kiln drinks are everywhere and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Big Kiln Beverages continues to innovate and enrich product categories, helping distributors capture the peak season market

In order to inherit the classics, new changes are required. In the context of consumption upgrades, the category of the beverage industry is constantly differentiated and reconstructed, and the products are rapidly iterated and upgraded. On the basis of the original star single products, Dayao Guests and Dayao Chengnuo, Dayao Beverages has successively launched more flavors and specifications of carbonated beverages, such as 520ml glass bottles, Dayao Liai, 275ml small kiln fruit steam, 1.314L Dayao Guests, Dayao Yinnuo, Dayao Lixiang, and many independent innovation products such as innovative carbonated products based on zero sugar series, successfully built a diversified product matrix, helping distributors seize the beverage peak season market. Nowadays, Dayao Beverage has fully deployed innovative product lines such as carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, vegetable protein drinks, and 0 sugar. It is believed that Dayao Beverage will bring greater surprises to the industry and greater dividends to distributors in 2022.

After years of development, Dayao Beverage has achieved great success. At present, the products have covered nearly one million end point outlets in 35 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and are exported to Mongolia. The market share is high and the customer source is stable. I believe that more partners will join Dayao in the future and create the era of domestic soda together.

For distributors who really want to join, Dayao will adopt a "four-dimensional evaluation system", that is, four dimensions of ability base, soft factors, industry status, and cooperation willingness to comprehensively select them. For distributors who have reached a cooperation, Dayao will carry out 1v1 face-to-face auxiliary management, send city managers and regional managers to the regional market, and effectively analyze and solve the actual problems encountered in market expansion such as channel development, market distribution, and product sales.

At this stage, Dayao Beverages is attracting investment. Interested beverage dealers can contact them through the official website of Dayao for details.

Huawei held the spring flagship new product launch conference, and released more than ten new products.

People’s Political Consultative Conference Online, Shanghai, March 24 th(Reporter Shark Wang) On March 23, 2023, the spring flagship new product launch conference of Huawei was held in Shanghai. Huawei P60 series, the flagship of a new generation of intelligent image and technology aesthetics, and Huawei Mate X3 series, the flagship of a new generation of folding screen, were released. At the same time, Huawei WATCH Ultimate, Huawei Bracelet B7, Huawei FreeBuds 5, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+,Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023, Huawei Enjoy 60, Huawei Xiaozi Ling Parent Route Q6, and Huawei Qingyun, a brand-new terminal commercial brand, all appeared.

Huawei P60 Series: A Breakthrough of Smart Images

The brand-new image flagship Huawei P60 series inherits the excellent genes of Huawei P series photography and aesthetics, and is equipped with the super-focusing XMAGE image system. Through the full link upgrade of the image architecture, the optical system structure of the main camera and telephoto is changed, and the super-focusing telephoto lens group is created, bringing extraordinary image experience. On this basis, Huawei P60 series has made a new interpretation of classic colors. In addition to the three colors of feather sand purple, feather sand black and emerald green, it also brings a brand-new rococo white. Rococo white color matching adopts the industry’s first "light-condensing Fritillaria process", which is hand-made and blended with natural mineral pearl powder to make the fuselage shine and realize the natural texture that can’t be copied like natural Fritillaria. Each branch is unique.

Huawei P60 series brings together advanced innovative technologies, and its product strength has been upgraded. For the first time, it supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, uses four-curved Kunlun glass to be ten times resistant to falling, uses Linxi communication technology, and supports cutting-edge black technology experiences such as 88W super wired fast charging Turbo. The product is also equipped with HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system for the first time, which brings the improvement of exquisiteness and quality.

In addition, Huawei P60 Art was also released in shock, and its products were inspired by the island, shaping the iconic island camera shape and creating a pioneer of artistic aesthetics.

At the press conference, Yolanda, ambassador of Huawei P60 series images, announced the launch of the "Good images are not afraid of the night" image collection activity, calling on users to use Huawei P60 series to discover the beauty of the night, record light and shadow stories and give art to life.

Brand-new folding flagship Mate X3: Breaking the weight limit


Huawei’s brand-new folding flagship Mate X3 has broken through the weight limit, and the overall weight of the plain leather model is only 239g. It is also the industry’s first four-fold folding fuselage, which is warm and comfortable. The internal and external double screens have been certified by SGS in Switzerland for their fall resistance and impact resistance. Equipped with the industry’s highest PPI, Huawei Lingjing TM display large screen, with ultra-high resolution, dual 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and full color gamut and full link color management, making it the first large-screen folding mobile phone with both internal and external screens certified by Rheinland TV. In terms of performance, it supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, and at the same time, it is equipped with super-strong communication to ensure users’ worry-free signals anytime and anywhere; Open the all-round shooting experience, have a periscope 5 times optical zoom, and support the functions of fast flash and hovering photography.

Huawei WATCH Ultimate: The World’s First Popular Smart Watch Supporting Two-way Beidou Satellite News


As the wearable device closest to the body, Huawei WATCH Ultimate has become the world’s first popular smart watch that supports two-way Beidou satellite messages. Support one-click transmission of Beidou satellite messages, and you can ask for help without ground network signals.

Smart watch equipment is small in size, limited in internal space and relatively small in battery capacity. In order to realize the satellite communication technology of wrist wearable devices, it is necessary to break through two major problems: signal transceiver and battery discharge in low temperature environment. To this end, the extraordinary master of Huawei WATCH Ultimate has realized the signal transmission foundation in a small volume space through miniaturized RF module, built-in suspended antenna design and innovative nano-molding integrated technology case. Nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel can also play the role of antenna energy convergence, making signal transmission faster and more stable. In addition, Huawei has also designed a brand-new intelligent battery heating scheme, so that the watch battery can still maintain strong power at low temperature and guarantee the signal.

At the same time, the watch adopts ultra-strong amorphous zirconium alloy case; Support 100-meter deep-sea diving, and at the same time add a variety of diving modes such as leisure scuba diving and technical diving (to be upgraded by subsequent OTA), bringing a new experience of sports performance of smart watches; In addition, Huawei WATCH Ultimate supports basic health monitoring such as heart rate and blood oxygen. At the same time, users who wear it can join a number of health studies in cooperation with third-party medical institutions, bringing users more professional and richer high-level health management services.

Huawei Call Bracelet B7: Bracelet and Headset Two-in-One Health Monitoring Upgrade

At the press conference, a new generation of Huawei call bracelet B7 was officially unveiled. Continuing the two-in-one form of Huawei bracelet B series classic bracelet-earphone, Huawei call bracelet B7 is equipped with a 1.53-inch 3D curved flexible screen with a pixels per inch of 326PPI;; The whole machine is as thin as 12.5mm, bringing wrist aesthetics with angular and tough business style design; Equipped with Kirin A1 chip and dual MIC noise reduction, the anti-interference is more stable and the voice call is clearer; Automatic blood oxygen detection is added, and health functions such as intelligent heart rate monitoring, stress housekeeper and female physiological cycle management are supported. With the unique product form and innovative technology of two-in-one bracelet and headset, more people can experience intelligent, healthy and convenient digital life.

Huawei FreeBuds 5: Interpreting the New "Sound" of Aesthetics

FreeBuds 5 adopts a new "water drop" shape. The drop-type earphone handle has a larger ear-sticking area and multi-directional and multi-point support, which reduces the wearing pressure and brings a more comfortable experience; The original arch bridge ear pole can disperse the pressure on headphones and ear canal during tapping operation, and the interactive experience is more stable and relaxed. Full-link high-resolution sound quality, semi-open comfortable noise reduction and intelligent audio connection meet the needs of users from fashion design, comfortable wearing, high-quality listening to seamless flow of multiple devices.

Huawei also introduced a brand-new TWS in-ear earphone, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+.Based on the full-link high-resolution sound quality certified by Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2, it is innovatively equipped with the ear heart rate and body temperature detection function. When used with HUAWEI Health App, it can support sports data recording and information broadcasting, so that users can easily understand their own sports status and enjoy a more intelligent and convenient sports and healthy life while listening to songs and sports.

Huawei MatePad 11: Leading the New Experience of Paperless Learning Screen


Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 tablets (soft light version and standard version) were released, and four new color schemes were introduced: streamer purple, island blue, crystal diamond white and obsidian black.

Among them, the soft light version is equipped with Huawei’s first paper-like soft light screen, which can eliminate 97% of the interference light in the environment, reduce the glare reflection problem in the strong light environment, and obtain the industry’s first German TUV non-reflection certification and SGS low visual fatigue gold standard certification. According to the visual fatigue test results of Human Factors and Intelligent Interaction Research Center of China National Institute of Standardization, the flat panel equipped with soft light screen will reduce the brain fatigue index by 20% and the eye discomfort by 41% compared with the traditional flat panel products, which really makes the flat panel more comfortable to watch.

At the same time, with HUAWEI M-Pencil (the second generation), it restores the paper-like reading and writing experience, breaks through the common problems such as slipping and not following hands on the traditional screen, and the rustling of brush strokes substitutes people into an immersive atmosphere, which helps to improve learning concentration.

Lingxiao technology: leading the whole house Wi-Fi experience innovation

In view of the fact that traditional Mesh and single routing can’t solve the problem of high-speed and stable coverage of Wi-Fi in the whole house, Huawei has introduced new Lingxiao PLC technology, Lingxiao super networking and Linxi dual Wi-Fi and other advanced technologies to lead the innovation of Wi-Fi experience in the whole house and provide consumers with solutions to meet the needs of good Wi-Fi in the whole house.

At the same time, as the first whole-house Wi-Fi product equipped with Lingxiao technology, Huawei’s Xiaozi Ling bus route Q6 combines many characteristics such as wide coverage, strong performance, efficient networking, intelligence and safety, which makes the wires turn into fast network lines and solves the wall problems.

HUAWEI asks: HarmonyOS 3 will be upgraded for all models.

Aiming at the three major pain points of "less application, slow upgrade and poor experience" of traditional car machines, HUAWEI asked all models in the world to upgrade HarmonyOS 3. After the upgrade, car owners can enjoy rich new functions such as super desktop, smart car search, PC collaboration, small art and no wake-up, and the new privacy mode of the main driver will protect the personal information security of car owners.

At the same time, the advanced intelligent driving versions of HUAWEI’s Wujie M5 and Wujie M5 EV equipped with the latest Huawei intelligent driving technology will be released in April.

The official response is that the starting price of L6 is only 259,800 yuan?

  [car home Information] Recently, the relevant parameter configuration information of (|) was exposed on the Internet, which also included the model price. The Pro version sold for 259,800 yuan, and the Max version sold for 289,800 yuan. In this regard, the ideal official responded that "the online price speculation is false, and we have not announced the price, so please pay attention to the release of L6."

Home of the car

"Ideal L6 price and configuration for network exposure"

  The ideal L6 is a medium and large five-seat SUV, which is positioned below the ideal L7, a family intelligent luxury five-seat SUV within 300,000 yuan, a luxury five-seat SUV and a flagship five-seat SUV. Earlier, Liu Jie, vice president of LI Commerce, said that Ideal L6 would be listed in the second quarter, focusing on the market of 250,000-300,000 yuan.

  According to the exposure configuration table, the ideal L6 comes standard with dual-motor four-wheel drive, with a cruising range of 1390km under CLTC condition. It adopts front double wishbone independent suspension and rear five-bar independent suspension, and is equipped with CDC continuous variable damping shock absorber.

LI Ideal L7 2024 Pro

"Ideal L7 Interior"

  The dimensions of the central control panel and the auxiliary driving panel are both 15.7 inches, which are the same as the ideal L7, so the interior is likely to continue the design of L7. Equipped with 19 speakers, the same as L7; Pro comes standard with AD Pro high-speed intelligent driving, and Max comes standard with AD Max full-scene intelligent driving, which is the same as L7. That is to say, Pro version supports high-speed road section assisted driving, and Max version supports city+high-speed road section assisted driving.

Home of the car

Home of the car

"The ideal L6 real vehicle for network exposure"

  In terms of appearance, the design of ideal L6 and L7 is highly consistent, and the family-style design language is still adopted. In terms of the differences between the two cars, firstly, the laser radar at the top is better integrated with the roof; secondly, compared with L7 and L6, the style details of the penetrating daytime running lights are optimized, and the light strips become more slender, with small yellow lights on both sides. At the same time, the headlight group continues to adopt split design, but the lamp body is different from L7, and the front enclosure of the vehicle is the heat dissipation port of the engine, and the style is also different from L7.

Home of the car

"The ideal L6 real vehicle for network exposure"

  On the side of the car body, the difference between L6 and L7 is also very subtle. From the real car diagram, the wheelbase of the new car is obviously shorter, and the rear suspension is shorter. According to a store sales representative who has seen a real car before, the ideal L6 is smaller than the L7 in obvious size. The ideal L6 has a length, width and height of 4925/1960/1735mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm, while the ideal L7 has a length, width and height of 5050/1995/1750mm and a wheelbase of 3005mm, so the dimension data of the ideal L6 is obviously smaller.

Home of the car

"The ideal L6 real vehicle for network exposure"

  At the rear of the vehicle, penetrating taillights are still used. The difference with L7 is that the L6 license plate is still at the bumper, and the size of the whole tailgate is not small. The positions of the reflective strips on both sides of the bumper have also been adjusted.

  In terms of power, the ideal L6 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine as an extended range system, with a maximum power of 113kW. The battery suppliers are still from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Xinwangda, which are expected to be the same as the Air version and Pro version of L8. However, it is worth noting that according to the previous application information, this model is all lithium iron phosphate battery versions, and we can pay attention to whether there will be a ternary lithium battery version in the future. (Source: Xiaohongshu Automobile Research Institute; Compile/car home Qin Chao)

"Chinese style" swept the Rio Olympic Games, and China became online celebrity.

  CCTV News: With the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, China Olympic athletes will once again attract global attention with their tenacious sportsmanship and excellent performance in the world arena. However, you know what? China specialty, which became popular inside and outside the stadium, is popular all over the world, and has "conquered" the world while adding luster to the escort of China athletes.

  Rio Olympics continues the great beauty of China.

  Speaking of China characteristics, what can better represent China than blue and white porcelain? When it comes to oriental women, what can be more beautiful than cheongsam?

Competition equipment of trampoline national team in Rio Olympic Games

                                                    Competition equipment of trampoline national team in Rio Olympic Games

  In this Olympic Games, China trampoline Jinhua will compete in a cheongsam-style "blue and white porcelain" shirt. Presumably, there will be a "drunken Chinese style" with oriental restraint and luxury and beauty. While watching the game, you can also enjoy a fashion show full of China flavor. Do you feel that you have made a lot of money? ! The women’s trampoline will hold a qualifying match at 1 o’clock on August 13 th, Beijing time. I want to see it quickly and wait and see with Xiaobian!

  China mosquito nets are popular all over the world.

  Just when athletes from all over the world were worried about how to prevent mosquitoes, the delegation of China offered a "killer weapon". It is called "national magic weapon" by foreign media, and it is actually an anti-mosquito weapon to help China athletes block Zika virus: mosquito nets.

  With it, mom and dad don’t have to worry about me sleeping anymore, and they don’t have to be smoked by mosquito-repellent incense at night. They wake up naturally when they sleep, which is nontoxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and fresh, and the cot becomes a "princess’s nest" in seconds, and the sense of security is bursting!


  Naughty gymnast Feng Zhe posted a joke in Weibo: A foreigner came over and asked: Can you sell me a white Chinese knot? I said yes, which word do you want, blessing or longevity? But only the red ones! Foreigners explain that it is the kind of white that can cover people! Read after me, it’s called mosquito net, not Chinese knot!

  ESPN sports reporters called mosquito nets "Screen" on their Twitter when they saw gymnasts in China showing mosquito nets! It seems that crooked nuts really don’t understand our summer anti-mosquito artifact.

  Not only foreign journalists are "stunned" by this thing! It is said that Fukuhara Ai and Australian women’s basketball star Elizabeth Cambage also started to use it.


  Fukuhara Ai, a 10-level Northeastern dialect speaker, also received a mosquito net from coach Tang Yuanyuan, which was specially aired on the Weibo.

  What should foreign athletes do if they have no coach from China to deliver mosquito nets? Buy it! So there was a scene where foreign athletes asked Feng Zhe to buy mosquito nets.

  The vast number of netizens have opened their brains for Feng Zhe: @ Designer who loves food: another China artifact after Laoganma’s hot sauce! Seeing the Chinese knot, I feel quite appropriate! @ Xiatangju: It has greatly promoted the vigorous development of small commodity wholesale industry in China. @fffiyyy: Remember to charge! The inheritance left by our ancestors must be collected! @ 京京京京京: Go and apply for intangible cultural heritage or patents or something.

  Waiguoren speaks for Chinese medicine

  On the second day of the Olympic Games, foreign media encountered a Rio puzzle. Why does "flying fish" michael phelps have red dots on him?


  Everyone in China knows this answer. Isn’t this our traditional Chinese medicine therapy, cupping! We are most familiar with the 99K pure domestic products, but our foreign friends are amazed.

  The Associated Press, which jumped out to solve the puzzle, made an endorsement for our domestic product "cupping" for free: the circle is the result of cupping. Athletes use this treatment to help their muscles recover and achieve the best results. Its process is: a therapist heats several small glasses, then buckles them on the skin, and then pulls them out to relax the muscles.

  There are many fans of cupping. Not only Phelps, American male gymnast Naddour took photos of his cupping on his Instagram, but he also talked to USA-Today about the beauty of cupping: "This is the secret weapon to keep me healthy this year, and its effect is better than other treatments I have paid for before."

  The BBC made a special program to explain why athletes "wear a big dark red mark". Reuters reporter carefully studied the efficacy of cupping, thinking that its efficacy includes removing toxins, promoting blood flow, relieving soreness, and even treating insomnia.

  Chinese aunt dances Rio

  When it comes to Chinese aunts, the first thing that comes to mind is the square dance. You must want to ask, what does this have to do with the Rio Olympics? Don’t believe it, Chinese aunts have already jumped the square dance to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!


  At the opening ceremony of Rio Olympic Games, among the dance volunteers who performed Latin enthusiastically, an oriental face was very special. She danced "square dance" at Maracana Stadium on behalf of Chinese aunt.

  The 56-year-old Jiangyin aunt’s name is Chen Jing. Because her daughter works in Rio de Janeiro, Chen Jing submitted an application when she learned that the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games was open to volunteers from all over the world. In February this year, she received an email from the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee informing her that she was selected for the dance performance at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.


  The Rio Olympic Organizing Committee took a single photo for each volunteer and posted it on the walls and pillars of Maradona Stadium.

  Self-confident Aunt Chen Jing showed her grace on the bright stage. Her beauty is integrated into the whole of Brazil and the whole Olympic Games.

  The creation of the wise ancestors may seem commonplace or even inconspicuous to you and me; In the eyes of foreigners, it may be a god-like existence. It seems that Made in China can include not only cutting-edge technology, but also any of your family’s skills and treasures. (Text/An Mengying)

[Rio Olympic Games] On the sixth competition day, China added 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.

       CCTV News:On the sixth competition day of Rio Olympic Games, the China delegation added another gold, three silver and three bronze. Not surprisingly, the second gold medal in table tennis was won by the China team in advance. In the men’s singles final this morning, China’s Malone ZhangJike joined forces successfully, and Malone beat ZhangJike 4-0 to win the championship.

       In the final of shooting women’s 50m rifle three postures last night, China’s Vin won the silver medal with a slight disadvantage of 0.2 ring, while Du Li won the bronze medal.

       In addition, China women’s epee team 38— 44 lost to Romania and won the silver medal.

       In the swimming competition, Shi Jinglin, who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, won the bronze medal in the women’s 200m breaststroke. Wang Shun won a bronze medal in the men’s 200m individual medley final.


       [Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final] Chinese Derby Malone defeated ZhangJike to win the championship.


       In the men’s singles final held this morning in Beijing time, China’s Malone ZhangJike launched a peak matchup. At the beginning of the game, ZhangJike took the lead in entering the state and scored two points in a row. Malone also gradually played, scoring in a row and leading by 7: 4. Since then, the two sides fought fiercely, with a score of 10 and 12 on the field. In the end, Malone struggled to win the first game with 14: 12. After winning the first game, Malone became more and more brave and took the next game at 11: 5. At the beginning of the third game, the two sides fought fiercely, but ZhangJike made more mistakes, and Malone won the third game with 11: 4. In the fourth game, ZhangJike got off to a bad start, losing three points in a row, while Malone kept pulling up the score, ending the game with another 11: 4, and the China delegation won the 11th gold medal. Malone also fulfilled his dream of a grand slam. After the game, Malone surrounded the city with his hands in a loving shape to greet the fans. ZhangJike won the silver medal. >>Looking back: China’s 11th gold medal: table tennis men’s singles "Kelon War" Malone defeated ZhangJike 4-0.

       [Shooting women’s 50-meter rifle three-position final] Vin won the silver by 0.2 rings and Du Li won the bronze.

       Last night, Beijing time, the women’s 50-meter rifle three postures were contested in the final. Du Li, the champion of this event in Beijing Olympic Games, and Vin, who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, advanced as the fourth and seventh in the qualifying competition respectively. In the first kneeling competition, Du Li and Vin both made mistakes, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. After a short period of adjustment, Du Li’s state rebounded in the prone position competition, and she once scored a good score of 10.9 rings. After two postures, she fell behind the German player by 2.3 rings and temporarily ranked third. Vin ranked sixth after two rounds. In the final standing competition, Du Li played her brave role, with a total score of 409.1, overtaking to the first place, and Vin was temporarily ranked fourth with 407.3. In the knockout stage, Vin was calm. When there were four players left on the spot, she made a 10.6-ring counterattack and kept herself on the field. In the final contest, the German player ranked first with the advantage of 0.9 ring ahead of Du Li, and Vin was temporarily ranked third with 0.4 ring behind Du Li. In the last shot, Du Li failed to resist the pressure, only played 8.6 rings, ending her competition for the project with a bronze medal. At this time, Vin was still 1.6 rings behind Englade. Although she played bravely, she finally missed the gold medal with a slight disadvantage of 0.2 rings and won the silver medal with a total score of 458.4 rings. German Englade won the gold medal with a score of 458.6 rings that broke the Olympic final record. >>Looking back: shooting women’s 50-meter rifle in three positions: Vin won the silver by 0.2 rings and Du Li won the bronze.

       [Women’s epee team final] China lost to Romanian team and won the silver medal.


       In the women’s epee team final of the Olympic Games, which ended this morning, the China team composed of Xu Anqi, Sun Yujie, Sun Yiwen and Hao Jialu scored 38-mdash; 44 Regretfully lost to Romania, defending the title and winning the silver medal. In this Olympic Games, the defending China women’s epee team made it all the way, eliminated the Russian team with good strength in the semi-final and advanced to the final. Facing the Romanian team in full swing, the players didn’t get into the state in time. After three quarters, China fell behind 6-9. In the fourth quarter, Sun Yujie played a small climax of 3-1 while his opponent was not stable. At this time, China was only one sword behind the Romanian team. In the fifth section, Hao Jialu, who made her Olympic debut, came off the bench. However, she failed to play the role of raiders, and was defeated by 0-4 in a single quarter. At this time, the total score of China team was 9-14. In the sixth quarter, Xu Anqi played against gherman, which was also the highest level of the game. As a result, Xu Anqi lost 5-7 in this quarter, and China’s disadvantage expanded to 7 swords. In the eighth quarter, Sun Yujie turned the tide with 9-6 to narrow the gap to 5 swords for China. In the last quarter, Xu Anqi played again, but fell behind 0-4 at the beginning. In the end, China lost to Romanian 38-44. >>Looking back: China won the silver medal in the women’s epee team final.

2024 China Daqing First International Youth Cross-country Skiing Short Distance Race was held.

On January 20th, the 2024 China Daqing First International Youth Cross-country Skiing Short Race was held in Sanyong Lake, Daqing, under the guidance of China Skiing Association, sponsored by Daqing Sports Bureau and Daqing Longfeng District Government, undertaken by Daqing Karhu Sports Culture Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sanbei Aoxue International Competition Management Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Daqing Longfeng District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and Daqing Longfeng District Education Bureau.

The competition was established: 10 km for men/women aged 17-18, 5 km for men/women aged 15-16, 2.5 km for men/women aged 13-14 and 1.5 km for men/women aged 11-12. In addition, in order to encourage the public to participate in the competition, a 10-kilometer freestyle skiing competition for men and women was added.

This competition attracted 60 young athletes from Russia, the Republic of Russia, the Republic of Sakha, Kazakhstan and France, and nearly 500 cross-country skiers from China. The settlement of this event in Daqing will inject new vitality into the revitalization and economic growth of the ice and snow sports tourism industry in Daqing and build a bridge of friendship for sports and cultural exchanges between European and Asian countries.

After fierce competition: the men’s 10km champion was won by Russian Filipoff • For Ole and sergeyevich, Russian Lebedev • Slavic Evgenyevich of Wache won the runner-up, and Russian player Stramilav • Gregory • Romanovic won the third place.

The women’s 10km champion was given to Gina &bull by Russian player Nini; Alina • Vidaliyevna picked it. China’s Chen Jiayi won the runner-up, Russian Mirnikova • Sophia alekseev won the third place.

The men’s 5km champion was won by China’s Zhong Guoqiang and Kazakh’s Garasbek • Azimu won the runner-up and China’s Jin Yuchen won the third place.

The women’s 5 km champion was won by Russian player Goncearuc • Sophia • Vidaliyevna won, Russia’s Skupoyeva • Uriana • Alekseev Na won the runner-up, Russian player Sambuyeva • Ye Li Zaveta • Ba Li Lovna won the third place.

The men’s 2.5km champion was won by Russian player Putintsev • Dmitry • Alexeyevich won, Russian player Lu Dehe • Sergey • Alexeyevich won the runner-up, Russian Krymukin • Nigada • Sergeyevich won the third place.

The women’s 2.5 km champion was won by Kazakhstan’s Trevor Onava • Valeria won, Russia’s Kolaxin • Balina • Evgenyev Na won the runner-up, Russian player Malkova • Anna • Alekseev Na won the third place.

The men’s 1.5km champion was won by Russian player sakr • Andre • Jurjevic won, Russian Leochiev • Mikhail • Alexeyevich won the second place, and the third place belongs to Russian player Durbanov • Yegaoer • Vladimirovich won the third place.

The women’s 1.5km champion was won by China’s Zheng Xunuo, Russian player Gusheva • Yekaterina • Aleksandrovna won the runner-up and China’s Zhang Xinyao won the third place.

The purpose of this competition is to cultivate the development concept of "ice and snow are also Jinshan Yinshan" and vigorously develop the ice and snow sports industry. Conscientiously implement the requirements of accelerating the development of ice and snow economy in the province, accelerate the development of ice and snow industry, and make social responsibility of Heilongjiang Province.

On the occasion of the successful bid for the 2025 Harbin Asian Winter Games, we will take sports as a link and cross-country skiing as a bridge to enhance the exchange and mutual learning between sports and cultures of Asian and European countries, so as to "gather the light of sports for march towards a great future together’s future".